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EPCOT’s New Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind Roller Coaster is Causing Motion Sickness For a Fair Amount of Guests

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The newest attraction at EPCOT has not officially opened, but guests and Cast Members have been enjoying previews of Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind for a few weeks now. However, many are reporting motion sickness after riding.

The the first roller coaster the history of EPCOT and the first reverse launch coaster for Disney also features rotating ride vehicles. Many who have ridden say the coaster is very smooth, but causes motion sickness even if they don’t typically experience it. This can be typical if a guest is disoriented on a ride, which is very likely given the mild spinning and high-speed travel through a dark building filled with bright white stars.

Many guests are unaffected, but a seemingly large number were reporting symptoms including mild to moderate dizziness and nausea. We witnessed many guests resting inside Connections Eatery or on planters just outside the ride, complaining of sickness from the ride.

Have you ridden Cosmic Rewind and suffered motion sickness? Let us know your experience in the comments.

Check out our full photo and video POV experience and review for more on Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind. The ride opens to the public on May 27.

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  1. Seriously? “large number were reporting symptoms” You are basing this on the fact that you overheard a conversation? Poor reporting! Quantify a large number based on hearsay? Guess it must be a slow news day.

      1. Yes because everyone rode it like 10 times this is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. I appreciate you sticking up for your co worker. But the above gentleman is saying that , basically this lady mentioned overheard people claiming to be motion sick and then wrote and article about it, reporting large amount. That’s not valid news. If you had taken a statistic or a poll that would make sense. But hearing commentary from people who rode it 5 to 10 times and our surprisingly sick,come on that’s ridiculou. Velosicoaster is super smooth and I would get sick of that after 5 times. I think the issue becomes when you guys want something to fail because you don’t approve of it but unfortunately it’s a good ride , seems like you resorted to this.

        1. Your comment is full of inaccuracies, we are not saying people felt sick after 10 rides. People felt sick after one, people I know, people we saw, people we spoke to. Social media discourse backs up the story, as do these comments. An online poll is no more of a source than any of that is.

          1. The majority of people i talked to didn’t seem to have an issue with it. And I’m gaging it on the comments in this post where they mentioned getting sick after riding it multiple times. Again you just saying you talked to some people who got sick is ridiculous reporting. Actually databasing it would. I just think you guys need to move away from your bais for a second. Hagrids motorbike while a great ride is associated with disorientation, but at the time of its reveal you nor did anyone mention that. Yall are digging because anything done under the new regime you think you must hate. The only reason u admitted rise of resistance was good is because it was technically done under iger. Tom you love disney and you want it to go the direction of your liking, that my be whats best for it, but you let your bias cloud everything. You need to get back to neutral.

              1. Just reading about that guess can’t argue with that. Still think yall need to more neutral and you kinda jumped at anything you could to make the ride look unflattering but I concede I guess I was wrong about the motion, you guys are a fan site just remember that we get enough of this selective truths crap from politicians on both sides, if you really were concerned with helping people who have motion sickness that’s fine, but after reading a majority of content you have kinds seems like you nit pick what fits your narrative.

                  1. Lol you write entire blog about how guardians is dancing on epcots grave and I’m dramatic. Will see when tokyo updates space mountain. The rides will be similar but you will tell us it’s the greatest thing ever. Cause its Tokyo.

    1. I rode in 2 days ago. I never get motion sickness on any ride except the tea cups. Everest, star Tours, mission Space are all fine. However, after riding Guardians, I felt nauseous which went away after I walked a few minutes but my legs were wobbly for almost 2 hours. I will not ride it again.

      1. My wife and i were blessed enough to do it 2 times in a row.and not once did we or anyone complain about motion sickness. Did you ride it?

  2. I’m stuck in line right now…I’m on the “bridge” overlooking the ride vehicles/track. They are taking cases of water to people and we saw cast members with brooms looking like they were “cleaning up “ ….we have been inside the building for over an hour waiting. 🤞🏻

    1. I rode in 2 days ago. I never get motion sickness on any ride except the tea cups. Everest, star Tours, mission Space are all fine. However, after riding Guardians, I felt nauseous which went away after I walked a few minutes but my legs were wobbly for almost 2 hours. I will not ride it again.

