rainforest garden 1

All Global Gardens at the 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival

The 2022 EPCOT International Flower & Garden Festival has begun, and guests can now enjoy 22 global gardens, including a new one presented by Scentsy. Check them all out below.

Bold Bromeliads – World Nature by The Land Pavilion

bold bromeliads 1 1

These plants surround the sign explaining where bromeliads can be found.

bold bromeliads

Health Full Trail Presented by AdventHealth – Imagination! Walkway

healthfull playground advent health 2

Delight in a whimsical area made to inspire youthful energy and creativity! The whole family can learn ways to stay healthy at this outdoor kitchen and garden. It closes at dusk.

healthfull playground advent health 4

This garden includes seats for parents while their children play. There are also a few umbrellas to provide shade.

healthfull playground advent health 14

Cast Members monitor the playground.

healthfull playground advent health 3

There are slides and things to climb on.

healthfull playground advent health 5
healthfull playground advent health 6
healthfull playground advent health 10
healthfull playground advent health 7
healthfull playground advent health 8
healthfull playground advent health 9

These ropes can be used to climb.

healthfull playground advent health 11

This is a slide with smooth bars that roll with you.

healthfull playground advent health 16

These structures have dots and airplane shapes in them.

healthfull playground advent health 13
healthfull playground advent health 15
healthfull playground advent health 17

This is like a rock wall.

healthfull playground advent health 18
healthfull playground advent health 19
healthfull playground advent health 21
healthfull playground advent health 22
healthfull playground advent health 24
healthfull playground advent health 27

This carousel spins and has seats inside.

healthfull playground advent health 23
healthfull playground advent health 25
healthfull playground advent health 26
healthfull playground advent health 29
healthfull playground advent health 49

This section of the playground is themed like a hot air balloon.

healthfull playground advent health 31

This net bridge moves and stretches as you walk on it.

healthfull playground advent health 32
healthfull playground advent health 34

There’s a rope and wood bridge leading up to the “basket” of the hot air balloon.

healthfull playground advent health 33
healthfull playground advent health 30
healthfull playground advent health 40

The blue plastic structure has drums, spinning gears, and a finger maze.

healthfull playground advent health 36
healthfull playground advent health 38
healthfull playground advent health 41
healthfull playground advent health 42
healthfull playground advent health 47
healthfull playground advent health 46

Here is a small green tunnel.

healthfull playground advent health 44

These discs move up and down on their yellow pole.

healthfull playground advent health 45
healthfull playground advent health 48

These leaves can be moved around.

healthfull playground advent health 51

Blocks can be moved at this station too.

healthfull playground advent health 52
healthfull playground advent health 53
healthfull playground advent health 50

It looks like this rainbow flower will someday have water spraying out of it.

healthfull playground advent health 55
healthfull playground advent health 56
healthfull playground advent health 57
healthfull playground advent health 59
healthfull playground advent health 60
healthfull playground advent health 62
healthfull playground advent health 63
healthfull playground advent health 1

Blossoms of Fragrance Garden Presented by Scentsy (NEW) – World Showcase Bridge

blossoms of fragrance 4
blossoms of fragrance 9

Blossoms of Fragrance celebrates the scents that come from various plants.

blossoms of fragrance 7
blossoms of fragrance 6

As this sign explains, scents can evoke powerful memories.

blossoms of fragrance 2
blossoms of fragrance 11
blossoms of fragrance 13

Flowers of many types surround giant butterfly topiaries.

blossoms of fragrance 14
blossoms of fragrance 12

Different scents emit from these signs, which describe what we tend to associate with each fragrance. Cinnamon can evoke memories of baking or fall treats.

blossoms of fragrance 15

We frequently see lavender in soap products.

blossoms of fragrance 16

Floral scents remind us of spring.

blossoms of fragrance 3

“Does this fruity fragrance remind you of a certain soft-serve treat?”

