Full Guide to the NEW Disney Genie Service for Disneyland Resort

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Full Guide to the NEW Disney Genie Service for Disneyland Resort

Shannen Ace

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Full Guide to the NEW Disney Genie Service for Disneyland Resort

The new Disney Genie service has launched for Disneyland Resort in an update to the Disneyland App and we have put together a full guide for the service.


Make sure your app has been updated before trying to use Disney Genie.

What is Disney Genie?

Disney Genie is the name used for the complimentary virtual services provided through the Disneyland App. At this time, Disney Genie can only be accessed through the mobile app.

What is Disney Genie+?


Genie+ is an add-on service that you can purchase for $20 per ticket per day. It includes Lightning Lane access to most attractions, unlimited PhotoPass downloads for the day, and Audio Tales.

What is Lightning Lane?

Lightning Lanes replace FastPass queues at Disneyland Resort attractions. You can get access to a Lightning Lane with Genie+ or individual Lightning Lane purchases.


Individual Lightning Lane access allows you to pay $7-20 per ticket per attraction for up to two attractions per day at some of the most popular rides across the two parks.


How to Access Disney Genie

Once you’ve opened the Disneyland App on your mobile device, there are three ways to access the Disney Genie services.

Home Screen


On the home screen of the app, click “Learn More” under the Disney Genie banner.

The “+” Menu

After clicking the “+” symbol in the center of the menu, the above options will appear on your screen. Click “My Tip Board and Day” to open the Disney Genie services.

The Hamburger (“☰”) Menu

On the bottom right of the app, you will see an icon made of three horizontal lines (often called a hamburger icon). If you click the icon, it will open the menu pictured above. Select “My Genie Plans” to access the Disney Genie services.

Getting Started


Each day you use Disney Genie, you’ll want to fill out the following information.


Genie will prompt you to select the date of your visit, the park you will be visiting, and your party, as pictured in the graphic below.


After you have confirmed the information, you will be directed to select your top picks, preferences, and interests. These selections will help Disney Genie make recommendations throughout your day.


Under “My Top Picks,” Genie will show you the available attractions, entertainment, and dining options available for the park and the date of your visit.


“My Interests” will show you categories of different Disney Favorites, Park Interests, and Dining Interests to help Genie customize your recommendations.


Under “My Display Preferences,” you can choose if you would like to see height requirements and accessibility information for your suggestions.


Disney Genie then gets to work creating suggestions for your day.


It will give you the option to purchase Disney Genie+, which includes Lightning Lane access to most attractions, unlimited PhotoPass downloads, and Audio Tales.


You must enter a park to purchase Genie+.

“My Day”


Once you have entered your information and preferences, Genie will generate two menus: Tip Board and My Day.


Once the park has opened, My Day will show you the park hours, a map, and some of Genie’s recommendations.


The recommendations will show you a “good time to go” using forecasted wait times.


Since you can set up Disney Genie in advance of your visit, it will also let you know when you are eligible to make park pass and dining reservations. It will also suggest reservations based on your preferences.

The Tip Board


The Tip Board gives you a snapshot as you go about your day around the park. From the Tip Board, you can see experiences and dining options around you.


Genie will display the current wait time for an attraction, along with potential Lightning Lane reservation times (which require purchasing Genie+ to access).


You can also see available dining reservations or join walk-up lists and make mobile orders.

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  1. Eleven Genie + LL in DL and seven in DCA = 18 total. That’s $1.11 per an eligible attraction if one can do all 18 on a hopper ticket. With DL open from 8a to Midnight, and DCA 8a-10p, this gives the longest opportunity to try if one was willing. Under the old FP MaxPass system, I was able to do all FP attractions in both parks except Splash and GRR. Those were intentionally skipped as we did not wish to get soaked. That was an April weekday, pre-COVID, but still a Midnight close at DL.
    Oh, and Android users, you need to be on Android 8.0 or better now. With this update, the app no longer supports Android 7.

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