Disney Deletes Preview Video of Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Following Public Criticism

Disney released their latest preview of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser during the “The Wonderful World of Disney: Magical Holiday Celebration” last month, but the video has now mysteriously disappeared, along with all the official related social media posts.


The preview, which featured Sean Giambrone of “The Goldbergs,” exploring a couple of features of the upcoming three-day, two-night hotel experience. The video is now gone from YouTube, along with a Tweet that featured the clip. Some speculate that the video has been removed as a result of public criticisms.

See some of the fan reactions to the preview below.

One Twitter user captured a screenshot as the video accrued far more dislikes than likes.

Did you see the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser preview? Let us know what you thought in the comments.

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  1. This is what to expect with today’s lack of Imagineering talent.. When you replace the legacy talent with the Zach Riddleys, you get Ikea rooms, an Apple store aka Creations Shop, terrible nighttime shows, and more.

  2. WHY TF does Disney give AF what ANY of these losers think?? EFF social media the hotel is SOLD OUT for the foreseeable future. Disney PLEASE stop giving AF what any of these low income losers think! Triple no Quadruple your prices please, keep increasing until the PWT is GONE from the parks!

    1. Bro you’re completely off one of you think this looks good. In fact you’re entire comment is riddled with Supremiacst ideals if you think that people who don’t like this are just “poor white trash” you absolute pile of human filth.

    2. I have a real wookie hut experience for only 10k in my backyard just for special fans like you. Just be sure to watch out for the wookie droppings and don’t mind the small wookies barking at you.

  3. Disney has not handled Star Wars well. They crapped all over the main characters in the not well thought out sequel trilogy. They revolved the park expansion around the questionable sequel trilogy that was resolved not long after he expansions opened….anything worth doing, is worth taking your time and doing it right the first time, said no one at lucasfilm under disney ever!!!

    1. It’s not even a matter of affordability at this point… nothing about what they’ve marketed even comes close to justifying this as a memorable, one of a kind experience, and I do believe that’s what they “thought” they were doing. There are plenty of travelers who have the means to live up very exotic experiences, and this is so far off the mark. I can only imagine what all the Disney employees who got fire sold early this year must be thinking, seeing how Disney chose this over them.

  4. In all seriousness, I don’t know what the heck Disney is gonna do now, because short of refunding everyone’s money and postponing the opening until they can make this thing ACTUALLY WORTH the money these people are paying, this is looking to be a head-on disaster on a collision course. There’s no way anyone will give this bland-asss motel “experience” positive reviews and word of mouth will quickly kill the whole project. I’m dumbfounded. I’ve been to Galaxy’s Edge and think what you will about the land as an idea, the attention to the detail of the land and queues, plus the advanced technology on the rides seems to be COMPLETELY MISSING from this new “cruise”. Everything looks so simple, plain and sterile. The new lightsaber everyone was so hyped about turned out to be for cast members show-prop only. The lightsaber “training” is with a plain “saber” that more resembles the ones you buy for your younger kids at the park, and looks boring AF. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

  5. That video was an absolute joke. It was cringe-worthy beyond compare and everything about it made the hotel look less appealing, not more. I was disappointed at first that I would never be able to justify spending that kind of money on a 2-day getaway, but now I’m just laughing at anyone who makes the decision to burn their money by tossing it into the dumpster fire of that “experience”. Based on what I saw, I could redecorate my garage to be a more convincing star wars experience than that joke. This is what you get when you let a committee of empty suits design a product that is only affordable for⁰⁹ people with more money than . If this hotel is not either shut down or completely retooled to fix the awful execution of the theme within 2 years, I’ll be astounded.

  6. We DVR’d the show & watched it last night. It looks fun BUT they should have been honest with the public about how $$$ it. will be. We already knew it would be around 5K!

  7. I thought it looked cheap as hell and that singer was real cringy. Went from being extremely curious to completely uninterested over this. Bob CHEAPek strikes again.

  8. Agreed. I thought it was a honey, fake, over the top, badly acted promo that looked more like something geared for children on the Disney kids channel.

  9. I saw it. Reminded me more of Buck Roger’s, mixed in with a little 5th element. NOTHING, except laser swords, reminded me of Star Wars. And for 6K??? Someone’s been drinking bad blue milk!

  10. This would be a good idea, but why such a huge price tag? I could understand $500, maybe $1,000 a night, But $2,500 a night & up, no thanks.

  11. It would have been great if they hadn’t made it an experience with an itinerary. And make you have to dress up and everything.

  12. It’s as if they drew inspiration from every major sci-fi franchise EXCEPT Star Wars! Looks like it could be an interesting, albeit grossly overpriced, Star Trek themed experience but there’s literally nothing that even hints at this being themed around Star Wars

    And of course it’s sequel era garbage because somehow the Mouse can’t figure out that nostalgia for past projects is what drives most of the fans.

  13. It was hilarious! Both overacted and underacted at times. One of the cringiest songs I’ve ever heard. And nothing about it was “Star Wars” in any way. Except maybe the incredibly lame “Lightsaber Training”. Most of it looked more like Star Trek. But even that was extremely generic.

    I can’t imagine anyone paying upwards of 6,000 USD on this. I guess if you hate money and you also hate Star Wars, this might be your thing. Otherwise, this isn’t for you.

  14. This is proof that Disney has lost its way. Walt wanted a place for “Average” families to come. Not Saudi sheiks and B list movies stars.

  15. It was pretty bad. Pulling some levers, you can do that on the Falcon ride. Was that bar real? If so I don’t even know what can be said about it. We didn’t even get to see the rooms, at least a glance. The video looks like they were stuck in the que of Star Tours

  16. Clownfish tv on YT did a review of the video. They could see dislikes and it was over 100k. I saw it myself before it was taken down. It was bad. I still dont know who the hobbit was that was in the video.

  17. One thing that jumps out to me while watching is that it’s too small. We saw the bridge of a ship with pretty cheap looking consoles, and a cantina. And a lightsaber training place. The song in the cantina wasn’t very Star Wars, more like Star Wars Holiday Special if anything. And not a single blaster, rifle or blade seen on anyone. Where are the creatures from other systems?

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