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Full Tour of a Stunning Bora Bora Bungalow at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Join us for a room tour of a stunning Bora Bora Bungalow at the Disney Vacation Club at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort at Walt Disney World.

Disney’s Polynesian Villas & Bungalows are part of the mid-century tropical resort, which recently celebrated its 50th anniversary alongside Walt Disney World. The bungalows are available as part of the Disney Vacation Club, and with so few, they are a rare find. We were lucky enough to stay in one and have a full photo and video tour to share.

poly bungalow 3 2686

If you have seen inside these Bungalows before, you will notice they have been updated relatively recently.

poly bungalow 3 2678

In the entryway, there is a nice wooden table with a catch-all bowl and an occupied sign for the door. The blue accent colors with the darker wood encapture the tropical aesthetic.

poly bungalow 3 2680

Above the table is a beautiful art piece featuring the bungalows and a ship sailing in the water. The end table and ceiling lamp demonstrate how the bungalows artfully capture the mix of mid-century and Polynesian styles.

poly bungalow 3 2684

A ceiling lamp lights up the hallway leading to the rest of the bungalow.

poly bungalow 2611 1

The bungalow has a lighting control pad near the door. You can change the brightness of the lights or simply turn them on and off.

poly bungalow 3 2689

The first door to the left is one of the bedrooms.

poly bungalow 3 2702

This one has a queen bed. The carpeting is brand new. And much more color was added to the decor.

poly bungalow 3 2706
poly bungalow 3 2704

The first thing that catches your eye is this beautiful headboard, made out of three surfboards from the “7 Seas Surf Company.”

poly bungalow 3 2717
poly bungalow 3 2716

On the left side of the bed is one of the nightstands, with plenty of USB outlets available on the wall and the alarm clock.

poly bungalow 3 2713
poly bungalow 3 2708

This bedroom boasts a great view of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

poly bungalow 3 2710

There is a sunshade and black-out curtains. The cushioned window seat has drawers beneath it for extra storage.

poly bungalow 3 2712

These windows can be opened outward and face away from the lake.

poly bungalow 3 2719

Across from the queen bed, you’ll find a television above a pull-down bed.

poly bungalow 3 2695

It is a single sleeper with a light that can be turned on with a switch.

poly bungalow 3 2700

If you look closely, you can see Lilo and Stitch asleep on a hammock.

poly bungalow 3 2701
poly bungalow 3 2721

The end tables have colorful drawers, bringing a little joy into the room.

poly bungalow 5 2776

The closet in this secondary bedroom offers quite a bit of space. There are shelves and drawers in the center, with hanger rods on the sides.

poly bungalow 3 2723

If you’re wishing for more closet space, don’t worry — the neighboring bathroom also has a closet before it.

poly bungalow 3 2725
poly bungalow 3 2728

This closet has a safe, laundry basket, and iron, along with extra linens and pillows.

poly bungalow 3 2729
poly bungalow 4 2730

You’ll also find a luggage rack.

poly bungalow 4 2769

Behind the door directly across from that closet is a washer and dryer for laundry.

poly bungalow 4 2770

This basic G.E. model is seen in many Disney Vacation Club rooms.

poly bungalow 4 2732

Next, we have the bathroom. There’s one room with a toilet and sink, and another with a tub and shower.

poly bungalow 4 2735
poly bungalow 4 2734
poly bungalow 4 2738

On a shelf, we have a large conch shell and a hula dancer figurine.

poly bungalow 4 2739

A few framed pictures are on the wall, all featuring tropical Disney themes. As our regular readers know, we here at WDWNT love good, themed bathroom art, so let’s take a closer look.

poly bungalow 4 2741

The small, thick frame has an image of Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse from the 1937 cartoon short, “Hawaiian Holiday.”

poly bungalow 4 2742

There’s also cover art from Mickey Mouse Club Alum Annette Funicello’s 1960 album, “Hawaiiannette.”

poly bungalow 4 2743

When the attraction we know today as “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room” first opened at Magic Kingdom, it was called “Tropical Serenade,” and poster art can be seen here.

poly bungalow 4 2744

The sink has some storage space underneath for extra towels.

poly bungalow 4 2746
poly bungalow 4 2747
poly bungalow 4 2748

The shower room is through a sliding door. There’s also another sink in here.

poly bungalow 4 2760

Lanterns are hanging on each side of the mirror.

poly bungalow 4 2762
poly bungalow 4 2764

The bungalows have more vanity products than other rooms, including a shower cap, dental kit, vanity kit, and shaving kit.

