Source: Kate Harder on Facebook

PHOTO: Savi’s Workshop Giving Guests Plastic Bags After Running Out of Lightsaber Cases, Still Charging Full Price

Facebook user Kate Harder shared in the DVC Disney Vacation Club Members group that Savi’s Workshop at Disney’s Hollywood Studios has run out of lightsaber cases and is instead providing plastic bags.


Harder visited guest services but was told that the plastic bag counts as the carrying case included in the experience price and was not offered a discount or partial refund.

Source: Kate Harder on Facebook

She provided a photo of the roll of plastic bags. Guest services told her to ship her lightsaber but did not offer to pay for this service either.

The carrying case usually provided (seen above in our 2019 review) is made of black fabric with a detachable shoulder strap. The inside of the bag is partially lined with molded foam to keep the blade protected.

The experience is currently $219.99 in total.

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  1. I mean, Disney has NEVER paid the costs to ship lightsabers or any other souvenir home. I can somewhat get being upset about the carrying case (though I doubt that’s ever been a driver for people who reserve this experience), but yeah, you have to pay to ship your stuff home.

  2. Nope. Get a manager involved and do not take no for an answer. Only other option is a full refund.

  3. Welcome to Chapekland – where a plastic bag is really a lightsaber case. See, that’s the new magic. I’m a Californian and have to say that my trip to WDW Hollywood Studio’s Galaxy’s Edge was like a trip to a forgotten outdoor mall. All of the employees had dropped any pretense that they were on another planet. They didn’t say credits, bright suns, etc. They just seemed miserable. The hostesses at Oga’s were so busy gossiping with each other I hated to interrupt to check myself in for our reservation. I asked if we could sit at a table. The hostess walked us in to the bar, set the menus down and was gone. The Galaxy’s Edge East was a really bad experience. GE West – the CM’s are fully in character, and having fun. I love our CM’s but whoever is hiring, training at WDW, no bueno

  4. Very disappointed in Disney. After all the money you spend on this experience, they can’t offer more than a cheap plastic bag? Not to mention they tell you to pay to ship it home? Yikes.

  5. Wow… the lightsabers are barely worth the price with the nice case. Mine already doesn’t work (the batteries leaked). This is some impressively bad service to go with the overpriced souvenir.

  6. Wow. Glad I went the second week of December. What a joke! So much for that Disney magic!

  7. Fam decided to foot the bill and send me there this week. Very cool show. Sure, it’s campy as all get out. As a nerdy 50ish father though it was quite an experience. Not going to give out and spoilers. Worth the dough? Hmmm.

    We bought the upgraded grey sleeve to travel with. The black one was a bit thin on the padding for housing such a pricey gift. Just gave that one away. Plastic bag though? Come on.

  8. Just had this same experience. It was ridiculous and they would do nothing to make it right. Extremely rude cast member Jen tried to say the plastic bag was the equivalent….not even close. Now my son is going back to the hotel to drop them off because he can’t carry a plastic bag with no handle around for 4 hours.

  9. bean counter bob strikes again. but remember folks, he hates being called a bean counter no matter what his actions prove. next up? bring your own plastic to wrap your lightsaber in. the moron that censors comments for wdwnt today has to be fired. maybe the moron can get a nice job with bean counter bob when he is finally removed by the board and moves on to destroy yet another company?

  10. That’s hilarious!
    Well, not for guests who paid full price today, but for people who got a nice case previously; they’re laughing. Thanks for the update! Best of luck with your misfortune. You tried. Laugh, or you’ll cry.

  11. Well it looks like Chapeck is wasting no time in cutting extra free items to boost up the profits. Just aim the plane at the mountain and firewall the throttles.

  12. Why have guest services at all when Disney clearly no longer cares at all about the guest experience?!?

  13. Another reason why I won’t go back to Disney. It’s been 6 years and I don’t miss it.

  14. Because Disney knows their customers are so brainwashed to pay over $200 for a $12 piece of plastic from China they won’t fight against them fro cutting more corners for more huge bonuses for the big guy. They know the sheeple will continue to go.

  15. been here since Jan 2 and lots of supply issues so I think this is temporary… but come on, they should fix this. give you an extra crystal ir something. everyone should feedback on this

  16. This is not correct. I am there today. They took 10% off because of it. They even told me that was why.

  17. I did not know that….
    I just got 2x saber from them 5 days ago and did not know a carry case was included… just got the bag and thought it was normal!
    What I did notice as well at DisneyLand California, is we built 3x droids and they were missing parts on the legs, plastic clips. I complained to two of the builders people and they kind of shrugged me off that they had ran out of the parts and basically deal with it.I asked for a discount and they said if I want a full refund I can – no in-between option of a 90% complete droid for a discount…
    I was annoyed and thought I should have got a discount and didn’t!
    Quite annoyed now with the whole Star Wars build your own experiences, I have been ripped off on 5x products from the sound of it!
    Any ideas what I can do as I’m based in the UK (got back 3 days ago) and this was our first time to the US and doing these experiences?

  18. I feel like Disney is taking away more and more items, entertainment, and options and yet charging higher and higher prices. When you pay the ridiculously high price for the lightsaber building experience, you should get a case. Even if it’s not the case they originally advertised, surely they could come up with something like a Star Wars backpack, popcorn bucket, etc. something to put the lightsaber in instead of a Ziploc bag. Disney has stopped caring about their customers, and the more they alienate their customers, the more their customers stop caring about them.

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