Disney CEO Bob Chapek Preliminarily Re-Elected to Board of Directors

At the (virtual) annual shareholders meeting today, Chief Executive Officer Bob Chapek (and the 10 other officers) was re-elected to the Board of Directors.

Despite a grassroots campaign to oust him from the Board, Chapek was preliminarily re-elected to the position today. Final voting results will be available within four business days but the early results were announced with more than 90% approval from proxy votes.

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Chapek recently made headlines for his refusal to denounce the so-called “Don’t Say Gay” bill making its way through the Florida legislature.

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  2. I think this just shows how powerless those wise shareholders who voted AGAINST Chapek are in this situation, and just how hollow the majority of them are……..

    And even if that 94% HAD vote against him…… probably wouldn’t have stopped Bob from making his decision anyway.

    I want anyone who sees this comment to answer this question: Is there anything WE could’ve done to change the outcome of this vote, or do you think those shareholders would’ve doubled down on Chapek? I want you all to be honest, because I fear that Chapek may not need ANYONE ELSE’S approval to stay…………..

    And as for the decisions at the parks……We need to address ANOTHER elephant in the room……Chapek’s apprentice

    JOSH D’AMARO, the one name that everyone FAILS to mention. As for all the smaller price hikes in the parks, Josh D’Amaro is the only one who can feasibly influence them….NOT Chapek, although Chapek’s business model has the power to set such things into motion……..So we need to ask ourselves, if Chapek left but D’Amaro STAYED, would the parks be much better, or is D’Amaro an EQUALLY greedy person in a more appropriate positon to execute Chapek’s plan. Think about that. LONG AND HARD………

    Disney is the way it is today because of the greedy and self-obsessed culture of the entertainment industry AS A WHOLE, and not JUST Disney 🙁

    Shareholders and the Board hold ALL the cards, and Chapek is a product of THOSE bean counters. It’s a relationship of greed and MUTUAL personal gain among those people 🙁

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