They’re talking about Dole Whip, of course! You can find it at Pineapple Promenade during the festival.

blossoms of fragrance 8

You may have to lean close to catch a whiff of the scents.

blossoms of fragrance 5

A pine smell can make you think of hikes and camping.

blossoms of fragrance 10

Check out the tangerine soft serve from Refreshment Outpost if citrus is your favorite.

blossoms of fragrance 1

Outdoor Escapes Presented by OFF!® Repellents – World Discovery

outdoor escapes offf 17

Unwind in refreshing spaces that show just how easy it is to create an outdoor escape that brings family and friends together—no design expertise, huge budget, or green thumb required! Outdoor Escapes closes at dusk.

off escapes garden 10
off escapes garden 9

In this garden, signs encourage spending time with family and friends in outdoor, green spaces.

off escapes garden 8
outdoor escapes offf 14
off escapes garden 5

The garden offers some seating for guests.

outdoor escapes offf 10

It makes for a pleasant place to wait for your traveling companion while they’re shopping in Creations Shop.

off escapes garden 6
off escapes garden 7
off escapes garden 3
off escapes garden 12
off escapes garden 14

Various signage gives tips on making the most of small outdoor spaces or building an “outdoor escape” on a budget.

off escapes garden 13
outdoor escapes offf 4

You can repurpose unwanted household items as creative planters.

outdoor escapes offf 5

A fountain has even been turned into a three-tiered planter.

outdoor escapes offf 6

Guests were enjoying the outdoor tables and chairs.

outdoor escapes offf 9
outdoor escapes offf 11
outdoor escapes offf 7
outdoor escapes offf 8
outdoor escapes offf 18

Tips for making the outdoors more comfortable serve as an advertisement for the garden sponsor, Off.

outdoor escapes offf 13
outdoor escapes offf 15

Here, a freestanding bathtub has been repurposed as a planter.

outdoor escapes offf 1

Guests can challenge themselves to find colorful dragonflies hidden throughout and identify their patterns.

Floating Gardens – World Nature

floating gardens 3

Peer upon more than 150 petite plots drifting on the ponds that border the bridge to World Showcase.

floating gardens 5

Floating planters make up this garden in the water.

floating gardens 4

Pink, white, and red flowers alternate in the planters.

floating gardens 6

They can be seen throughout EPCOT in ponds.

floating gardens 2
floating gardens 9

The Fountains of Imagination provide a beautiful backdrop.

floating gardens 1

Festival Blooms – World Celebration

"50" flowerbed in front of Imagination Pavilion

The Walt Disney World Resort is celebrating 50 years, and visitors can find the 50th Anniversary logo in these flower beds.

50th planter 1

These flowers form a Minnie Mouse head with a bow.

50th planter 0

More flowers form Mickey heads.

Bambi’s Butterfly House – World Nature near Imagination!

bambi butterfly house garden 3

View a kaleidoscope of butterflies up close, in all their unique color. Learn about butterfly lifecycles and maybe even see one emerge from its chrysalis. It closes at dusk.

bambi butterfly house garden 1

Enter Bambi’s Butterfly Pavilion, located near Journey into Imagination with Figment, to see various butterflies!

butterfly garden 7

There is a Bambi topiary nearby, but this is just a cutout.

butterfly garden 8

Signs around the garden teach guests about the different types of butterflies.

butterfly garden 15
butterfly garden 14
butterfly garden 13
butterfly garden 9
butterfly garden 10
butterfly garden 12

Flower helps us learn about host and nectar plants, which attract butterflies.

butterfly garden 16
butterfly garden 17

Learn how to plant your own butterfly habitat with Thumper.

butterfly garden 6

These little houses hold butterfly larvae.

butterfly garden 2
butterfly garden 3
butterfly garden 1

Visitors can also learn about the life cycle of a butterfly.

butterfly garden 4
butterfly garden 5
bambi butterfly house garden 5

Guests enter and exit through chain curtains that keep the butterflies contained.

The Honey Bee-stro Hosted by National Honey Board® – Rosewalk near Imagination!

honey bee stro garden 2

Insects and flowers are interconnected, so you’ll find many opportunities to learn about insects during the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival.

honey bee stro garden 4276

This garden is next to the Honey Bee-stro outdoor kitchen.

honey bee stro garden 4278

Jars of honey are on display.

honey bee stro garden 4279
honey bee stro garden 4277

The National Honey Board sponsors this garden.

For more information on booking your next trip with our official travel agent sponsor, the Vacationeer, visit wdwnt.travel.

vacationeer TopBarAD2020 v2
honey bee stro garden 4280
honey bee stro garden 0

Learn more about caring for bees.

honey bee stro garden 5

Guests can take advantage of this honeycomb photo opp.

honey bee stro garden 3

Standing tables behind the honeycomb offer a place to eat festival foods and drinks.

honey bee stro garden 6
honey bee stro garden 7

Learn various facts about bees and bee-friendly actions you can take at home.

