Universal Orlando Employee with Hearing Issues Screamed At, Server Punched in the Face by Guest Over Holding An Elevator Door Open

A Texas tourist was arrested after she was accused of hitting a server in the face at a Universal CityWalk karaoke club, according to an Orlando Police arrest report.


Amber Garcia and her husband were departing the club around 12:35 a.m., when a Team Member held the elevator open, which prevented the Garcias from immediately leaving, according to the arrest report released Monday from the Orlando Police Department.

That’s when Garcia’s husband started screaming at the Team Member, who is hard of hearing.

A 20-year-old server calmly told the man not to speak to their staff that way, the arrest report said.

Garcia’s husband got upset and threatened to “punch you bitches in the face,” so the server told the man to leave.

As the server escorted them out, it was the wife who attacked instead. Garcia “swung” and hit the server in the forehead, according to the report.

There was no video surveillance of the attack, but another employee witnessed the entire incident and corroborated the details to the police.

“Amber Garcia was aggressively yelling at [the server] and progressing within seconds. [The husband] tried to pull Amber Garcia away from [the server], but it appeared to make her angrier,” the other employee said in a sworn statement. “Amber Garcia then ‘swung’ at [the server] and hit her on the side of the face. [The husband] immediately pulled Amber Garcia away from [the server] and walked outside toward officers.”

The server wanted to prosecute Garcia.

Garcia was arrested on a misdemeanor battery charge and pled not guilty last week, according to online Orange Circuit Court records.

Garcia and her attorney did not immediately respond to messages left for comment Monday.

Garcia and her husband aren’t allowed back at Universal theme parks. They were trespassed “indefinitely” from Universal property, the police report said.

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21 days ago

My little faith in humanity has disappeared

Taco Cat
Taco Cat
20 days ago

Let’s make sure the parks sell more alcohol!

Demaris F Hill
Demaris F Hill
20 days ago

What the heck is wrong with people! They should be permanently banned.