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‘Peter Pan’ and Winnie the Pooh Topiaries, Decorations, and More Sprout Up Ahead of 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

Though the 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival does not start until March 2, gardens and topiaries are already being prepared. Today we spotted the classic “Peter Pan” topiaries outside the U.K. Pavilion.

peter pan topiaries

Tick-Tock the crocodile is swimming through a flower bed outside the World ShowPlace Pavilion.

peter pan topiaries 1

He is made of two topiaries, one for the top half of his body and the other for his tail.

peter pan topiaries 2

The flowers around him are a blue-ish purple.

peter pan topiaries 4

Peter Pan and Captain Hook are fighting in the flower bed across from Tick-Tock.

peter pan topiaries 5
winnie the pooh topiaries 9

Further into the U.K. Pavilion, we saw Tigger, Eeyore, and Piglet playing in yellow flowers.

winnie the pooh topiaries 8

Piglet is riding on Eeyore’s back.

winnie the pooh topiaries 10

They are directly in front of the Sportsman’s Shoppe.

winnie the pooh topiaries b 9

At the next flower bed over is Rabbit and Winnie the Pooh.

winnie the pooh topiaries b 8

Rabbit is holding an armful of orange carrots.

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winnie the pooh topiaries b 10
winnie the pooh topiaries b 13

Pooh Bear has a red balloon about to lift him into the sky. Two “hunny” pots sit on the ground next to him.

winnie the pooh topiaries b 12
flower garden booth

A food booth with a thatched roof and white stonework has moved in near the “Peter Pan” topiaries.

flower garden booth 1

There is no name on the booth but in previous years it has been Cider House. Right now, the window is blocked.

Check out the full list of outdoor kitchens that will be at the 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival.

morocco garden 0

Meanwhile, in the Morocco Pavilion, garden fixtures have gone up in the flower bed near the restrooms.

morocco garden 1

The main three fixtures feature tiers of decorated orbs on sticks.

morocco garden 2
morocco garden 3

The orbs feature leaves, wood pieces, and stones in pretty patterns.

morocco garden 4

Decorative boxes of varying sizes hold different plants.

morocco garden 5
morocco garden 6
morocco garden 7

The Prehistoric Garden is also already being constructed in World Discovery. Check out the full list of gardens and topiaries that will be at this year’s festival.

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