Disneyland Cast Members Reportedly Told Not to Wear Official Mickey Pride Pins in Support of Walkout

The Twitter account chronicling the Disney Walkout movement in protest of CEO Bob Chapek’s handling of LGBTQIA+ issues claims that Disneyland Cast Members were asked not to wear official Mickey Pride pins in support of their peers.

Cast Members company-wide have organized a walkout tomorrow, but some who won’t be participating had planned to wear their Mickey pride flag pins in solidarity. Reportedly, they have been told not to wear them even though they are official Disney pins.

CEO Bob Chapek recently promised to stand up for LGBTQIA+ employees and Cast Members. At a town hall meeting just earlier today, Chapek pledged to take more aggressive action against anti-LGBT+ legislation.

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  1. Less (zero) politics in Disney would be a good thing. Employees are not paid for political activism. If a customer were to set up a political sign at the WDW park entrance they would be compelled to take it down and leave. How is that different from employees advocating politics on the job in uniform?

    Disney should not be involved in politics and employees who try to force the company to be politically activist should go work for a political organization, not an entertainment company.

    Otherwise corporations will end up influencing and even controlling politics and the very same employees, and all of us, will regret their tactics.

    The original Rollerball movie in the ‘70s gave an interesting sci-fi spin to that issue. Orwell also wrote a bit about such things.

    1. “Less politics” is the eternal cry of those who disagree with the issue at hand, but are afraid to admit it. So you hide behind the “politics” angle in hopes that you’re not forced to express your unpopular, hateful opinion. If this was all about politics, why aren’t people picketing the Hall of Presidents every day?

      But we know the answer: this isn’t a political issue. It’s a humanitarian one. Replace the words “gay” and “LGBT” with some other demographic. Would you wave aside this discrimination as a mere political stance if we were talking about Blacks, Jews, or Muslims?

  2. This in its entirety sounds like a darned if you do, darned if you don’t situation. I’m the end there will be no winners at the end of all this, just collateral damage.

  3. While I don’t fully agree with what’s going on. This is a business and a company. Their goal is to make money. I imagine this is a way to not upset both sides. It’ll upset one but you can’t make everyone happy. And at the end of the day if you don’t like how your job is treating you quit. No one’s forcing you to work there.

  4. Y’all need to understand how terrible a lot of trans and non-binary Cast Members are treated by our own co-workers and leadership team before you start spouting off about how this is unnecessary and bad for the business and xyz other excuses you come up with. LGB CMs definitely do not face the same level of hardships on such a large scale, but they definitely aren’t treated well by everyone, either.

    My management team consistently misgenders and calls me the wrong name, despite me having never used that name at work, and despite me having never used she/her pronouns at work. My leads actively do the same things. HR doesn’t really care and won’t do anything about it. It is an incredibly unwelcoming environment, and I actually AM quitting because of it, because it’s become such a nightmare and caused me so much stress and anxiety. Do y’all want to try walking in my shoes for a day? You wouldn’t last very long. Imagine you look male, but everyone calls you a girl, and calls you the wrong name, and none of them care to listen when you explain how it makes you feel, especially when they’re seemingly doing it on purpose. You can’t just keep ‘accidentally’ actively calling someone the complete wrong words and pretend like you care about them or their well being.

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