Walt Disney World Cast Members Among Those Arrested in Prostitution, Human Trafficking, Child Predator Sting

WESH Orlando reports that Walt Disney World Cast Members were among more than 100 people arrested in a prostitution, human trafficking, and child predator sting.

Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd said that 108 people were arrested. Along with some Disney Cast Members was at least one man who works at Fun Spot America, another Orlando theme park.

Judd identified one of the suspects as 27-year-old Xavier Jackson from Kissimmee. He is accused of sending sexual pictures to what he thought was a 14-year-old girl.

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“Did I mention that he just happens to be a lifeguard at the Polynesian Resort for Disney?” Judd said. “You think there’s a few children around there? That’s right, I didn’t stutter. He was a lifeguard at the Polynesian Resort. And was bragging about that.”

Most of the arrests were for soliciting a prostitute. Polk County detectives, with other agencies, identified prostitutes who posted advertisements online and the people searching for those prostitutes. The oldest person arrested was 67, while the youngest was 17. They arrested one woman for trafficking another woman. The investigation is still ongoing and suspects could face more charges.

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  1. Once again, Disney cast members need to find other income methods, this time due to the closing of the Polynesian Luau.

    1. what kind of mental gymnastics are you trying to do to justify Disney closing a Luau to human trafficking is the only way to make income?

    2. I worked for Disneyland. Yeah the wages suck, but most of us got along just fine without resorting to illicit activities of any kind let alone human trafficking and pedophilia. I got a raise every 3 months, to boot. My union was amazing. I was able to pick up shifts all the time and essentially I could work as much as I wanted. Notto mention, it remains my favorite work experience. Yes, I WOULD work there again if I lived close enough.


    3. I’m certain, that Disney is well aware of the risk of potential predators. They screen employees extensively. This is a major international company. Impossible to predict a person’s personal behavior. I’d like to see what Amazons employee criminal history looks like. Or UPS or Fedx.

  2. How can some of you blame a huge corporation with over 75,000 employees, for the actions they take? It’s easy to blame others though. It’s awful for what those sick people did and I’m definitely not condoning what they did. They should get the harshest penalty possible for what they’ve done!

  3. Does Disney even do background checks? They need better screening. This is happening WAY too often at Disney. Sick.

  4. What about the other 107 offenders. A brief mention about another person who works at Fun Spot America, by the way whose name is not published. Then a general age range for everyone else. Really if you’re gonna name one, then name them all, fair is fair.

  5. This is certainly not the first time CMs were arrested for this sort of deviant behavior. Makes me wonder what kind of background/screening Disney is really doing for new hires? Or if they even care? As a parent of small children, I care a hell of a lot!!

  6. This only reinforces that predators are attracted to those professions that give them better access to their victims. Organizations like Disney have ways to weed out the bad ones, but sometimes they get through, same as any organization.

  7. You never truly know who your hiring. I doubt they were like ‘ooo a pedo…let’s hire him!’ For real people.

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