Tropical Rainforest Garden – Mexico Pavilion

rainforest garden 5

Discover the rich biodiversity of the Mexican rainforest and learn about its highly adaptive species.

rainforest gardens 6

You’ll not only learn about the importance of the rainforest in our everyday lives but also enjoy the beauty and variety of these plants.

rainforest garden 1

Around the EPCOT International Flower and Garden Festival, you’ll find signs with the common name, genus, and species of each plant.

rainforest gardens 7

This is another bromeliad.

rainforest gardens 8
rainforest gardens 9
rainforest gardens 2

The rainforest flowers have fun, vibrant colors.

rainforest gardens 3

Some of the flowers are in artful pots and jars.

rainforest gardens 1
rainforest garden 3
rainforest garden 4
rainforest garden 6
rainforest garden 9

Extraordinary Orchids – Mexico Pavilion

orchids 3

Set eyes on these spectacular plants blooming in radiant color.

orchids 2

This “garden” is really only a handful of plants.

rainforest garden 7

Spike the Bee is hidden throughout the gardens as part of a scavenger hunt.

China Zodiac Garden – China Pavilion

chinese zodiac garden 2

This garden features the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac created from plants.

chinese zodiac garden 5

Signs give information about each zodiac creature.

chinese zodiac garden 7
chinese zodiac garden 3
chinese zodiac garden 8
chinese zodiac garden 4

The signs also list the most recent years associated with each animal so you can find your own zodiac.

chinese zodiac garden 10
chinese zodiac garden 1
bamboo garden 1

This garden also runs along the bridge that Mulan sometimes appears on. If she’s out, the bridge is blocked off, so you can’t see all of the animals — but it does make for a beautiful photo of Mulan.

zodiac garden 3
zodiac garden 2
zodiac garden 1
zodiac garden 4
zodiac garden 5
zodiac garden 6
zodiac garden 7
zodiac garden 8
zodiac garden
zodiac garden 9
zodiac garden 10
zodiac garden 11

Bamboo Garden – China Pavilion

bamboo garden 3

Visit this garden to see bamboo in various colors, patterns, and sizes.

bamboo garden 2

Learn about the different types of bamboo in this space.

bamboo garden 4

It appears as though Cast Members will add more to this garden in the coming days.

Alpine Miniature Garden – Germany Pavilion

alpine miniature germany garden 0

Appreciate the little things in this showcase of diminutive dwellings nestled in a forest of delicate shrubs.

alpine miniature germany garden 1
alpine miniature germany garden 2

The miniature garden looks like a tiny town.

alpine miniature germany garden 3

Guests can find small buildings throughout.

alpine miniature germany garden 4

A stream has been created with a collection of blue stones.

alpine miniature germany garden 6
alpine miniature germany garden 5
alpine miniature germany garden 7

This garden is sure to be a hit with kids.

Garden Italiano – Italy Pavilion

garden italiano 3

From fresh spaghetti sauce to pizza toppings, this Tuscan kitchen garden features all the produce and herbs needed to create a classic Italian feast.

garden italiano 4
garden italiano 9

Italian seasonings and produce can be grown in a terracotta pot, as in this garden.

garden italiano 10
garden italiano 5
garden italiano 2
garden italiano 6
garden italiano 7

Flowers are interspersed throughout the garden and produce plants, such as swiss chard and basil.

garden italiano 8
garden italiano 1

Here, an olive tree and tomato plants are a perfect starting point for an Italian meal.

Kokedema Garden – Japan Pavilion

kokedama japan garden 9

Admire fresh expressions of an ancient Japanese art at this tranquil garden.

kokedama japan garden 13

Kokedama are ornamental plants that are somewhat easy to craft.

kokedama japan garden 7
kokedama japan garden 0

Like the bonsai, the kokedama are works of art crafted with materials that happen to come from nature.

kokedama japan garden 5

Guests can learn what the kokedama plants signify and commonly used materials.

kokedama japan garden 4
kokedama japan garden 1

The garden showcases pieces from contemporary Japanese artists.

kokedama japan garden 2
kokedama japan garden 6
kokedama japan garden 8
kokedama japan garden 10
kokedama japan garden 11

The exhibit explains how to care for a kokedama plant.

