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RUMOR: Disney Has No Plans to Bring Back Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort

Like many live shows, Disney’s Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show at Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has not performed since March 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s now rumored that the experience will never return.

Sources indicate that management has decided the show is not worth bringing back at any point in the near future. The profit margins were reportedly not high enough to warrant its return.

There has been no news regarding Spirit of Aloha since the closure. The show was an “enchanting luau with Polynesian dancing and an all-you-care-to-enjoy, family-style feast.”

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Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort has been undergoing a major refurbishment for the past year and ‘Ohana only recently reopened.

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    1. I belonged to one of many halaus who provided free entertainment in the lobby of the polynesian. The dinner show sets the polynesian apart. Big mistake removing it.

  1. Disney has gotten rid of live entertainment throughout this year. People were crying because they got rid of the orchestra in Grand Floridian. Disney is cutting entertainment to preserve executive bonuses or to give money to Gavin Newsom (which is like throwing money in an incinerator). What they are not seeing is that their entertainment options made them unique. They are probably planning to flatten the show and build cottages for the whales (the 1%) that spend a lot of money on property.

  2. Disney’s definition of not making enough money has always been hilarious. Another guest experience disappearing. Nobody asked for this, but then nobody asked for Genie + either.

  3. Premium real estate for a new spa nobody asked for? Please let this stay a rumor – this luau is a longstanding family tradition.

  4. That, though very expensive was absolutely amazing. My granddaughters were brought up on stage and they still talk about today. I’ve been to Hawaii and the Disney Luau experience was better than the Luau in Hawaii. Too bad it’s about money. Maybe we should take a collection up for Disney. 18 trips to Disney with all my grandchildren and I may never go again.

  5. This would be so disappointing for the performers, as well as the guests. Not only would they continue to stay jobless, but they were so proud that their culture was being portrayed in such an inclusive environment. Down to the details in the costumes, absolutely everything about the show was authentic. The head of accessories had to inspect every costume alteration before it went out, and took great care showing performers how to properly wear their costumes. There was a special way of wrapping the pants, and she was so proud to educate her listeners. Just goes to show Disney is all word and no action…they claim to be more inclusive, yet exclude the inclusion.

    1. This just seems to fit so well into the Poly theme. Update if you need to, but yes keep these traditions both from the performers as well as the families that have attended over 50 years. (Luau Cove was there at the beginning correct ?)

    2. what makes an “enviroment” inclusive? pandering to a vocal miority while demanding the majority pay even more? i never saw where disney excludeded anyone. except recently that is. i bet you think inclusivity does not come at a price, do you? just another example of the prog-lib mindset.

  6. To me this was the ‘fine dining’ experience for a deluxe level resort. I’ve loved this show ever since I was a kid. Our last visit was in November of 2019, I’ve still been keeping up on all the changes and penny pinching and have to say, I really don’t have much desire to go back at this point. But I am excited to book a Universal Studios trip!

  7. Well no need to go there ever again. The only reason my family ever went and stayed at the Polynesian was to go too the luau. It was good times.

  8. At some point, how will we even recognize it is Walt Disney World and all that it offered from, oh I don’t know, going to the local strip mall?

  9. Another Bob Cheapek descision. Waiting to hear them announce the end of Shades of Green and Make-a-wish cuz it takes money from shareholders. Worst CEO ever!

  10. That dinner show wasn’t making enough money? Really? Couldn’t Disney just charge more? I thought it was popular, but maybe I’m wrong.

  11. I guess the dinner show will go the way of Disney Quest, and the replacement will be just like the NBA experience.

  12. Why the heck are they thinking? If you take away the things that make you special then nobody is special and I’ll have no reason to spend money on your product. I’ll go wherever is cheapest and closest and that isn’t you cheapek. Good work guys. #firechapek

  13. This rumor makes my heart hurt, deeply, inside. Why, on Earth, are we living our lives, only to accommodate people who live in fear? If some guests think Spirit of Aloha is unsafe, it’s simple. They should stay home, or go elsewhere.

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