Super Nintendo World Power-Up Bands Hiking Prices Starting April 1 at Universal Studios Japan

Few changes have come to Super Nintendo World since it opened at Universal Studios Japan last March, with most focus on the upcoming Donkey Kong-themed expansion to the land opening in 2024. But one small update is coming that might be a bit unfriendly to guests’ wallets—the price of the Power-Up Bands, which are integral to the land’s experience, will be raised by nearly $6 starting April 1, 2022.


Starting April 1, 2022, Power-Up Bands will increase by ¥600 ($5.21) from ¥3200 ($27.77) to ¥3800 ($32.98). The price change was discovered via the ability to pre-purchase a Power-Up Band exchange voucher on the Universal Studios Japan website.

Power-Up Bands are the slap wristbands featuring one of six designs—Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, Yoshi, and Toad—and are sold around Super Nintendo World. They allow guests to collect coins, play the various challenges around the land, and collect stamps for achievements during their visit. You can of course check out the fun challenges as well as the Bowser Jr. Shadow Showdown, all of which require the Power-Up Bands, here on Universal Parks News Today.

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  1. Oh, SURE! When Universal raises prices, THAT’S FINE! But when Disney raises prices on anything, it’s time to sound the alarms!

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