Disney CEO Bob Chapek Made $34.5 Million Last Year, $45.9 Million for Former CEO Bob Iger, Both More Than Doubling From 2020

Disney CEO Bob Chapek saw a pay increase in 2021 than more than doubled his 2020 compensation, according to Deadline and new SEC filings.

As is often the case with executives, his compensation wasn’t entirely salary. He made $10.2 million from stock awards, and $14.3 million via the company’s non-equity incentive plan. This actually puts him at the lower end of media company CEOs, according to the site.

One primary reason Chapek saw an increase was due to the restoration of his bonuses, which he did not take in 2020.

Former Disney CEO Bob Iger took home a whopping $45.9 million, which actually excludes a stock grant Iger collected at the end of his contract last December. His earnings are up from $21 million in 2020. Iger’s base salary remained at $3 million, meaning the rest came from bonuses and other forms of compensation.

Second place went to CFO Christine McCarthy, with her overall compensation increasing to $21.7 million from $11 million.

Additionally, key executives during Iger’s run who departed with him, general counsel Alan Braverman and communications chief Zenia Mucha, took home $16.7 million and $7.6 million, respectively.

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  1. Just think about what even a fraction of that total could mean for the parks, guests and cast members…

  2. And still cast bonuses in site? They are the ones who truly make the magic. So sad, although I do miss it. And an thinking about going back.

  3. Can all the people who squawk about how “Disney is a business and it needs to recoup all the money it lost during the pandemic” every time someone criticizes lost perks and price increase shit up now? If Disney’s hurting for money, it’s not from the pandemic. It’s from Iger and Paycheck’s paychecks.

  4. Those s-o-b’s need to judged! The working-poor, cast members, who live check to check were unemployed and homeless while these types get paid in full

  5. Now you see why Disney raises their prices each week for EVERYTHING. Have to pay for these two bozo’s. No one is worth that much money and you couldn’t possibly spend it. Why doesn’t Disney reduce their salaries to a “normal” amount and give the hard working citizens a break. This is why I REFUSE to go to Disney….Price Gouging at it’s finest!!!!!

    1. Unfortunately that’s not just a Disney thing. It’s the vast majority of corporate America that does the same thing and only cares about the bottom line.

      CEO salaries have continued to balloon since the Mid 80s with the average persons wage only slowly going up. It seems like it’s only getting worse unfortunately.

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