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A Guide to Sector Set — Space Bingo on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser

One of the activities on the first night of the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser is Sector Set, billed as a Halcyon-exclusive game featuring planet matching.

swgs sector set

It’s space bingo! As part of the cruise motif, several traditional cruise activities are given a “Star Wars” twist. You can join some of the crew in the Atrium to play if you’d like. The game time can be found in your itinerary on your Datapad.

swgs sector set 1

The crew members draw numbers, each one corresponding to a different planet on the galaxy map. A large map with all of the planets is on display, though we did notice that it’s not quite accurate.

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Players each have their own map that only has five of the planet numbers in each of the five sectors.

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When a number is called, you find it on the map and put a provided sticker over it. The goal is to get all five planets in one “sector.”

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Sector Set isn’t part of the storyline and certainly isn’t as exciting as Lightsaber Training, but it’s a cute activity that takes place when there isn’t much going on around the ship. Kids especially may enjoy it.

Will you be playing this on your Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser voyage? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Alright, the SW geek in me is requiring me to point out the errors on Tom’s map.

    Where Takodana is shown on Tom’s map, is roughly between Tython and Byss. It should be closer to where #58 is on the map.

    Where Skako is shown on the map isn’t really where any major planets are (roughly K-8 on the coordinate grid). It actually is in L-9, which is a little bit closer to #4 than #13 is.

    The closest known planet to where N’Zoth is shown on the map is Jakku. N’Zoth should be north of where #4 is on the map.

    Fex doesn’t have an official coordinates, so I’m not sure where it should be. However, it is a moon, not a planet. For fun, where it’s shown on the map is roughly where Alderaan is (was? or too soon?).

    Byss, as mentioned already, should also be around where #4 is. Just south of it. Hosnian Prime is close to where it’s shown on the map.

    The closest planet to where Ithor is shown on Tom’s Map is Mortis or Dantooine (depending on the scale). Ithor should be east of #22.

    Dantooine, as I mentioned, is around where #19 is (or south of that). Basically, they swapped the two planets.

    Where Florrum is shown on the map isn’t close to any major planets, probably around N-3. It should be in R-5, which is where #28 is.

    Abafar does not have official coordinates, so I can’t place where it’s supposed to be. However, it is listed as Outer Rim, along with most of the other planets in this area, so it might be right (only Dantooine and Catonica are listed as New Territories, along with Ithor, but Ithor is Mid Rim and New Territories).

    Where the map shows Catonica is actually around where Mon Cala and Lothal are. It also doesn’t have actual coordinates, so not sure where it should be.

    Where Rodia is shown on the map is around where Mimban is. Rodia is actually around where #39 is on the map (fun fact, it’s actually relatively close to Tatooine).

    Nal Hutta is actually fairly close to where it should be. That little box between #34 and #37? That’s basically where it is.

    Mon Cala, as I already said, is where Catonica (#30) is. Which means, according to the Starcruiser map, it’s not even in the right sector!

    Where Moraband is on the map, there really aren’t any major planets. You know where it should be? Right near Florrum. Again, in a completely other sector!

    Where Teth is shown on the map is roughly where Dagobah and Utapau are. Teth, being actually in Wild Space, is a bit further out than #37.

    So, if Dagobah is around where #45 is… why are they putting it on the complete different side of the map (West vs South-Southeast)? Closest thing to where they show it on the map is Ahch-To. And even then, it’s way further west.

    And you know where Sullust is? 2 map coordinates north of Dagobah (so just north of the box above #45). The map places it at Ahch-To.

    Hoth is shown on the map out where there’s no major planets. It should be a bit north of #60.

    Pantora is shown near Takodana and Endor. It should be out east of #45, yet another in the completely wrong sector.

    Polis Masa is the closest planet to where Vondarc is shown. Vondarc is north of Sullust, around where #43 is.

    Batuu is shown way up near the north of the map. Nothing is up in that region, though a bit south of it is Exegol, Ilum, and Csilla. Two of which are ice planets, and I’m not sure they could even simulate that in Florida or California. Batuu should be a bit north of Endor, in the area of #52.

    Cerea, is shown kinda west of Csilla (that’s where Thrawn is from, btw). Cerea should be east of Endor.

    Codia is around where Jedha is. It’s actually about 10 minutes in hyperspace from Batuu.

    For all I know, Moki could be in the right place. Why do I say that? Because Wookieepedia (the Star Wars fan wiki) doesn’t recognize the name. So this may be the first mention of it.

    And, finally, Pacara. Nothing remotely close to where it is on the map. Pacara should be north of Batuu.

    Okay, I’m done being a geek.

  2. Is there a prize for winning, or is this just a time filler? It seems it would be more fun if the winner got something, even simple like a pin or t-shirt or free drink in the bar…

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