U.S. Travel Association Urges White House to Lift COVID-19 Travel Restrictions Including Mask Mandate by April 18

The U.S. Travel Association is urging the White House to lift COVID-19 travel restrictions, including mask mandates on airplanes and other transit.

The association sent a letter to Dr. Ashish Jha, the incoming White House COVID-19 response coordinator. They called for the immediate end to pre-departure testing requirements for fully vaccinated international visitors. They called for the end of the mask mandate by April 18 — the most recent extension of the mask requirement — or a plan and timeline to repeal the mask mandate within 90 days.

U.S. Travel Chief Executive Roger Dow wrote, “It makes little sense to keep the pre-departure testing requirement in place for inbound air travelers when the U.S. government does not require negative tests at U.S-Canada and U.S.-Mexico land border points of entry.”

They would also like the Biden Administration to avoid future travel bans from specific countries and for the CDC to end “avoid travel” advisories for fully vaccinated individuals.

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Because of the travel restrictions, Walt Disney World and Disneyland Resort guests are currently required to wear masks on enclosed transportation, including Monorails and buses. Masks are optional on the Disney Skyliner.

Mask mandates for outdoor spaces ended last spring at both resorts, while mandatory indoor masking ended in February.

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  1. Long overdue as with the other senseless restrictions. A recent panel of US airline CEOs told the US government in a hearing that cabin air on a commercial airplane is cleaner and cycled more often/thoroughly than in any indoor space. So, why the continued mask mandate? (Hint: control.)

  2. Totally agree Prince! It’s got to be control – pushed by corporate attorneys who know that the absolute slowest return to normal paints the best picture of how seriously WDW took Covid (regardless of facts!) Inasmuch, they’ve preemptively set themselves up for a strong arguing point in the one in a million case where some idiot would sue WDW for catching their runny nose while on vacation! It sets WDW up well to say in court, ‘How can you say that? We took the absolute most precautions possible!’ Like so many things… we’ve turned into a country that makes all kinds of rules and laws that apply to (grossly inconvenience and remove liberty from)ALL, to protect us from the teeny percentage of litigious folks, therein, slowly ruining our country. LOSE THE MASK NONSENSE MICKEY! IT’S LONG OVERDUE!

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