Spice Garden – Morocco Pavilion

morocco garden 0

Discover how Eastern cultures flourished, trading signature spices and herb blends once considered more valuable than gold.

morocco garden 1

This unique display educates visitors on the spice trade in the middle east.

morocco garden 2
morocco garden 3
morocco garden 4
morocco garden 5
morocco garden 6
morocco garden 7

Vibrante & Verde: An Encanto Garden

encanto garden isla 2

Explore this lush, tropical garden teeming with flora as you look for hints of the Madrigal Family from “Encanto.”

encanto garden isla 6
encanto garden isla 5

This garden includes plants from Central America and signs about each one.

encanto garden isla 4
encanto garden 4
encanto garden 2
encanto garden 10

The garden conjures up images from “Encanto” with stunning colors.

encanto garden 7

This garden even features a Hidden Mickey!

encanto garden 9

There’s another giant butterfly, a motif from “Encanto.”

encanto garden 8
encanto garden 1

There are also tables in this garden for guests to stand at.

France Bouquet Garden (NEW) – France

france garden epcot festival 7

See bountiful blooms perfect for a bouquet of cut flowers in this garden ahead of the Ratatouille expansion.

france garden epcot festival 10

Rows of colorful flowers comprise this French garden.

france garden epcot festival 4
france garden epcot festival 5
france garden epcot festival 6
france garden epcot festival 8
france garden epcot festival 9

You can see several different colors of Gerbera daisies.

france garden epcot festival 1

English Tea Garden Presented by Twinings®

english tea garden 19 1
english tea garden 23 1

Unearth the history and art of tea-blending at this elegant English tea garden at the United Kingdom Pavilion, featuring plants used in some of Twinings’ finest blends.

english tea garden 7
english tea garden 30

Cute teacup and saucer-shaped planters each contain a different type of Twinnings Tea.

english tea garden 32

Meanwhile, the signs next to each teacup give information on the ingredients of each type of tea.

english tea garden 31
english tea garden 29

You can learn where each ingredient is primarily grown and even get some serving suggestions.

english tea garden 4
english tea garden 2
english tea garden 5
english tea garden 3
english tea garden 9
english tea garden 11

The garden introduces unique flavors and types, such as Cold Infus tea.

english tea garden 15 1
english tea garden 10
english tea garden 12
english tea garden 6
english tea garden 13
english tea garden 14 2
english tea garden 21 1

Learn about pumpkin spice even when it’s not fall.

english tea garden 20 1
english tea garden 17 1
english tea garden 18 1
english tea garden 24 1
english tea garden 25
english tea garden 22 1
english tea garden 26 1
english tea garden 8

Shakespeare Garden – United Kingdom Pavilion

shakespeare garden 3

Rediscover Shakespeare in this idyllic garden featuring excerpts from some of the Bard’s most famous sonnets—and the dazzling flowers that influenced them.

shakespeare garden 2

Flower and plant-related quotations from some of Shakespeare’s most famous plays pepper the garden.

shakespeare garden 4
shakespeare garden 5
shakespeare garden 6

Colorful flowers are contained in a small hedge maze.

shakespeare garden 7
shakespeare garden 9
shakespeare garden 10
shakespeare garden 18

The hedge maze surrounds a bust of the famous playwright.

shakespeare garden 12
shakespeare garden 13
shakespeare garden 17
shakespeare garden
shakespeare garden 15

The garden extends to the flower beds across the sidewalk, next to the red telephone booths.

shakespeare garden 14
shakespeare garden 16
shakespeare garden 1

Prehistoric Garden – World Discovery near Mission: SPACE

prehistoric garden 2022 4

Imagine life on Earth 65 million years ago with astounding plant life that’s thrived since the age of the dinosaurs.

prehistoric garden 2022 7
prehistoric garden 2022 10
prehistoric garden 2022 13

Artistic “fossils” of dinosaurs can be found among the plants of this garden.

prehistoric garden 2022 14
prehistoric garden 2022 17
prehistoric garden 2022 18
prehistoric garden 2022 19
prehistoric garden 2022 21
prehistoric garden 2022 22
prehistoric garden 2022 23
prehistoric garden 2022 24

Green Landing Family Play Zone – World Discovery

wall e garden 9

Enjoy playtime with WALL-E at this eco-friendly garden, which closes at dusk.

wall e garden 7

This playground is often rethemed for EPCOT festivals. It’s currently decorated with images of WALL-E and Eve.

wall e garden 11
wall e garden 8
wall e garden 1
wall e garden 10
wall e garden 12

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