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Four New Coach x Walt Disney World 50th Anniversary Ear Headbands Debut at Magic Kingdom

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The new 50th anniversary Coach x Walt Disney World collection has arrived at the Magic Kingdom, and we were excited to find four new ear headbands! Each pair is dedicated to a different Disney resort around the world.

White Coach Disneyland Ear Headband – $295

white disneyland coach ears 4

Each ear headband is similar. They are leather and decorated with appliques.

The white headband has pins of flowers, a rainbow, cherries, Mickey, Mickey’s iconic red shorts, and a gold Mickey head.

white disneyland coach ears 5

It also sports patches of Donald Duck and Goofy.

white disneyland coach ears 2
white disneyland coach ears 7

It is dedicated to Disneyland, with the opening year of 1955 embroidered on the side.

white disneyland coach ears 3
white disneyland coach ears 1

Disneyland Resort and Sleeping Beauty Castle are embossed on the back of the left ear.

white disneyland coach ears 8
white disneyland coach ears 6

Coach is embossed on the left side of the ear headband.

Black Coach Walt Disney World Ear Headband – $295

black wdw coach ears 7

The black headband has some of the same pins with the addition of a red ’71 pin.

black wdw coach ears 1

Its patches feature classic 1971 Walt Disney World logos and artwork of Cinderella Castle. This one is dedicated to Walt Disney World.

black wdw coach ears 5
black wdw coach ears 8
black wdw coach ears 6

The year 1971 is embroidered in gold thread on the side of the headband.

black wdw coach ears 4
black wdw coach ears 2

The back of the ears feature the Walt Disney World logo and Cinderella Castle embossed in black.

black wdw coach ears 3
black wdw coach ears 10

The resort name and date are stamped in gold writing on the inside of the headband.

black wdw coach ears 9

Coach is embossed on the left side of the headband.

Red Coach Shanghai Disneyland Ear Headband – $295

red shanghai coach ears 7
coach ear headbands scaled

The red ear headband features the same pins of flowers, Mickey’s head, black and white Mickey, Mickey’s shorts, and a rainbow.

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red shanghai coach ears 4

There’s also a pink Minnie Mouse bow and a white glove with a matching bow on the wrist. The patches feature Minnie and Goofy.

coach ear headbands 1 scaled

It is dedicated to Shanghai Disney Resort, with its logo embossed on the back of one ear.

red shanghai coach ears 1
red shanghai coach ears 5
red shanghai coach ears 3

The opening year of 2016 is embroidered on the side.

red shanghai coach ears 6

“Shanghai Disneyland Park est. 2016″ is printed on the inside of the headband and Genuine Glovetanned Leather” in gold writing.

red shanghai coach ears 8

“Coach” is embossed down the left side of the headband.

Yellow Coach Disneyland Paris Ear Headband – $295

yellow disneyland paris 9

The last headband is yellow and features a combination of the pins and patches found on the other three headbands. Disneyland Paris inspires this one.

yellow disneyland paris 6
yellow disneyland paris 3

The Disneyland Paris version features patches of Goofy, Minnie Mouse, and Donald Duck along with pins of Mickey Mouse, flowers, and rainbows.

yellow disneyland paris 8

The opening year of 1992 is embroidered on the side.

yellow disneyland paris 1

The interior of the band reads “Disneyland Paris est. 1992” and “Genuine Glovetanned Leather in gold print.

yellow disneyland paris 7

The back left ear features an embossed Disneyland Paris logo.

yellow disneyland paris 5
yellow disneyland paris 4

Coach is embossed on the left side of the headband.

Which new Coach x Walt Disney World ear headband do you like? Let us know in the comments.

Stay tuned for a look at the full Coach x Walt Disney World collection, including bags, shoes, apparel, and more.

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