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Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show Permanently Closed at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Cast Members of Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort have been told that the Spirit of Aloha dinner show is closed permanently.

Spirit of Aloha closed in March 2020 with the rest of Walt Disney World Resort due to COVID-19 and never reopened. It has been rumored since last year that the show would never return but the rumors were not confirmed until now.

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It was also just announced that new Disney Vacation Club villas will be built at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort, and scheduled to open in late 2024. The Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show was cancelled in order to make room for the new villas.

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    1. I would love to be a fly on the wall at Disney conferences and meetings, This decision among many others are all politically enacted.I have been going to Disney world since 1971 and what a different experience it is now. Does not even come close to what it used to be.The begining of the end for the most magical place on earth.The will need to replace that sign also.

  1. Who ever decided to close the Luau needs to find a new brain the Luau was a guest favorite & I worked it a few times my distant cousin Walt would not be happy! This idea needs to be re- thought!

  2. My wife kids and grandchildren all enjoyed the Luau. Never cared about the cost. We’ve been to Hawaii and the Luau at the polynesian is better.

  3. So sad! We were supposed to see when the Covid shutdowns happened and will no longer be able to see it. Haven’t seen it for 22 years now and we couldn’t wait to go. All the magic is disappearing from Disney now. Reconsidering our trip now.

  4. ok lets see sell a few dinners or fill the hundred or so rooms in the dvc villas??? hmm wonder which makes the most money? that show was outdated and the building was falling apart last time I went. I wont miss it.

  5. Another reason not to go to WDW. I hope they make a lot of money by providing hotels and six-flag worthy entertainment. It won’t be my money. I am planning to dumping my Disney stock, a move I never thought I would ever consider.

  6. Wow, Disney can’t kill the magic any faster, can they?!?!? I am truly at a loss for words on this one. They are killing every little detail/offering that made Disney uniquely Disney. After my Nov 2022 trip, I will never go back. Disgusting.

  7. What are the powers that be are thinking??????????????????? The Spirit of Aloha could and should be included in the renovations of the Polynesian Village Resort. The Luau will always be part of the Hawaiian culture. I understand that sometime change is necessary but don’t change the great history that the Polynesian people have.
    This is one great error on the part of the Powers that Be.

  8. Death by a thousand little cuts. Can’t even get excited to go anymore. So many fond memories but I think I’ll start taking my dollars elsewhere

  9. This is so sad! My 10 year old niece has been so excited about being at this luau when we visit in November. I agree with the previous comments, Disney is removing the magic little by little, especially for people who can’t travel to Hawaii and exotic places represented at the park and resort hotels. And the 4D “rides” that are replacing existing attractions are cheap, nauseating replacements for the thrill rides of yesteryear.

  10. I’m shocked they didn’t just have the characters cheaply rebrand and then advertise it as something new like they do with all the latest rides.

  11. The luau has been around for several decades now and was great when it first opened up. I have been several times and really never disappointed. However I know things need to change but NOT to replace this venue with a vacation club.
    Visitors to Florida and even Floridians like outside dining and the luau was a great outdoor dining/show experience.
    Your now CEO of Disney and who ever else are making some very bad calls lately this being one of them but it looks like this is a done deal.
    Another very SAD DAY in Disney history how much more.

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