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Disney Acknowledges Motion Sickness Problem on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind in EPCOT, Riders Offered Vomit Bags at Exit

Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind is now open at EPCOT, and guests who experience motion experience from all the thrills can now receive a motion sickness bag.

While not on display for guests, like they are in their compartments on Mission: SPACE, Cast Members may offer guests who appear to be getting sick a bag as they exit the ride. Additional garbage cans with open lids have reportedly been installed along the exits to accommodate the issue.

Being the first roller coaster at EPCOT, as well as Disney’s first with a reverse launch and a train that rotates 360 degrees, guests have been experiencing motion sickness during previews. Traveling through the dark show building filled with stars may be disorienting for guests, contributing to the sickness factor. While previews were underway, our reporters spotted a number of guests resting on benches or in Connections Eatery to recover from the experience.

Have you experienced any motion sickness while riding this new attraction? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. apparently guests need a new reminder beside the neck problems, back problems, and pregnancy warnings. if you have a weak stomache, then do not ride this ride. good lord how bad is it that people no longer know their own limitations? and expect others to do something about it?

    1. The people I have been with have been on the tallest, fastest roller coaster on Earth and still were nauseous. I don’t think anyone commenting has a grasp on how motion sickness works.

    2. Here’s the thing tho. I have ridden every ride at all disney parks, all the sea world coasters and all universal studios roller coasters. And never get more than maybe a little dizzy on even the biggest ones. But for whatever reason I had to close my eyes at the end of cosmic rewind and then was dizzy for like 3 hours. So it’s not so much about knowing limits cause I thought I had none. The roller coaster isn’t even that big or tall but for whatever reason it made me sick.

      1. We were fortunate to ride twice on opening day and never experienced getting motion sick. I did feel my stomach drop at the beginning but that was it. It’s a fun ride!!!

  2. I was fortunate to have a preview for this ride. I will ride big thunder roller coaster and Aerosmith knowing that I will be green behind the gills after the ride for about 20 minutes. I am good for 2/3rd of theses ride then I get queasy. So I am a gluten for punishment went on guardians and sure enough 2/3 of the ride was INCREDIBLE, then I had to close my eyes and shut down. (Once you close your eyes never open them again!) I was green for about 45 minutes. If you get a bit queasy on roller coaster, pack some ginger ale or mint with you and do not have a dining reservation after it. If you are willing to be queasy after the ride I would recommend this attraction at least once, it is awesome!

  3. The ride is amazing! No motion sickness either time I have ridden. I find I have more motion sickness with the 3D rides like Ratatouille

  4. It was absolutely fantastic… kudos to Disney for coming up with another fantastic rollercoaster.

  5. I am sorry but if you missed all the warning signs (which is wdw only job here) that have motion sickness listed first and do not ride in bold print what do you think that means! Sorry you have a ripe stomach and cannot read signs not wdw fault you ignored directions. The rest of us love the ride and think its smooth as butter and should not be compared to the death trap next door EVER!

  6. It was a. Wet smooth ride but I describe it at space mountain Everest and the T cups on speed. Definitely not recommend for people who suffer from motion sickness.

  7. I have never had motion sickness on a ride till Disney started the new, fast,and quickly over, rides. Mickey&Minnie Railroad, Ratatouille and now Guardians. I get a little lightheaded on Guardians, and more on the other 2. My husband, who was a on the navy, can withstand rolling big ships, andvery fast jets gets a little sick. Disney took 2 nice relaxing rides of 25 to 40 minutes and made to 5 min fast rides. Ratatouille is just jerky, fast and violent at times. But a lot of guests love them.
    I think one of the reasons I was fine on Guardians was because of a Cast Members very helpful suggestion. I had a bit of the Italian Beverly at Club Cool. It’s adrink most dislike, but has alwayssetyled my stomach. It worked like a charm. And I loved Guardians!

  8. I had the pleasure to ride Gaurdians and I experienced NO motion sickness at all. It was SO fun!!! One of the best theme park rides I’ve ever been on!

  9. Horrible! Even with Bonine on board could barely walk off; had to inch along the wall to get out of the way of disembarking guests. Still felt like I was on a ship at sea hours later. Never again!

  10. My husband and I did a pass holder preview. Unfortunately by the end of the ride we were quite queasy. My husband rides any coaster and doesn’t experience nausea until this coaster. Some people we talked to had the same experience while others had no problem.

  11. Yes, all four of us got motion sick riding it today. One of my son’s and I rode it again (and got motion sick again), while my wife and other son did not. The ride is really awesome, but I think twice was enough for us.

  12. Got the opportunity to ride it on opening day via the virtual queue! I suffer from
    motion sickness on all the 3D or spinning rides but did not find this ride made me sick at all!! Much like Space Mountain you can see the pin pricks of stars in the dark while riding the coaster and it is so smooth there was zero disorientation for me. Best ride in DisneyWorld no doubt!!

  13. I get motion sick on pretty much everything EXCEPT apparently the new Guardians ride! During preview I rode it 4 times and then once on opening day – and felt fine. Since I am generally pretty susceptible am surprised to hear others are getting sick. I guess this will be my go to ride!

  14. I don’t normally experience motion sickness. BUT I rode it on opening day, and spent the entire night throwing up. I was not sick initially, but whoa Nelly was the night rough. I would say that it was worth it though. The ride was AMAZING.

    1. I am prone to motion sickness but we have little tricks we use to not make it so bad. Well, Guardians gave me the worse, and longest lasting, case of motion sickness I’ve ever had. I felt a little bad after the ride but it got progressively worse. We left immediately after the ride and I counted the seconds on the 45 minute ride home. Thankfully, I did not barf until I got home. Some Lazarus CBD got me to sleep and stopped the vomiting but I didn’t feel well until 8 pm the next day. It took 24 hours to fully recover! But, I’m really glad I rode the ride. It was just incredible. I want to try again with Dramamine in me for 24 hours before the ride. My stomach gets queasy just thinking about the ride and the the aftermath. But it’s pretty amazing!

  15. It’s the safety bar that is pushing down hard on your stomach when you are in the holding area after the ride before you get off. They should have automatically do an inch release while you are in the holding area. I was fine until then.

  16. While the idea of the ride was awesome, it definitely got me! I laugh because I was one of those people that took full advantage of the close by Connections Eatery to sit. I would say the motion sickness was worse than Space Mountain and I had to hold it together multiple times throughout the ride. Was it a cool ride, for sure! Will I ride again, ehh, probably not. My 10 and 7 year olds absolutely loved and had no issues! Maybe I’m just too old :)

  17. Yes, ride it yesterday. Took Dramamine and still threw up after. Problem I’d, no bathroom at the exit!!! Had to walk to Connections Cafe to throw up.

    1. Did you start taking Dramamine the day before and get several doses in you before you rode the ride?

  18. I went on the ride twice in a period of three days two weeks ago with our Annual Passholder and also our DVC preview opportunities. I have had problems in the past with Rockin Roller Coaster and also Expedition Everest but had no issue with this ride. It was an experience like nothing I have ever done. I would not do this on a empty stomach or right after eating. It is the wildest ride I have ever been on.

  19. My kids begged me to go in the ride with them, unfortunately I didn’t do my research and I just thought how bad can it be. It sure is an amazing ride but not for me. I felt horrible and I was one of those people trying to recover at Connections. Had to vomit 3 hours later on the way home and still felt sick the next day. But now for sure my kids will never ask me again to go on a ride again and give me a guilt trip when I say no.

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