Walt Disney World Sends Survey to Guests About ‘Disney Enchantment’ Compared to ‘Happily Ever After’

Some guests who have recently visited Walt Disney World are getting a survey asking them about the experience of “Disney Enchantment,” the newest fireworks show at Magic Kingdom.

enchantment survey

One question asked, “How would you rate your overall experience with Disney Enchantment compared to your overall Experience with Happily Ever After? Would you say that Disney Enchantment was…” The options are “Better,” “About the same,” and “Worse.”

An identical question asked guests to compare their experience with “Disney Enchantment” to “Wishes,” the fireworks show that ran from 2003 to 2017.

The survey went further in-depth about what aspects of “Disney Enchantment” the guest found positive or negative.

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Click to watch the final performance of “Happily Ever After,” which replaced “Wishes” in 2017 and ran through September 2021. To compare, click here to watch the new “Disney Enchantment.”

“Disney Enchantment” debuted as part of “The World’s Most Magical Celebration” in honor of the 50th anniversary of Walt Disney World. “Harmonious” replaced “IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth” at EPCOT as part of the anniversary also.

How do you feel about “Disney Enchantment” at Magic Kingdom? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Well….where there is smoke there is fire….

    After watching Harmonious in person, my opinion changed completely on that show. It is a very good show with a memorable soundtrack. I loved Illuminations, but I think Harmonious is a good successor.

    Enchantment on the other hand….is nowhere near the quality a show for a diamond celebration. Literally has nowhere near the emotional pull that Happily Ever After or Wishes got.

    I really hope this will lead them to consider bringing back Happily Ever After once the 18 month 50th celebration ends.

  2. Happily Ever After is the more enjoyable show compared to Enchantment and Wishes both. The pacing and narration are so effective! The theme song to Happily Ever After is also pure magic and sits alongside the best tracks of in park music! I hoped it returns someday!

  3. Happily Ever After was truly the best Fireworks show the Magic Kingdom has ever had.
    Illuminations will live on in out hearts forever. Best thing about it was original music, and no matter where you were in World Showcase, you had a great view.

  4. Enchantment in a nutshell:

    Jarring sound effects during songs
    No story
    Half the cool visuals blocked

    Wishes still is my all time favorite but you know you’ve struck gold when you have people belting out Let it Go on Mainstreet. Enchantment doesn’t have a single moment of that for me.

  5. Absolutely hate Enchantment!! What kind of 50th celebration is that??!!! Broke my heart since I love fireworks so much.

  6. I can only hope enough respond that they bring back HEA. While Enchantment is a technically solid, the emotional story of HEA can’t be replaced.

  7. Very disappointed with Enchantment. Happily ever after always touched me deeply. Enchantment does not. It’s music is not as strong, and lacks the emotional punch Happily always delivered. Ditto the visuals. It feels like a rushed piece of filler, not a top- quality Disney Production.

  8. I can watch the fireworks from my house in Windermere. The new ones are a pale shadow of the cleverness of the old ones. Old ones had bells, beautiful flowers, butterflies and dragonflies, colorchanging orbs, interesting geometry and humorous cadence. New ones miss all of this. So disappointed!

  9. I tried to list a comment that was very negative but website would not allow it saying it was a duplicate. It was not. The fireworks now are about 10% of the value of the old ones. Way to manipulate your stats, Disney!

  10. Wishes was better than either one of the replacement. Enchantment sucks. So does Harmoniums. And the watching experience is terrible. Blocking off 80% of the standing space was a bad idea

  11. Happily Ever After will always be the best! I’m so glad I was able to see it on last time before it was replaced.

  12. While I felt weird when I was there the first time, I have grown to appreciate it, especially since my Mom told me that they told the story a bit differently as rather then having the voices help tell the tale, the music is entierly our guide through the journey and from the cheers of the last few trips I think people are statting to notice this. It’s an interesting retrospective that would be interestingto write about. I am also curious as to what would happen if Happily Ever After returned and interchanged with Enchanted on different days.

  13. Nothing compares to “Happily Ever After”.It was the most beautiful and sentimental Disney fireworks song and show ever! It was full of beautiful messages, with the most significant message parts of each Disney Movie, and the beautiful full of sentiment and encouraging message at the beginning and at the end. Please Disney, bring back Happily Ever After!

