Splash Mountain at Magic Kingdom

Splash Mountain Refurbishment at Magic Kingdom Fails to Address Broken Effects as Disney Hesitates to Invest Before Reimagining

The month-long Splash Mountain refurbishment at Magic Kingdom is complete and the ride reopened last night after unexpected delays. We hopped on to check out the changes and found… very little.

Splash Mountain Refurbishment

This was a standard winter refurbishment, like most water rides undergo, and it appears the only updates were to the ride system itself.

Splash Mountain Refurbishment

Typically, the water rides see a refreshing of paint and various improvements.

Splash Mountain Refurbishment
Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain Refurbishment 5

Minor cosmetic work is noticeable on the façade and the outdoor portions of the ride, but those are the only surface-level changes.

Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain Refurbishment 1
Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain Refurbishment 6
Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain Refurbishment 7

Splash Mountain has several effects in need of repair, but they remain broken at this time.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain Refurbishment 8

Disney has not announced a timeframe for the impending “The Princess and the Frog” overlay. But the lack of care for the classic attraction may indicate that changes are on the horizon.

Magic Kingdom Splash Mountain Refurbishment 9

The “Princess and the Frog” version will utilize the same ride system, so it makes sense that Disney would focus their funds and efforts there. The hesitation to invest in the current version is potentially indicative of its longevity.

Have you ridden since the Splash Mountain refurbishment at Magic Kingdom was completed? Let us know what you thought in the comments below.

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  1. I was hoping the refurb was a signal that the change was not coming anytime soon or at all. I do not have a problem with Princess and the Frog, but I do not agree with redoing Splash Mountain for it. Our family loves that ride not just for the drops, but the Br’er Rabbit characters too. So sad…..

    1. I also don’t like how Splash Mountain is being replaced because of it’s history. Was the movie and treating people disrespectful & racist. Yes! Is it going to change the past? No! It’s part of the American history.

      I also love Princess and the Frog!

      But, I love Uncle Remus’ stories of Br’er Rabbit more! :)

  2. This is absolutely disgusting. How many months was this down for repair. I’m sorry – are they reducing prices while guests have to ride attractions with broken features? Guests are entitled to have Disney make at least some effort to maintain attractions. Shows a tremendous amount of contempt for their guests

  3. Please bring back the maintenance report! With their new paid for Fastpass they should pay to fix these things!

  4. Wokeness and confusing racism with “theming” is resulting with Disney parks slowly losing their magic.

  5. James Baskett sang “Zip a dee doo dah” and to rid the park of his song and the ride, Disney is invalidating a black man’s legend.

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