WDW 50th Anniversary Sequined Spirit Jersey

shopDisney Delivers Generic Spirit Jersey Instead of 50th Anniversary Version

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Merchandise for Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary has been very popular on shopDisney, but it seems that customers didn’t quite get what they expected.

WDW 50th Anniversary Sequined Spirit Jersey

TikTok user mermaidfantasea reported that a friend of theirs recently purchased the pink sequined Spirit Jersey released just a few days ago.


When it arrived, they received a Spirit Jersey that was the same shade of pink and had the same sequins, but instead had Mickey Mouse on the chest instead of the 50th logo, as was released at the Disneyland Resort.

Additionally, the back of the Spirit Jersey had a generic Disney logo, instead of a Walt Disney World wordmark. When the person contacted shopDisney to notify them of the error, he was told that the SKU numbers were a match, and that he received the correct item. It’s currently unknown what actions have been taken since this video was posted, but as of the writing of this article, the item is still listed on shopDisney with the Walt Disney World and 50th logos.

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  1. shopDisney now has 2 spirit jerseys, one for Disneyland and one for Walt Disney World’s 50th.

  2. The easiest way to resolve mistakes from shopdisney was to bring them to the local Disney Store and talk face to face with a cast member. But in Bob Paychecks brand of a utopian society, his goal is to make sure the shareholders are appeased by squeezing every last penny he can out of the fans by shutting down the local brick and mortar stores cuz its cheaper to run a website and ship from a warehouse than to have real estate out there making it easy for customers to throw money at the Golden mouse.
    The entire experience has been going down faster than test track.

  3. I received two of these jerseys today that are suppose to be the Walt Disney World version and they are both the generic!!

  4. They are also mixing up the WdW Railroad Dress with the Disneyland Railroad dress. They have sent my sister the wrong one 3 times and we have had to mail them back. The last agent tried ending the cycle by requesting the warehouse staff hand pick the item to verify and they screwed up again!!

  5. I recently had this issue with a pin I purchased as a Christmas gift. The picture verses the pin I received were two different things but the SKU matched so guest services basically said I was out of luck.

  6. ShopDisney has historically never shipped my orders every single holiday I ordered from them. At least these people received something. Their entire platform is trash. I refuse to order from the site. Last year was my finale attempt after they refunded my order on Christmas eve. Previous years my orders were just canceled before they took my money with no messaging.

  7. This has happened to me with ShopDisney before! I ordered the Walt Disney World “Dreams Come True Blue” spirit jersey last year, and received the Disneyland version. Customer support explained to me that the SKU for both products was the same and that they’d send me the correct one. The replacement arrived … and it was once again the Disneyland version. I gave up after that.

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