poly bungalow 4 2766

There’s storage space beneath the sink, and the hairdryer can be found here.

poly bungalow 4 2751

The bottom half of the walls are covered in light blue tile, which then extends to the entire shower.

poly bungalow 4 2753

An extra stripe of tiles in several shades of blue runs down the shower.

poly bungalow 4 2754
poly bungalow 4 2756

The curtain is made up of diamond shapes in similar shades of blue.

poly bungalow 4 2757
poly bungalow 4 2758
poly bungalow 2 2624

In the hallway are three reproductions of original Enchanted Tiki Room artwork.

poly bungalow 2 2626
poly bungalow 2 2627
poly bungalow 2 2629
poly bungalow 2 2623
poly bungalow 5 2779

Next up is the primary bedroom. The carpet in this room is new as well.

poly bungalow 5 2804
poly bungalow 5 2783

Like most other modern Disney Resort updates, the bed has space underneath intended for storing luggage or other large items.

poly bungalow 5 2784

Above the bed is a long piece of art with images from various Polynesian-inspired attractions, buildings, and restaurants at Disney Parks over the years.

poly bungalow 5 2802
poly bungalow 5 2787

Across from the bed is a desk.

poly bungalow 5 2789

These Maui lamps are also sold at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.

poly bungalow 5 2790

There are outlets sitting on the desk.

poly bungalow 5 2794
poly bungalow 5 2796

The end tables have drawers.

poly bungalow 5 2806

One end table has a phone while the other has an alarm clock.

poly bungalow 5 2799

There are narrow windows with shades next to the end tables.

poly bungalow 5 2800

A door leads out onto the deck.

poly bungalow 5 2803

There’s a sleek wooden ceiling fan.

poly bungalow 5 2808
poly bungalow 3 2693

This room has its own thermostat.

poly bungalow 5 2773

It also has a spacious closet.

poly bungalow 5 2775
poly bungalow 5 2778
poly bungalow 5 2810

The primary bathroom is behind a sliding door.

poly bungalow 5 2812

It has small square windows above the mirror and a tall window above the tub.

poly bungalow 5 2814

This bathroom has blue-gray tile on the walls.

poly bungalow 5 2817

There’s a shower separate from the tub, behind a glass door.

poly bungalow 5 2818

It has a rainfall showerhead and a wall-mounted showerhead that can be removed and used as a handheld shower as well.

poly bungalow 5 2855
poly bungalow 5 2859
poly bungalow 5 2862

Disney’s H20+ line is mounted on the shower wall for easy access.

poly bungalow 5 2863 edited scaled

The stall has a pebble-style tile floor.

poly bungalow 5 2864
poly bungalow 5 2850

Another door inside the bathroom leads to the toilet.

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vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
poly bungalow 5 2852
poly bungalow 5 2853

The artwork here is of the “Peter Pan” mermaids.

poly bungalow 5 2820

The tub has black marble around the edge of it.

poly bungalow 5 2823

A carved piece of woodwork featuring tropical flowers hangs above the tub.

poly bungalow 5 2826

The windows in here have frosted glass.

poly bungalow 5 2828 edited scaled
poly bungalow 5 2829

There are controls in the tub.

poly bungalow 5 2833
poly bungalow 5 2835 edited scaled
poly bungalow 5 2838

The vanity is framed with lanterns.

poly bungalow 5 2839

There are two sinks. Baskets for storage are beneath them.

poly bungalow 5 2841
poly bungalow 5 2842
poly bungalow 5 2844

This remote controls a TV hidden inside the mirror.

poly bungalow 5 2847
poly bungalow 5 2848
poly bungalow 5 2849
poly bungalow 2540 1

At the end of the hallway are the living, dining, and kitchen spaces.

poly bungalow 1 1

Above the couch is some “Lilo & Stitch” artwork.

poly bungalow 2 1
poly bungalow 3 1

A small table is next to the couch with a phone.

poly bungalow 4 1

A bed folds down over the couch.

poly bungalow 5

It doesn’t take up too much space in the living room if you prefer to leave it down during your stay.

poly bungalow 2525 1

There’s more storage here.

poly bungalow 2527 1
poly bungalow 2528 1

The painting on this wall features a Jungle Cruise boat.

poly bungalow 2530 1
poly bungalow 2532 1

Another small bed folds down beneath the TV.

poly bungalow 2534 1

We love the artwork above this sleeper, which features several floats in the Electrical Water Pageant. The Polynesian can be seen in the background.

