Unboxing The Exclusive Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Legacy Lightsaber Hilt

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The Chandrila Collection gift shop on the Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser has a huge line of exclusive merchandise, including a new Legacy Lightsaber hilt.

Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Legacy Lightsaber Hilt – $170

swgs lightsaber hilt 12

The Legacy Lightsaber hilt comes in a black case with the Chandrila Star Line logo in blue and silver on the front.

swgs lightsaber hilt 14
swgs lightsaber hilt 6

Inside is the hilt and charms of the Aurebesh alphabet.

swgs lightsaber hilt 13

You can use the charms to customize your lightsaber.

swgs lightsaber hilt 5

There’s a spot on the hilt to attach one of the letters.

swgs lightsaber hilt 9

Unlike other Legacy Lightsabers, this hilt isn’t inspired by a particular character but instead by the training sabers used on the ship.

swgs lightsaber hilt 1

It is silver with a red button and black handle.

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swgs lightsaber hilt 2

There are stripes pressed into the metal.

swgs lightsaber hilt 7
swgs lightsaber hilt 11
swgs lightsaber hilt

The Chandrila Star Line logo is in black on the bottom of the hilt.

swgs lightsaber hilt 3

Here’s what it looks like with a blade attached. It lights up blue.

swgs lightsaber hilt 4

Watch our unboxing of this Legacy Lightsaber hilt and the ship’s exclusive shield.

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