WATCH PARKSCENTER — Disney’s Move to Mobile: What Will it Mean for the Future of Your Park Experience?

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Each week, we cover the top stories in Disney Parks news and discuss the topics that are top of mind for the Disney community. After a week off, we’re back!

This week, we start by going Around the Hub and discussing the latest in Disney Parks news. We’re told that trams will finally be returning to Disney Parks this month. We’ve also seen Figment’s Christmas sweater return, our team reviewed the new offerings from the Festival of the Holidays, and the Candle Processionals have begun.

Then, we get an update from Universal Studios, including the holiday treats, a new Halloween store, and news from Epic Universe about additional Harry Potter on the way!

Finally, in our Pressing Issues discussion, we take a look at the push from Disney to move to mobile for everything you do in the parks. Is this a good thing? Are we ready for it? Is Disney? We’ll talk about stability issues, glitches, and the drain it will put on your phone and battery.

All this and more, tonight on ParksCenter!

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  1. They will always have a few non mobile things because they know most guests hate the app and website. They both go down often and many prefer to trust the cm and not the internet. People dont even trust to log in at the hotels. As a past i can tell you none of us trusted the portal either and i was told once theres not one single firewall! For a major corporation thats with so much info already it is very sad!

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