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BREAKING: Face Masks Optional at Walt Disney World Starting February 17

Face masks will be optional for fully vaccinated guests at Walt Disney World Resort starting February 17 at both indoor and outdoor locations.

All guests will be required to wear masks on Disney transportation, including the monorail.

Guests who are not vaccinated are expected to wear face masks inside.

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Face masks were briefly optional everywhere except transportation last summer. They were then required indoors and on attractions again but have been optional in all outdoor areas since August.

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  1. I am sure 100% of those not wearing masks are fully vaccinated and not lying just so they can go to an amusement park. If you’re afraid of getting a shot, stay home.

  2. Can you correct the headline to say for Fully Vaccinated Guests please? Otherwise this is inaccurate

  3. The government’s mask rules for transportation is up for renewal or to let it lapse March 13th. Who knows, masks could be removed from Disney transportation too. However, with the mask rules in place for planes I’m nervous they’ll keep it in place just for the airline industry but everyone else would be included based on current rules.

  4. You should 100% update the title to clearly state vaccinated masks are optional and required for unvaccinated per Disney. This is misleading and reckless. Why you are at it adjust the Disneyland one too.

  5. Very bad news for all the covidiot Karen’s out there LOL. Now they won’t be able to yell at people for not wearing masks anymore. No more power trip for them.

  6. Disney is expecting people to use the “honor system” on mask wearing? Do you think that someone who is again the vaccine wants to wear a mask? I do not think so. I will continue to wear a mask in crowded places.

    1. …and that is your right to do so. Just don’t force others to share in your same viewpoint or practice. “Science” and common sense has indicated otherwise, and it it time MOVE ON from the COVID nonsense.

      1. oh please. the scientists have informed people like this that only an n95 mask is protective. asking the feeble minded to follow the science and use common sense is completely lost on those like joseph. they prefer their fear rule over your freedom.

  7. and as we have found out recently, if it is not an n95 mask, it is worthless! so why bother?

  8. ITS ABOUT DAM TIME!!!! People WAKE UP!!!! Masks are useless! It’s been a test and you all failed! The government and media got you all scared for nothing. Have faith in Jesus!!!!

  9. This is long overdue. LONG overdue. It’s past the time to stop telling people what they all must do, and time to tell people ‘do whatever you think is right for you.’ Duh!

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