PHOTOS: Disney’s Magical Express Buses Now Being Quickly Converted To Mears Connect

Except for a few return trips through January 10, Disney’s Magical Express is officially no more. Mears Connect is now replacing the airport shuttle service.


We saw a Mears Connect bus on Walt Disney World property today and it appeared to be a reworked Magical Express bus.


It uses the same blue and white coloring as Magical Express, but there’s no Disney flair.


Of course, the Mears Connect logo is on the side.

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Magical Express buses featured characters looking out of the windows.

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Here’s what Disney’s Magical Express buses looked like.

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  1. Curious what about the passenger experience has changed. I know it’s literally opened this week, but I’m looking forward to reviews of it.

  2. Disney will loose a significant number of guests and revenue by eliminating the “Magical Express” service. There was something special with the Magical Express Service once you stepped into the Disney Bubble at the airport. Once in the bubble there was not reason to step out of its. But that’s all gone now. The Magical Express made going to WDW something special. But, now it’s gone and there little reason to even go to WDW.

  3. Just got home last night from there! We rode “Magical Express” to resort on NYE. So sad. Rode generic white bus. No videos on monitors. No music. Just a silent trip. Sure went out with a whimper there.

    On a bright note, I totally expected to get stuck footing the bill back to MCO. Mears at least kept their end of the deal and got us back at no additional cost. Which everyone knows is a long lost art at WDW.

    Until we see you all again!

  4. disney could have charged a fee for their magical express. but bean counter bob said what the hell, let’s let others make a profit. it takes the load off their accounting books and all. and that is all bean counters like bob really care about. the moron could paint a guitar but can’t even get the ride to function.

  5. Actually Mears Connect were the people who owned the Magical Express busses. So in a weird way I guess you can say it’s still around in an reduced or subtle way.

  6. Looks like some vinyl decal shop in Orlando will be very busy for the next few weeks re-doing Magical Express busses. 😆😆

  7. What a shame. While essentially nothing has changed operationally with this service (since DME was operated by Mears), it’s the killing of the Magical Express brand that has just as much impact as the new cost. Brand is everything, and Disney should know that the best, yet they still destroy what they have all to help the bottom line, while sacrificing brand and the Guest experience. Pathetic.

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