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REVIEW: New DOLE Whip Flight, Habanero Lime DOLE Whip Nachos, & Sangria Float from Swirls on the Water at Disney Springs

Today, at the brand new Swirls on the Water location at Disney Springs, we got a chance to try a DOLE Whip Flight, DOLE Whip Nachos, and a Sangria Float.

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Dole Whip Flight – $6.49

Tasty treat featuring 3 of our DOLE Whip flavors

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The flight is great for someone who wants options or to try something new.

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The pineapple and vanilla swirl is your classic pineapple DOLE Whip and vanilla soft serve. You can’t go wrong with this combo!

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The sweetness of the pineapple pairs well with the smoothness of the vanilla. This one is served with a pineapple wedge.

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The lemon and cookie dough flavor work together surprisingly well. We reviewed this flavor combination in the Celebration Cone here.

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This one has a sugar cookie Mickey on top. The cookie is cute but nothing special.

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The habanero is another interesting flavor. Combined with lime DOLE Whip, it’s sweet with some heat. It’s also topped with tajin spice and a lime.

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The spice level is manageable and the lime cuts it with a welcome hint of tart. The tajin gives you an extra kick.

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The price is crazy good for what you get, but eat them fast because it gets messy!

DOLE Whip Habanero Lime Nachos – $8.99

Waffle cone chips topped with DOLE Whip Lime and Habanero soft-serve, mango boba pearls, spice, raspberry sauce and whipped cream

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The waffle cone is chewy but tasty. Ours was either stale or not cooked all the way.

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The chips didn’t break in the center, but the edges are crisp on some of them.

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The center is the lime and habanero DOLE Whip flavors twisted together (see above under DOLE Whip Flight) with whipped cream.

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It’s topped with raspberry sauce, which counters the spicy sweetness of the soft serve.

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The boba pearls are the juice-filled kind that pop when you bite into them, and the mango flavor comes through for sure.

dole whip habanero nachos 7

Overall, the spice and sweet balance here for a good mix if want to test the waters with something a little spicy.

Sangria Float – $10.99

DOLE Whip Pineapple served over a Red Wine Sangria

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The pineapple is almost too sweet for the flavor profile of the red sangria. The pineapple imparts a weird tart aftertaste that’s almost sour.

red wine sangria float 7

They are both fine on their own. The sangria by itself is just a regular sangria, but you can definitely taste the wine, so it’s not watered down.

red wine sangria float 5

There are pineapple pieces in the sangria as well, but I’m not sure it’s doing the drink any favors.

red wine sangria float 6

With the DOLE Whip floating on top, as soon as it starts to melt, it causes the cup to run over.

red wine sangria float 1

It’s not terrible, but every so often you get hits of pineapple flavor. We are not really sure how we feel about it.

red wine sangria float 2

We think we’d prefer to have these two treats on their own rather than combined together.

Which of these are you eager to try? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I bet the sangria float would taste better with a peach or white wine sangria instead. I’d definitely be down for the float sampler though!

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