U.K. and Italy Pavilion Merchandise Arrives at Disneyland Resort

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U.K. and Italy Pavilion Merchandise Arrives at Disneyland Resort

Merchandise meant for the U.K. and Italy Pavilion at EPCOT has inexplicably arrived at Disneyland Resort. We found these items in the Dress Shop at Downtown Disney District.

dl epcot merch 123012

The U.K. Pavilion merchandise is flower-inspired, while the Italy Pavilion merchandise is lemon-inspired.

U.K. Pavilion Tote – $39.99

dl epcot merch 123022

This bag is blue, with a Minnie head made out of flowers on one side.

dl epcot merch 123018

Minnie’s bow is a Union Jack. It says “Queen of the Kingdom” in gold lettering at the center.

dl epcot merch 123027

The other side of the bag says “United Kingdom” and “UK” with a Union Jack pattern.

dl epcot merch 123036

The inside is lined with a pink flower pattern.

U.K. Pavilion Hoodie – $54.99

dl epcot merch 123052

This hoodie is mint green, with the same Minnie head flower design on the left breast as on the bag.

dl epcot merch 123114

The inside is also lined with a pink flower fabric.

dl epcot merch 123123

Minnie is on the back, sitting beneath a garden trellis.

dl epcot merch 123128

It says “fancy a cuppa?” at the bottom.

U.K. Pavilion Tee – $36.99

dl epcot merch 123649

This blue tee is patterned with flowers, butterflies, and flowery Minnie heads.

dl epcot merch 123657

U.K. Pavilion Skirt – $78

dl epcot merch 123718

The skirt is mint blue with a pink waist and a ribbon drawstring.

dl epcot merch 123722

It’s patterned with pink and purple flowers.

dl epcot merch 123740

Flower Minnie heads are along the bottom of the skirt.

U.K. Pavilion Leggings – $39.99

dl epcot merch 123756

These blue leggings have the same pattern as the shirt above.

dl epcot merch 123800
dl epcot merch 123804

Italy Pavilion Tee – $24.99

dl epcot merch 123833

This short-sleeved baseball tee says “Limoncello Saluti!” on the front with a lemon.

dl epcot merch 123854

It’s white with blue sleeves.

Italy Pavilion Tee – $29.99

dl epcot merch 124037

This green tee says “Easy peasy lemon squeezy.” It pictures three cut lemons in a Mickey shape.

dl epcot merch 124052

The back says “Italy” just below the color.

Italy Pavilion Tank – $34.99

dl epcot merch 124112

This white tank is patterned all over with lemons, some Mickey-shaped.

dl epcot merch 124116

Italy Pavilion Keychain – $12.99

dl epcot merch 124211

This keychain has four different charms, all from the patterns above.

dl epcot merch 124215

One is a Mickey-shaped lemon while another is a regular lemon with a Mickey head on it. Another charm reads “Limoncello!” The last charm says “Italy EPCOT World Showcase.”

dl epcot merch 124237

Will you be picking up any of these EPCOT items at Disneyland Resort? Let us know in the comments.

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