jungle cruise rescue
Image Source: Livin' LaFever Loca on Youtube

Jungle Cruise Boat Breaks Down, Leaves Guests Stuck in Darkness at Magic Kingdom

One of our readers shared their story of a unique ride evacuation and rescue at the World Famous Jungle Cruise in Magic Kingdom.

Adventureland got a bit more adventurous last night for the LaFever family. Dad James tells us the family decided to take one more quick ride on the World Famous Jungle Cruise before leaving the Magic Kingdom for the night.

Midway through the pun-filled excursion, a loud sound started coming from the back of the boat.

“As we got going there was a loud noise coming from the back of the boat, almost sounded like a high pitched electrical feedback coming through the speakers,” LaFever explained.

Their Skipper, Gracie, shut down the boat and calmly alerted the guests this was protocol for any out-of-the-ordinary noise.

jungle cruise rescue skipper
Image Source: Livin’ LaFever Loca on Youtube

Shutting down the boat also shut off the lights, and the boat was stopped directly behind the backside of water!

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According to LaFever, “Initially some of the folks were freaked out, especially the little ones, but our Skipper, Gracie did a great job of lightening up the mood.”

Shoutout to Gracie for keeping things cool under pressure. We are really glad she didn’t have to be anyone’s swimming instructor.

jungle cruise rescue
Image Source: Livin’ LaFever Loca on Youtube

LaFever continued, ” A boat approached from behind us and shined some lights for us until a rescue boat backed up the river all the way to us from the dock and tied on. Definitely the craziest breakdown we’ve experienced this trip.” 

You can see the daring, slow-paced Jungle Cruise rescue here:

What’s the most exciting ride evacuation you’ve experienced? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Clearly Disney is a company in disorganized chaos. Top managers are focused on shoving their radical leftist political agenda down the throats of their customers while their rides are breaking down and folks are passing out in lines that are a mile long. It’s a disgusting situation.

  2. That is so cool. Disney Cast members are wonderful. I like how they were towed in and got to continue their jungle Cruise, no evacuations. Great that they didn’t sink.

  3. Don’t think I didn’t notice the Donde esta maintenance remark! #carouselofproducts

  4. We are going next week, and our reservation on Jungle Cruise was cancelled (they gave us a pass for any other ride to make up for it). It sounds like there is a bigger issue?

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