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REVIEW: Toad Hall Restaurant Makes a Triumphant Return to Disneyland Paris with New Vegan Fish Dish and Unusual Mr. Toad Dessert

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We’re celebrating the 30th anniversary of Disneyland Paris, and of course, we had to stop into the newly reopened Toad Hall Restaurant. Especially for fans of classic Disney, the ambiance is a can’t-miss experience. So let’s head on in and check out this returning classic!

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The exquisite exterior brings to mind Toad Hall from the “The Wind in the Willows.”


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The ornately decorated interior begins with a simple passageway into Mr. Toad’s home.

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Dining areas evoke the regal English countryside manor feel. Paintings hang on the walls to show off Toad’s exploits, while small Toad-sized suits of armor dot the area.

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Ratty and Moley also make an appearance in his paintings. The wallpaper in this room even has a Mr. Toad pattern!

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Other seating areas continue to stuff details in every nook and cranny, as Disneyland Paris is known for.

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The order area follows more of a cellar look, with arches separating each order line.

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Fish and Chips – 12€ ($13)

Served with Tartar or Ketchup

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This dish was reworked with a new recipe, which amounts to a new, doughier batter. There is less crunch than before, but it’s just as good, if not better now. The fish is of good quality, and the portion size is tremendous. It, of course, is served with “chips,” or what we would call steak fries in the US. The fries are well cooked, but they could use a little salt or malt vinegar to season them. The plate comes with ketchup or tartar sauce upon request.

Pane Vegan & Chips – 12€ ($13)

Breaded vegan soy protein “fish” and chips served with Tartar-style vegan sauce

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The vegan offering is a fish substitute that probably would fool some of you if they didn’t tell you what it was. It indeed tastes like a lower-quality white fish with a very crispy fried exterior. We also ordered it with the vegan tartar sauce, which complemented it quite well. The delicious fries are included with this dish, too.

Le Roule de Mr. Toad – 4€ ($4.33)

Kiri Cheese Genoise

Based on our experience with the Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary Mr. Toad offerings, we were excited for this, but it ended up being one of the oddest desserts we’ve ever had. It was a soft, smooth cheese (lacking the sweetness you might have expected) and mixed with a red cake. The combination is odd, at least from an American perspective; it didn’t work for us. At least it’s cute.

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Toad Hall Restaurant is one of the coolest spaces for a Disney fan to dine in. It is as if you are dining in the famous amphibian’s regal home, and the details reflect that. The recently added themed newspaper sheets that come with the entrees add another layer of detail. We even asked for some clean extras to take home as a souvenir, and the Cast Members were more than happy to provide them.

Would you dine at the Toad Hall Restaurant now that it’s reopened? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. The old themed sheets were general newspaper clippings, the new Toad themed sheets fit so much better!
    Love them!!!

    We used to dine there all the time, but the restaurant is just too small for crowded days.

    Still, something else than a burger or generic steam-cooked food is always welcome, so now it’s back open, we’ll probably visit again.

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