poly bungalow 2538 1

There are two armchairs, with another small table between them and a coffee table in front of them.

poly bungalow 2541 1
poly bungalow 2544 1
poly bungalow 2545 1

There’s a long oval dining table with eight chairs around it.

poly bungalow 2548 1
poly bungalow 2614 1
poly bungalow 2620 1

The chairs have teal blue seats and patterned backs.

poly bungalow 2 2621
poly bungalow 2551 1

The kitchen backsplash is teal blue tile.

poly bungalow 2553 1

It has black marble countertops. There are an array of appliances, including a stovetop and oven.

poly bungalow 2554 1

There’s a toaster.

poly bungalow 2557 1
poly bungalow 2558 1

A microwave is mounted over the stovetop.

poly bungalow 2561 1
poly bungalow 2562 1

In the cabinets, you’ll find wine glasses and baking dishes.

poly bungalow 2563 1
poly bungalow 2565 1

There are plates, mugs, bowls, and standard glasses.

poly bungalow 2567 1
poly bungalow 2572 1

Above the kitchen are more merchandise items on display.

poly bungalow 2570 1
poly bungalow 2573 1

And some non-merchandise themed display crates.

poly bungalow 2575 1

The drawers hold silverware.

poly bungalow 2576 1
poly bungalow 2579 1

And pots and pans are in a bottom cabinet.

poly bungalow 2580 1

The kitchen trash can is tucked away in a sliding cabinet.

poly bungalow 2581 1
poly bungalow 2583 1
poly bungalow 2584 1

There’s a window with shade above the sink.

poly bungalow 2587 1

A coffee maker and all the supplies you need for your morning cup.

poly bungalow 2589 1
poly bungalow 2592 1

The bungalows are currently stocked with the 50th anniversary Joffrey’s blend.

poly bungalow 2595 1

There’s a dishwasher.

poly bungalow 2599 1

And a full-size fridge and freezer.

poly bungalow 2600 1
poly bungalow 2601 1
poly bungalow 2603 1
poly bungalow 2605 1

There are a few more thin sliding cabinets next to the fridge. This one had extra coffee supplies.

poly bungalow 2607 1
poly bungalow 2609 1

This room also has lighting controls.

poly bungalow 2 2630

Now let’s step out onto the back deck and take a look at the main feature that makes the bungalows truly unique.

poly bungalow 2 2640

There are signs with the balcony rules.

poly bungalow 2 2677

Polynesian music plays out here and can be controlled with this knob.

poly bungalow 2 2634

A safety gate separates the rest of the deck from the plunge pool. The fencing resembles bamboo.

poly bungalow 2 2633

Each bungalow has a small, personal plunge pool through the sliding glass doors of the living room.

poly bungalow 2 2667

This pool has a railing and steps/seats inside it.

poly bungalow 2 2668
poly bungalow 2 2670
poly bungalow 2 2674

We got a good view of one of the Magic Kingdom ferryboats going by.

poly bungalow 6 0007
poly bungalow 2 2661

There’s a small table with four chairs, and then two cushioned deck chairs that can lay flat.

poly bungalow 2 2663
poly bungalow 2 2664
poly bungalow 2 2638
poly bungalow 2 2665

There are lots of fun, colorful lanterns hanging in macrame and wooden shades.

poly bungalow 2 2666
poly bungalow 2 2641

Around the corner are a pair of hanging wicker chairs.

poly bungalow 2 2644

They have blue cushioned seats.

poly bungalow 2 2646

A small orange table sits between them.

poly bungalow 2 2647

The door next to them leads into the primary bedroom.

poly bungalow 2 2648

The window across from them is above the sink.

poly bungalow 2 2650
poly bungalow 2 2652
poly bungalow 2 2655

Cinderella Castle and Space Mountain are visible from these decks.

poly bungalow 6 0269
poly bungalow 6 0001 1

We returned to the deck at night to hang out in the pool and watch “Disney Enchantment.”

poly bungalow 6 2933

Check out the incredible view.

poly bungalow 6 2937

The music for the show is played on the deck as well.

poly bungalow 6 2955
poly bungalow 6 2981
poly bungalow 6 3005

We also got a great view of the Electrical Water Pageant.

Watch our full walk-through of the Bungalow below:

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    I would not mind if I could live there all year!

  3. The absurd thing is that I can fly my entire family too Bora Bora to stay at the bungalows that those are copying for significantly less money then Disney would charge to stay overlooking green alligator infested water that I can’t swim in.

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