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PHOTOS: Most of E.T. Adventure Pre-Show Room Blocked by Tarps for Refurbishment at Universal Studios Florida

Most of the E.T. Adventure pre-show room is now blocked off by tarps as the ceiling is refurbished. Thankfully, the ride remains open.

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E.T. Adventure is in the Woody Woodpecker’s KidZone at Universal Studios Florida.

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Usually, guests would be let through all three of these doors into the pre-show room, separated into three groups by barriers. For now, guests are only being let through the door on the far right, while the other two sections are chained off.

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Inside, the two-thirds of the pre-show room on the left are blocked from view by black tarps.

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After exiting the pre-show room, much of the next room is also blocked by tarps.

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This is where guests give their name and pick up their passes for the ride.

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The tarp is hanging directly in front of the other two pass stations, but they are not blocked so they can be used.

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Team Members told us this is so the ceiling can get a much needed refurbishment.

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    1. Typical Universal. I remember going to the Mummy gift shop a few years ago and they had buckets on the store floor collecting water dripping from the ceiling.

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