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Disney Did Not Invite ‘West Side Story’ Star Rachel Zegler to Oscars

Disney did not invite Rachel Zegler, the star of their new “West Side Story” adaptation, to the Oscars this Sunday.

Zegler played the lead role of Maria. Though she has not been nominated in an acting category, “West Side Story” has received seven nominations total, including for Best Picture. Studios are in charge of ticket distribution, which means it was up to Disney to invite her, not the Academy.

Zegler stated she wasn’t invited in response to a comment on her Instagram. She later added, “I have tried it all but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I will root for ‘West Side Story’ from my couch and be proud of the work we so tirelessly did 3 years ago. I hope some last-minute miracle occurs and I can celebrate our film in person but hey, that’s how it goes sometimes, I guess. Thanks for all the shock and outrage — I’m disappointed, too. but that’s OK. So proud of our movie.”

In response to many replies and messages from fans, Zegler later tweeted, “my goodness, folks!! appreciate all the support, i really really do. we live in such unprecedented times, and a lot of work behind the scenes goes into making movie magic happen. that goes for film productions (like the one I am so lucky to be currently shooting in london) […] and awards shows alike. let’s all just respect the process and i’ll get off my phone x R.”

The Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, March 27.

Source: Huffington Post

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