Culturally Diverse Casting for Santa Claus Happening for First Time Ever at Disney Parks This Year

Reportedly, the actors who will portray Santa Claus during this year’s holiday season at Walt Disney World will be culturally diverse for the first time.

So far, Santa Claus has only been played by white or white-passing men at Walt Disney World. Including a Santa of a different race would be the latest move by Disney to promote diversity and inclusivity.

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Santa has already appeared at Magic Kingdom, played by a white man during the first two Disney Very Merriest After Hours events. He has his own Liberty Square “sighting” location and appears in Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmastime Parade. Santa will be appearing in more Walt Disney World locations starting this weekend, as well as at Disneyland Resort.

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  1. Yes, because the thing that every child wants is for Santa to be unable to understand them. My gosh Disney, can you give us a break for like 5 minutes.

  2. We get it disney! enough is enough! it seems like disney has gone off the rails! Stop makeing a big deal about race. By making all your commercials & every aspect about disney black you are turning off a lot of people. Its not that race doesnt matter but all you see on tv & from big corps.are black people being thrown in a commercial just to appease the left! Lets get back to basics & all get along. We are all Gods children

  3. For real, Disney???? Santa Clause is modelled after Saint Nicholas, a saint from the early church was…wait for it…CAUCASIAN! Simply pathetic.

    Question, Disney….can a white man play the part of a princess now? Just playing by your own rules…

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