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Full Spoiler-Free Guide to the Secret Missions and Reputation System for Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Guests

One of the most unique elements of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is the level of immersion and involvement in the story. Your actions and interactions set the stage for your journey and unlock secret missions onboard the Halcyon.

But what does that mean? We just completed our first voyage on the Starcruiser and have compiled a spoiler-free guide to introduce you to the paths, missions, and reputation system.

The reputation system is one of many Starcruiser elements originally designed for Galaxy’s Edge. It fell victim to budget cuts and ended up at the Starcruiser, instead. The basic concept is that as guests make connections with crew members and participate in activities, they gain a “reputation” as a Resistance or First Order sympathizer, a smuggler, or someone who follows the will of the Force.

Don’t worry that you might accidentally pledge your allegiance to the wrong side — the missions and characters are open about the end result. You will know who you are working with.

SWGS MagicBand 2

So how does it work? It all comes down to your MagicBand and smartphone. You’ll scan your Starcruiser MagicBand at terminals around the ship to access different features, and the Datapad on the Play Disney Parks app allows the characters to communicate with you and add missions to your itinerary. They are both connected to your name and reservation, and will track what missions you have completed and which characters you have spoken to.

Read more about how to use the MagicBand and how to use the Datapad.

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Soon after boarding the ship, Cruise Director Lenka Mok will message you through the Comms in your Datapad.

swgs datapad comms

This will be your first opportunity to pledge your allegiance to the old Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire, The Force, or no side. Here are the pre-written options to select from:

  • I admire the goals of freedom and hope of the old Rebel Alliance
  • I appreciate the structure and order of the Galactic Empire
  • I don’t take sides. My allegiance can be swayed…for a price.
  • I practice patience in such matters. The Force guides me.
  • I’m not sure yet…

Your answer will set your initial reputation aboard the ship. You will still have opportunities to help any side, but this first selection will affect which characters reach out to you next.

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As characters message you throughout your journey, you will have more pre-written answers to choose from. You can agree or refuse to help them, further cementing your reputation. Most interactions with characters happen through the Datapad instead of in person.

swgs batuu rise mission 0

Any missions characters assign you are completed using your MagicBand and Datapad. Missions can be completed aboard the Halcyon and in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge during your Batuu excursion. Riding Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance and Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run are both missions that you will be sent on regardless of your allegiance. You can also ride them without completing a mission.

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Characters send you photos of what to look for and instructions on how to complete various activities. You can often ask for more instructions if you’re having trouble. Missions are then completed by tapping your MagicBand at various locations, “hacking” systems with the Datapad, and finding hidden information among the “Star Wars” sets and props.

Which characters you help affects which events you may be invited to. For example, exclusively helping the First Order means Lt. Harman Croy will give you more missions and invite you to more secret meetings. Helping both sides may mean you only get some of the First Order missions and some of the Resistance missions, but not all. You may be invited to one First Order secret meeting, but not another. Whether or not you attend these meetings will then affect your reputation further.

Not all activities aboard the Halcyon affect your reputation. For example, Sector Set is just a fun game of space bingo. If you’re less concerned with your reputation and completing missions, there are still plenty of similar activities to participate in throughout the journey.

swgs ship muster d 9

There are some events that all guests are required to attend, such as the ship muster on day one. These events have story elements incorporated, but you are not required to take action during them.

The end of the story is always the same, but your individual experience depends on all of these choices.

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