Lin-Manuel Miranda Claims Imagineers Are Currently Developing an Encanto Attraction for Disney Parks

Lin-Manuel Miranda, who wrote the original songs of “Encanto,” says Imagineers are developing an attraction based on the wildly successful film.

Miranda told Insider on the red carpet of the Hispanic Federation’s annual gala that he wants to see a ride before a sequel or show. He doesn’t know any details about the potential ride but said, “The Imagineers are on it.”

“I don’t know what they do or where they live,” he said, “but I know they’re on it.”

Back in February, Miranda said he had pitched the idea of an “Encanto” ride to Disney CEO Bob Chapek.

At this time, no “Encanto” attraction has been announced, though it is rumored to take over the former Tarzan’s Treehouse at Disneyland.

What kind of “Encanto” attraction would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I want to see an animal kingdom experience because of all the ties the family has with nature in both flaura and fauna. Maybe a ‘design your room’ where you can do certain templates. Even a tie in to Legos where y you can get a kit to build your room. Antonio can translate for animals in a show. Then I want a hotel where you stay in the Casita. They put all that money into a star wars hotel, then it’s nothing to have the Casita with a glow on your door, moving things like telling the Casita to do certain commands like show a “view on your window” so looks like you’re on main Street headed for the castle day or night. Or different parks around the world such as Disneyland Paris. All those are basic computer commands that we do already with smartphones and all so Disney can up this into a wonderful experience. However unlike the Star wars hotel, this is a hotel, you’re not meant to be in there and do nothing else with the rest of Disney world.

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