FIRST LOOK: Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Guests Will Ride in a Box Truck Themed as ‘Shuttle Transport’ Between the Halcyon and Galaxy’s Edge

While buses were originally going to be used for the immersive transportation between Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser and Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, it seems Disney decided a box truck better suited their needs.

Test cruises have begun for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser, and we caught sight of the truck pulling up to the hotel from Osceola Parkway.

We could see Cast Members in regular bus driver uniforms. The themed design of the transport shuttle means guests won’t see the driver.

The opening (pictured above) is where the bus aligns with the hotel building, and guests will get on and off.

The truck is plain white. The themed experience is designed so guests theoretically won’t see the exterior.

This truck drove by without stopping, likely with no guests to drop off.

One of the themed doors can be seen in the photo above.

We could also see a construction vehicle still parked nearby.

We also saw a standard Disney bus (with a Batuu wrap) pull up. This may be used for transporting guests to other locations.

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  1. As a Disneyland regular, I was originally jealous of Disney World for getting the Star Wars hotel. Now…Not so much.

  2. yep folks. for a measly 2 grand per night you can ride like an illegal in the back of coyote transportation. mr. corless, get rid of your new commentary cite and fire all those that told you it would be so much better. let them go work for facebook and twitter where they and their views belong! i mean seriously sir. why ask for my email when your new hires never contact anyone?

  3. I have so many questions.
    What about mobility devices?
    Who thought this was a good idea?
    Are their seatbelts? How is this rated for passengers? Does it even go on the road or does it stay on a secret path?

    1. Do the normal busses at Disney have seat belts? It is handicap accessible, just like boarding an airplane.

    1. Well how else would get to Galaxy’s edge without seeing the outside? You have to maintain the illusion you’re in space.

  4. There’s cost reductions and then there’s whatever this is. I’d like to see what the various safety agencies have to say about it

  5. It’s a ride experience inside. Designed to mimic a space shuttle of sorts. Come on now, do you think Disney would just throw you in the back of a box truck?

    1. I agree with what yoy said. Plus it’s possible that that kgubt use both. Also my mom said that most of the ships in Star Wars do look like Box Trucks.

    2. Why wouldn’t they. They already stick you in a room with a TV on the ceiling and floor and tell you it’s a space elevator.

  6. I honestly think I should wait until we seeing the inside is impressive. Plus with the Pandemic and with imports from China being hard to get something had to be done. So I understand that.

  7. I’ve said it from the beginning…Get ready for the biggest “White Elephant” in the history of Disney Theme Parks.

  8. My Mom told me that she doubts that this is the case, and it’s possible that the delivery trucks and busses use the same port or maybe they both are going to be used. Let’s see what happens.

  9. Do you all seriously think it’s going to be a barren box truck inside, like you’d rent at U-Haul? LOLOLOLOL! Do a search on concept art for it.

      1. Well my Mom thinks that it’s two things. That A. Box Trucks are going to use the same port as the busses. B. They are going to use both of them. Or C. They are going to make the trucks look like the ships as she says that most of the ships in Star Wars do look like Box Trucks.

    1. no we don’t. we just think this is another cheapact from bob the bean counter. so sir or madame, let’s say you spend over 2 grand per night to stay at this deluxe resort hotel. would you consider this deluxe transportation? imagine if they did this for grand floridian transportation? be real!

  10. On the one hand I get why- a box truck has lots of space for you to build a crazy looking interior, and they won’t see the box truck (but they’ll know it’s there now, in the back of their mind). On the other hand it does feel kinda sketchy. I’m expecting individual foot baths and copies of We’re Back! in there and I don’t know how they’d disguise the bump and noise of a box truck.

  11. Although it’s hard to see from these photos, the truck looks to me like an Isuzu swap loader chassis. The biggest clue is the space between the box body and the cab. With a swap loader they’d be able to replace either the chassis or the body in a minute to enable repairs or maintenance for either. The box body (space craft) could be easily set on the ground for cleaning and restocking. If the truck has a problem you can put the space craft on any other swap loader truck and you’re good to go.

  12. i guess no one will hear the trucks or road traffic in the open air garden area of the ship which is right next to it or even smell the exhaust from the truck

  13. Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a distinct “Fyre Festival” kinda vibe the more they learn about Disney’s Star Wars resort?

  14. I wonder how many people will get motion sickness from not being able to see where they are going. This seems like an aspirational thing and it’s actually nice to see Disney “trying” at this point. But this whole experience I don’t see lasting long.

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