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Guests go Maskless Indoors at Disneyland Resort as New Policy Begins

Just like at Walt Disney World, the policy at Disneyland Resort has changed starting today to allow fully vaccinated guests to go maskless indoors.

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Some old signage remained in place, such as this A-frame in the parking structure.

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At security, a sign said, “Unvaccinated guests must wear an approved face covering when indoors.”

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Signs telling guests to wear masks have been removed from bathrooms and stores at Downtown Disney District.

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The Lego Store still had a “please wear a mask” sign in their window, but the store was not yet open when we visited this morning. It’s also a third-party venue and may have different policies than Disney-run stores.

Guests Maskless Disneyland

Starbucks was open, and some guests were going without masks, though many still wore them.

Guests Maskless Disneyland

Signage had been removed from World of Disney.

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Guests Maskless Disneyland

In Disney California Adventure, we rode Monsters, Inc. Mike & Sulley to the Rescue! and saw more guests going maskless.

Guests Maskless Disneyland

Unlike at Walt Disney World, Cast Members are still required to wear masks indoors.

Guests Maskless Disneyland

We saw more maskless guests in the queue for Soarin’.

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Guests are still required to wear masks on transportation, such as the Monorail, and First Aid locations.

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How do you feel about going maskless at Disneyland? Let us know in the comments.

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    1. AMEN!!!! FINALLY!!! Nobody should tell us what to do about our health. It’s our decision. Keep it that way!

      1. Sorry but it’s not your right to visit Disneyland, it’s a privilege. It was about safety for others and to help slow the spread but I guess masks don’t work so why the hell do the doctors use them anyways? You’re an idiot. A covidiot

      2. So you hate the smoking restrictions too? You don’t like the signs telling you to wash your hands? Are you one of the gross people still openly coughing and sneezing in public? (That wasn’t OK before the pandemic even.)

  1. I’m thrilled! I’m vaccinated and done with masks. I’ve got two reservations for next month and I’ll be in WDW in May. Can’t wait!

    1. So you believe in vaccines, but you don’t believe that COVID still exists or you don’t believe the current dominate strain is a lot more transmisable or is it you don’t understand how vaccines work?

  2. I think it’s stupid. The numbers are going to go up again due to this. I live less than an hour away and I don’t want it! How are we to know that people are really vaccinated?? There is no way to know. Until the park becomes responsible again I will not be there. My life is more important than a park

  3. Disney seems to have also thrown basic cleaning to the wayside. Tables werent even wiped down between guests at Ogs’s.

    These photos really show how many stupid people are around. COVID still exists, it’s still more easily spread indoors especially with how Disney packs people in, the CDC still says to wear N95s, yet these people DGAF about themselves or anyone else.

    Think of those cast members being exposed to thousands of people everyday and now the unvaccinated ones are going to spread COVID around since they aren’t going to wear masks even though they’re supposed to.

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