  14. Do not like Enchantment as well as Happily Ever After or Wishes. Lacks emotionality. Wishes and Happily Ever After would bring a tear to my eye. Enchantment does not. Tells a very weak story. Just seems like a bunch of fireworks, projections, and music uncoordinated. We now ride attractions during the fireworks.

  15. So glad to hear this!!! We are so disappointed in the new show and wish they would bring back Happily Ever After. We stood with people viewing several nights we were there and all the purple around us were saying the same thing!! It doesn’t have the “feels.” It doesn’t get you as excited nor emotional as Happily Ever After. REALLY hoping Disney considers switching it back.

  16. Enchantment is terrible compared to Happily Ever After and is very lackluster for the 50th . Bring back the latter please , it’s not fair it only had a two year run when other shows had several years .

  17. Totally agree with the majority. I was devastated when Wishes finished, but over time I fell in love with Happily Ever After. I live in England and have not seen enchantment live yet (just on You Tube) and I was so disappointed. It just seems flat and emotionless. I really hope they bin it and bring back Happily Ever After……

  18. Happily Ever After DESERVED a longer stint then it got. I really hope the consider bringing it back after the 50th.

  19. Wanted to like Enchantment but just couldn’t. Saw it twice last visit the first time from Main Street about half way between the castle and Roy’s bench that was terrible. Projections were hard to follow on the castle and the buildings and didn’t have the emotional pull that HEA did. Second time watched from a grassy area in front of the castle and it was better but still not great. I was hoping to be blown away but really came away dissatisfied and disappointed. I get Disney wanted to blow us away and the idea is there but the music, fireworks and flow just isn’t there, the show is very disjointed.

  20. Enchantment is terrible compared to HEA. New show completely lacks emotion, story telling and good music. People want to hear the actual characters singing the songs we all know and love, not some terrible remix by voices nobody recognizes. I found it odd how many times they displayed a character while a completely different song played. IDK I feel like this entire show is a mess and didn’t pay any sort of tribute to Disney for the celebration of 50 years. How do you celebrate 50 years without any mention of Mickey or Walt 🤷‍♂️

  21. We were just there this week for Valentine’s Day. We had a four night stay. We watched Enchantment from the Wilderness Lodge for the fireworks only. It doesn’t hold a candle to Happily Ever After. We would have been at MK every night for Happily Ever After. Enchantment doesn’t have the emotional experience. We even joked about playing the HEA soundtrack while the Enchantment fireworks were going off to help it out.

  22. “Star bright starlight, first star I see tonight”

    It gives me chills just writing the words on a page.

    There has never been a better show than Wishes.

    Happily Ever After was so much of a let down I started calling it the Happily riding rides hour. I never felt the urge to look up as I was holding it from 7 Dwarves to Space MTN.

    I must say Enchantment is much better than HPE. For the first time in a very long time I find myself making time to camp a spot or lounge at Bay Lake Towers. It’s refreshing. It’s still not Wishes though.

    As for HarmonioUS?

    One word.


    This is the best Epcot show ever. Full stop.

    I would say I enjoy it even more than Enchanted!

    Now if we could only get something better at Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom.

    “And all your wishes…..will come true!”

  23. Happily Ever After is the best firework shows in the Magic Kingdom and have clear storyline.
    Enchantment feels more like Wishes but not as good for storyline while still better projections. I hope someday they bring back Happily Ever After.

  24. I am stunned by these responses. HPE was a projection show not a fireworks show. You HAD to be in front of the castle to be able to enjoy it. The first time I saw Enchantment I had goosebumps and tears. I turned to my husband and said … there were so many fireworks again! When I was back this weekend we watched unable to see much of the castle (mainly due to lack of space with crowds, but I also want to “test run” to show to see if it could hold its own without the projections.).
    It does.
    HPE did not have enough fireworks in tune with the music to make for a good show away from the projections. I think Enchantment has brought back the magic of a show that can stir your heart even from resort views.
    And yes..:star light, star bright, first star I see tonight…bring it back….but we all know that won’t happen.
    I hope more people give this time.

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