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Disney CEO Bob Chapek Says Up to 50% of Guests Are Using Genie+

In an interview with CNBC today, Disney CEO Bob Chapek said up to 50% of Disney Parks guests are currently utilizing Genie+.

Genie+ is the new “Fastpass” replacement for Disney Parks that launched last fall.

It is estimated that Disney could rake in up to $300 million in profits just from Genie+ alone this year in 2022. This would be the result of Chapek’s estimate saying that about one third of all guests are currently purchasing Genie+ for their Disney Parks trips.

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It was also quoted that more than 50% of guests were using Genie+ and Lightning Lane during the holiday season.

Source: CNBC

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  1. What gets me is that even with much fewer people using Genie+ than FP, one still can’t get as much out of the new service. The one thing I figured G+ had going for it was more attraction availability b/c of lower usage. Nope. Somehow Disney can’t even get that right. I guess I can “save” my money now.

  2. So, another way to read this is at least 50% do not upgrade to Genie+.

    Wonder how the majority of theme park guests feel about Genie+?

    Of the “up to 50%” who purchased Genie+, how many of them were 100% satisfied? Each one that isn’t, adds more wood to the fire that guests really do dislike the service.

  3. Over 50% of guests are using Genie+. Well, not like there’s much real choice in the matter unless you want to wait in every standby line for everything.

  4. So, an extra $300 million huh? Well, since I was at Epcot on this past Tues, how about spending some of that money on fixing the broken games under spaceship earth, or the games at the end of imagination, or maybe the “technical difficulties” at the American experience?

    All I see is Disney making more and more and taking more and more from their guests, but the money isn’t going back in to the parks except to build new rides that they can charge us $14 to ride.

  5. Of course park guests are our chasing Genie +. If they didn’t, they’d only get in 1-2 attractions a day after standing in 2-3 hour standby lines. Gone ate the days when guests could wander around the park enjoying the theming and attention to detail. Now, park visitors are required to keep their faces buried in the phone and more specifically the Disney app to check lines, make or change ride times, mobile order food, make dining reservations, etc., etc. I am an AP holder who will not be renewing my annual pass until Chapek is gone and at lest some of the magic returns to the parks.

  6. What choice do vacationers have when going to Disney. If you don’t purchase Genie + you will not be able to enjoy the rides. So we allow ourselves to be taken advantage of. I have a Disney World trip coming up in about 3 weeks. Not happy about all the over pricing that’s going on. Probably will stop going.

  7. and in the future bob the bean counter? or does the future of disney and guest experince not matter to you? obviously. thank god there is disney dvc resale. for those of us that were gullible enough to but into your lies!

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