Disneyland Cast Member Maynard Retiring After 28 Years

Famous Disneyland Cast Member Maynard is retiring after 28 years at the resort to pursue creative endeavors. His final day will be April 1, 2022.

Maynard shared the news on his Facebook fan page and Chris Glass shared it on Twitter. Here is Maynard’s full announcement:

Howdy folks:

Once upon a time, I was a freelance artist (primarily cartooning sculpting, character design and humorous illustration), and in April of 1993 I was hired to create a children’s television show for a new TV station in Northern Idaho. However, the owner quickly ran out of money, so I returned to Southern California on Sunday a Greyhound bus.

Being a freelance artist had its ups and downs, and at that point it was time to take a break and do something else. So I started thinking about other types of work that might be enjoyable, and then something came to mind from years before when I attended high school. During breaks and lunches, I would wander around campus greeting students and teachers and attempt to cheer them up with silly stories, and other goofy activities. Then in my senior year, I was given the position of school mascot, otherwise referred to as ‘Spirit Leader’, a role that uniquely described what I liked to do.

But where could I find a job that would allow me the freedom to act goofy and cheer people up with silly stories? The best place that I could think of was the jungle ride in Anaheim. So, I applied for a job, and for the last 28+ years (starting date: November 14,
1993) my ‘twin brothers’ and I have enjoyed the blessings of creating happiness in different locations throughout the park for people from around the world.

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My ‘twin brothers’ and I are now looking forward to a new adventure. Our hope is that we will be able to fulfill a longtime dream of combining visual arts and humorous storytelling (illustrated children’s books, greeting cards and short videos). We will also be considering other creative opportunities, like voice-over for family-friendly productions, commercials, etc. Additionally, the resources and time otherwise spent on commuting to-and-from work will now be conserved, so theoretically there will also be more time available for painting abstracts and making other art for the gallery.

So as of April 1st (April Fools’ Day) 2022 my ‘twin brothers” and I will be retiring from the park, and moving on to other creative activities. However, even though the course of this river is changing directions, please feel free to remain seated in your kayaks, because this ride may become interesting.

My thanks to the people I’ve met along the way, the creator of that wondrous place in Anaheim, and The Big Guy Upstairs who blesses us everyday.

Will you miss seeing Maynard around the parks? Share your favorite Maynard memory with us in the comments below.

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  1. Maynard always makes everyone laugh. He will be missed, but cheers to him for pursuing fun and fulfillment. Hope he has every success.

  2. Maynard has been a staple in the parks as long as I can remember. Always a funny skipper, a creepy mansion guest gatherer and so many other places. You could often people hear people say “Hey! It’s Maynard!” and those in the know knew fun was about to ensue. I know there’s a long-standing policy that most Cast Members are part of the show, but should remain more or less in the background. Maynard was NOT that. For regulars, he brought a spontaneous magic to the ides and queues we knew so well. And for new guests – huge smiles that Disneyland was a fun and happy place. Thanks for all the laughs and smiles Maynard. Seems outlandish but I hope you get a small tribute in the park somewhere. Painted on the side of a crate in the jungle cruise, or a likeness of a pop-up ghost in the graveyard . . . something to reward you for all the magic you brought everyday.

  3. Even though I never personally met him, Tiki Maynard, Butler Maynard and Professor Maynard have been a staple of the parks throughout the years, they will be missed. It’s a shame, because from the footage I’ve seen, they really amp up the magic of their attractions!

  4. When we first got our APs nearly 28 years ago, the first thing the kids did when we went to the park was hunt for Maynard.
    At that time, Spooky-Maynard, and Skipper-Maynard were among the places we found him.
    After he left those attractions, they weren’t as exciting.
    As the kids grew, we found Maynard as a Fantasmic Bumble Bee, an Astro-Orbiter Operator, and even at the Animation Building at DCA.
    Everywhere he was, magic happened!
    The past several years now that we are mostly grown, Tiki-Maynard has dazzled us.
    Not sure how it will be at the park without having a place to find him.
    Guess we will just have to keep our eyes out!
    May God richly bless your next adventure Mayn!

  5. We absolutely LOVED Maynard in The Haunted Mansion. First thing we’d say once we got in line was, “I hope Maynard is working today!” He was so much fun, and turned it into a real experience.

    Good luck to you, Maynard! May this next chapter be everything you hope it to be.

  6. I (we) had a classmate that worked at Disneyland in 1977 his name is Robert Can all her was Chip or Dale he made our grad-night special because he came up to my now husband and I and asked if he could take a picture with us that’s our souvenir for that magical night.
    Thank You Robert

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