PHOTOS: Controversial Names Removed From Tom Sawyer Island Rafts Including ‘Injun Joe’ at Magic Kingdom

Names have been removed from the rafts that take guests across Rivers of America to Tom Sawyer Island at Magic Kingdom.

Cast Members were preparing the rafts this morning, but they weren’t sure what would happen with the names.

The names were previously on these planks sticking out of the center of each raft.

Most notably, the “Injun Joe” name has been removed. This is possibly the latest inclusivity move by Disney as part of their new diversity initiative.

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  1. Get over your feelings! If a name on the side of a boat bothers you than you need some real problems in your life.

  2. OMG! They are characters from the book. Besides the plank isn’t long enough to put “Native American/Indigenous Person Joseph” on it….

    1. The change will make more sense when they change Tom Sawyer Island to Moana’s Magical Island Adventure Featuring Moana & Friends…

      1. Because there’s a difference between a private amusement park deciding what to do with its attractions and censoring literature. Kind of how Dr. Seuss’s estate decided to pull certain books. It’s a free country and people are allowed to do what they want with their art without snowflakes clutching their pearls about how the world is changing and they’re scared

      2. Because Mark Twain does not call him Injun Joe. A character does in a story where racism plays a big part. Putting the name out of context on a raft is a completely different thing and it shouldn’t have taken much thought for you to realize that. The only people complaining about these moves are the people that have made these sort of moves necessary.

  3. I think people who don’t go to Disney anymore are triggered by how expensive it is to go there.

  4. Always a shame to lose storytelling details for silly reasons. Hopefully this is a repaint or just an omitting of Joe’s name as I can see why they would. I would hate to lose Tom Sawyer Island and its story.

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