Instagram Influencer Sat On Guest’s Feet To Get Cavalcade View, Then Boasted That She Had 20,000 Followers

Someone claiming to be a social influencer sat down on another guest’s feet to get the best spot for the Magic Kingdom cavalcade.

The “influencer” who boasted she had 20,000 followers on Instagram plopped down in front of another woman and intentionally sat on the woman’s feet, according to an Orange County Sheriff’s Office report released this week.

The woman moved her feet away, and the influencer claimed the spot.

The report does not name the so-called influencer. The incident happened Oct. 2 during what was likely a busy time on the Saturday afternoon right after the official Disney World 50th anniversary.

As the pop-up mini parade was coming, Disney cast members twice asked the influencer to move her feet from the street. The influencer ignored them.

Finally, the woman —the one whose feet the influencer had sat on — told the influencer Disney wanted her to move.

“I heard them. Who do you think you’re yelling at?” the influencer said, standing up, according to the report.

“I was just saying I was out of the way so you could move,” the woman, whose name was redacted, responded.

The influencer tapped the woman’s sunglasses and then bragged she had 20,000 Instagram followers.

A Disney manager arrived and again, asked the influencer and others to get out of the way for the incoming parade. The manager sided with the woman, telling the influencer that the woman and her family were there first.

“So that’s what this is about?” the influencer yelled.

The woman and her family soon left the spot to move somewhere else, but they noticed the influencer following them. She contacted Disney World Security, which alerted the sheriff’s office about the battery incident.

The woman didn’t want to prosecute, but by the time the deputy arrived, the influencer was gone anyway.

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  1. If this is indeed true, Disney will do nothing, as usual.
    20,000 Instagram followers, yet if Disney revoked her ticket, they would lose 1 customer.

  2. The saddest part of this story is that this person thinks they are an influencer with 20k followers hahaha!

  3. I truly believe that social media has ruined the park experience. People only go to be a content creator. Have to have a picture with the latest cupcake or latest popcorn bucket. That’s why there is no offpeak season any more, and lines to get a picture taken with a bush. Of course, WDWNT is also a social media influencer, so I don’t know what to think. I guess it’s different if you’ve been doing it for a decade vs just starting out. 20,000 followers? You can buy that.

    Of course, I could very easily see this sort of thing happening 20+ years ago. You could stake out a place right front an hour beforehand, have tons of people gather behind you, and 5 minutes till showtime, have a family stop right in front of you, standing where they shouldn’t, and when a cast member finally comes along telling them to move, they somehow anyways seemed to find a way to squeeze in, stroller included. In their mind, they were there waiting too. Why should they move?

  4. Would love to know who that was. If revealed, she surely won’t have 20k followers anymore.

  5. “Instagram influencer”

    Tell me that you have absolutely nothing to contribute to society without telling me that you have absolutely nothing to contribute to society.

  6. If I have 30k followers, does that entitle me to pour a DoleWhip on someone’s head? Asking for a friend.

  7. This is gross! Yet somehow the “influencer” was still allowed to stay in the park AND then chose to follow around thus preying on the woman.

  8. Lol battery? 🤣 Dramatic much? OK, so the woman & her family were there first, yes. But after the so-called “influencer” was there, it seems she was just being asked to “move her feet from the street”?? Huh??? 🤔🙃 I’m sorry, but I’m seeing this as her sitting on the edge of the curb, feet on the street is LITERALLY not in the way of the cavalcade or performers. Such petty drama!!! 🙄🙄🙄👌🏽👁️👌🏽👁️👌🏽👁️

  9. Tom I can’t believe you sat on that woman’s feet. 😜 Just kidding. Wow people can be so rude. Thanks for the report.

  10. Maybe I read this wrong. Did they say “influencer” or “under the influence”? Either way it was really rude of them to sit on someone’s feet without asking first.

  11. Let’s get the name, only way to end this nonsense it to have her kicked off the platforms. No amount of “followers” makes her behavior acceptable. Clearly she needs to go and find out what acting civil means.

  12. Almost everyday there is a more escalated response to people just communicating. Everyone have a Magical Day.

  13. sure are a lot of self absorbed twits calling themselves influencers anymore. and a lot of feeble minded people that follow them.

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