merchandise roundup 3.16.22

Merchandise Roundup 03/16/22: New Mugs, Magnets, Home Decor, Mickey Bath Set, and More

Welcome to the merchandise roundup for March 15, 2022! Each new day brings new merchandise to Walt Disney World, and we know you don’t want to miss a thing, so we gather new releases here. Today we visited Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Disney’s Old Key West Resort; let’s look at our discoveries.

Boba Fett Mug – $19.99

wdw mugs 1

In the Emporium we found this new mug inspired by Boba Fett.

wdw mugs 5

It’s green, with some of the symbols and elements from Boba’s costume.

wdw mugs 3
wdw mugs 4
wdw mugs 0

The inside is red, with Boba’s Mythosaur skull symbol at the bottom.

“Never too old for fairytales” Mug – $14.99

wdw mugs 15

Also in the Emporium was this mug featuring Tinker Bell.

wdw mugs 16

It reads “Never too old for fairytales,” with the first four letters in gold script and “fairytales” in rainbow block letters.

wdw mugs 18
wdw mugs 17

The outside is white and the inside is light green.

“Cars” Travel Art Set – $29.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 11

This “Cars”-inspired art set includes 10 crayons, 10 oil pastels, a pencil, a pencil sharpener, notebook paper, a magic water book, a magic water pen, a dry erase notebook, 10 dry erase markers, and two sticker sheets.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 12
merchandise roundup 03.16.22 10

It was also in the Emporium.

“Love” Mug – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 0

This mug is a shiny pink, and reads “Love” in white script.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 1

The “o” is replaced with a Mickey head.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 2
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 4

This was in Star Traders at Magic Kingdom.

Ariel MaDe Phone Case – $29.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 17

This customizable phone case featuring Ariel was in the MaDe kiosks at Tomorrowland Light & Power Co.

Ariel MaDe Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 16

The same design is available on a magnet.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 8

Speaking of magnets, there were also two new die-cut magnets at the store.

“it’s a small world” Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 19

The “it’s a small world” magnet is available in the kiosk or pre-packaged.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 12

This magnet has a pink background and reads “a world of love!”

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 10

Mickey and Minnie are featured in a boat passing by figures and buildings from “it’s a small world.”

“it’s a small world” MaDe Phone Case – $29.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 20

The same design is available as a customizable phone case in the MaDe kiosks.

Mickey Mouse Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 11

This green magnet has Mickey in a TV studio.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 14

His shadow is Walt Disney wearing a Mickey ear hat.

“The Hunchback of Notre Dame” Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 5

This magnet features characters from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 7

The humans are small wooden figurines, just like Quasimodo’s toys.

Kingdom Hearts Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 14

This magnet features the main characters from Kingdom Hearts.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 15

Sensory-Friendly “Frozen” Youth Tee – $24.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 19

This purple tee features Elsa and reads “Snow Queen Elsa” on one side.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 17

It is sensory-friendly, meaning the seams are flat and the tags tear away.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 20
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 16

Anna is on the other side of the shirt with autumn leaves and the words “Queen of Arendelle.”

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 15

“Frozen” Youth Tee – $29.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 24

This tee is lined with ruffles.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 26

It features the outlines of Anna and Elsa in blue, with patches of purple and pink coloring.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 21
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 25
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 22

All three “Frozen” shirts were at Sir Mickey’s.

Winter Plates – $14.99 each

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 28

We found these new white and golden plates in Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe at Magic Kingdom.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 33
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 32

This one features Minnie and Mickey kissing in front of Cinderella Castle.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 29
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 34

This one has Tinker Bell with some snowflakes.

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merchandise roundup 03.15.22 31
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 40

This plate has Bambi and Thumber, surrounded by leaves, snowflakes, and a pine cone.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 41
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 36
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 39
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 43

Finally, Chip and Dale are collecting acorns on this plate.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 42

Winter Mug – $19.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 48

This mug matches the plates. It’s white with a golden handle. Mickey’s silhouette is in gold, surrounded by leaves and snowflakes, on one side.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 44
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 45

Minnie is on the other side with trees and snowflakes above her.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 50
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 46
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 51
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 49
merchandise roundup 03.15.22 53

In Frontier Trading Post, we found more “Encanto” magnets. These designs are also available in MaDe kiosks.

“Encanto” Isabela Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 52

This purple magnet features Isabela and her name, with plenty of flowers.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 58

“Encanto” Mirabel Magnet – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 56

Mirabel features her and her name on a teal background, with colorful imagery from her embroidery.

merchandise roundup 03.15.22 57

Mickey and Friends Bath Set – $24.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 2

Kids can play with this bath set of Mickey and friends toys available at Curtain Call Collectibles.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 1
merchandise roundup 03.16.22 4

They come in a pitcher bucket with holes in the lid.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 5

There are toys of Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Goofy, and Pluto.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 6
merchandise roundup 03.16.22 7
merchandise roundup 03.16.22 8
merchandise roundup 03.16.22

Over at Disney’s Old Key West Resort, we found this matching bag and mug in Conch Flats General Store.

Old Key West Mug – $14.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 21

The mug has a blue and green palm leaf design over a white background. One side features a white and red lighthouse.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 22

The other side features Minnie and Mickey in beachy outfits.

Old Key West Tote – $64.99

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 29

The fabric of this bag has the same blue and green leafy pattern.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 27

The lighthouse and resort logo are on one side.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 24

It has a woven basket bottom.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 26
merchandise roundup 03.16.22 25

It includes a red flower bag charm.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 28

The handles are white rope.

merchandise roundup 03.16.22 30

Marie Socks – $14.99

Over at Les Halles in EPCOT, we found the most purr-fect socks.

marie socks 3
marie socks 4

The socks are gray with magenta pink stripes that give more of a Cheshire Cat vibe. But an image of Marie is at the top of the socks.

marie socks 5

A light pink bow is attached atop Marie’s head.

marie socks 6
marie socks 7
marie socks 8
marie socks 9

Youth Grogu Cap – $39.99

At the Emporium in Magic Kingdom, we saw this new Grogu baseball cap for kids.

grogu cap 3
grogu cap 4

The hat is light green with Grogu’s face on it.

grogu cap 5

And his large green furry ears protrude out of the sides of the hat.

grogu cap 6

It has the Walt Disney World logo on the back in black. And there is an adjustable strap.

grogu cap 7
grogu cap 8

Mickey Jar – $24.99

We also spotted this Mickey jar.

home jar 3

The jar is white with small black Mickey heads all around it.

home jar 4

It is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

home jar 5

This jar would be perfect as part of your home decor.

home jar 7
home jar 6

It has a wooden lid with a Mickey head-shaped handle.

home jar 8

Will you be picking up any of these new items? Let us know in the comments!

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