PHOTOS: Br’er Rabbit Bronze Statue Removed From Hub at the Magic Kingdom

While no official closure date for Splash Mountain has been announced for the Magic Kingdom, it seems one of its characters is already losing representation in the park.


The bronze Br’er Rabbit statue has been removed from the park’s Hub, where a number of Disney characters have been immortalized.


The film the character comes from, Song of the South, has been decried by many over accusations of racist depictions of the African-American community. Splash Mountain, also based on the film, is being re-themed to The Princess and the Frog.

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Yo u can see the now-retired statue above.


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  1. hey, i just noticed something, the stage is finished, but there’s nothing else in it. they’ve only done the floor, why hasn’t Disney done anything else to the castle stage?

  2. I’m surprised they didn’t remove it when they took all the music out. Nothing like erasing the past to make things right. 🙄

    1. Jeez, you’d think they took down the statue of a Confederate soldier or something.

  3. Disney corp behavior over the past month with the extreme price increases, the constant cutting of things like free passes for poor children, fast pass, magical express, and there lobbying in Washington DC to prevent having to pay their fair share of taxes on the huge profits they make off their movies and their parks. Disney greed is destroying the happy place so many of us count on to Make it through life.

    1. Gavin Newsome cost them millions and yet they gave to his campaign to fight off the recall. They are difficult to understand. I agree Disney is greedy, but why give money to that loser?

    2. Disney doesn’t want the average person to be it’s customers. They figured that they can squeeze more money out of their richer customers and make money and at the same time. It’s going to bite them in the butt of course, but they seem to have to learn the hard way.

    3. Disney Corp.
      stand up for yourself not politics!
      I’m done with. Coke.and delta! And I sure the list will keep growing.

  4. This is stupid. Not everybody even wants Splash Mountain to change you can tell that by the long wait times. Splash Mountain merch is in high demand. Disney you will never make the woke happy, because they are always looking for something to complain about. In the end, you will have nothing.

  5. So sad. Glad we got one last picture this past December. Even though the kids had to wear a mask outside🙄. We’ll never see those characters out and about again either unfortunately. Wish this would change but I keep losing hope everyday.

  6. Oh yeah we must remove that bad little rabbit. The movie is of a certain time, but is not racist. The ride is not racist and that little rabbit is not racist. Disney keeps getting it wrong.

  7. OMG!!!! Just close the parks and wait for THE people to hand out the book on what part of history we are suppose to remember,learn or just tear it down and throw it away. People wake up! A damn rabbit!!

  8. As a black individual, every time I saw this statue I was reminded of oppression and unhappy thoughts… NOT

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