      1. I had the same reaction and like you, have never had motion sickness on any ride except the Tea Cups and only if they are made to spin rapidly. I also recovered quickly.

  3. Participated in the D23 preview on Sunday night. I rode the ride and didn’t experience any noticeable motion sickness till ride number 5. After that, I took a break to eat some food and felt fine enough to ride it 4 more times. After my 9th ride, I was not feeling all that great and had to get another member of my party to drive home because I felt almost sick. So my experience is to not ride it 9 times in a row. Other than that, I had no problems the first 4 times riding it.

    1. My family of 5 went on it for passholder preview. Great ride but we were all sick after it. We drove 20 mins home and my son got out and threw up 3 times in the driveway. I love roller coasters and never get sick but this had me. Will not do this ride again. Sooo glad we hadn’t planned on staying there.

  4. According to a member of the press who rode the ride 10 times, she said the last car is the most intense. If you are prone to becoming sick, go to the front. Mid-section of the coaster allows you to get good views of everything. It’s not Mission Space; it’s not as intense as Rockin Roller Coaster.

    1. I was in last car. That was intense. But luckily I had taken a couple bonines and only left with a headache. I want to go again to try the front to see if it’s better.

  5. I rode it last week and it was amazing!!! It turns sideways as you go down which for just a second I felt a little lightheaded but nothing major. Its very smooth when it turns sideways. It doesn’t spin around completely but when you are going down the drops sideways which is where you could get motion sickness.

  6. There’s a lot going on during the ride so you’re constantly refocusing on the different areas plus the car rotates. It was great, but it left me just a little unsettled.

    1. Best ride at Disney. My 8 year grandson loved it too . We did the special event. If you can’t handle it why ride it and say bad things. Whole family loved it.

  7. Thats why there are warnings on rides telling you not to ride its not wdw fault you grown adult didnt abide by it. I would call it disorienting not motion sickness.

      1. Well I have vertigo and I do not do rides. So I know better but people who say they felt sick I can relate if anyone knows anything about vertigo it’s when the crystal in your ears get lose. Yes. The old days rocks in your head. It’s true. You can also goggle it or ask your dr. So when you are going on a rides that love in different ways. It’s very possible. If you feel dizzy it’s not unheard of.

        1. I took precautions like motion sickness meds as well as motion sickness wrist bands and STILL got dizzy and sick to my stomach! After that ride, I now have vertigo I never had! I’ve been told the crystals in my inner ear were dislodged from the centrifugal force/spinning. So now need to see an ENT to get the crystals in the right ear canal.
          I definitely will NOT be riding it again!!

  8. I took Dramamine before riding during my preview on May 10th. Very glad I did. From someone who typically gets motion sick on some rides, this definitely would have me losing my lunch if I hadn’t taken it. I personally would not describe this as a family coaster to folks that typically get motion sick on rides – come prepared.

  9. It’s worth noting that the First Aid station located next to the Odyssey outdoor bathrooms will provide you free anti-nausea medication. You just have to walk in, sign the guest book, and let them know you aren’t feeling well. They are super nice in there and will gladly provide you with generic medication at no charge. It’s also very cold in there and there is free water with cups as well. This is especially helpful when you aren’t feeling well.

    I recently rode this attraction twice at the D23 event. After the first time, knowing that I would be going on again later in the evening, I absolutely availed myself of this service. It was a godsend and enabled me to enjoy the attraction again later.

    If you’re prone to motion-sickness, take anti-nausea medication at least 1 hour prior to enjoying the attraction. For most people, this is enough of a prophylactic that you won’t have a problem at all and can thoroughly enjoy the ride. Just a little bit a prep, and your going to reallllly enjoy this attraction.

  10. I called it a fun disorienting dillusion i have no clue what happen but it was awesome! It was like runaway railway energy has a great replacement. And when people talk about sickness etc its like does anyone forget whats next door the death trap known as mission space! Or do all us horizons fans have to bring that up!? Bc Horizons still would have had a place but now whoops at least disney learned and guardians is great! Yes some people will comment but as an Epcot Center person i liked it.

  11. I had wondered about this as soon as I heard they were going to be using screens only instead of a mix of screen and animatronic. This is why I rarely visit universal, I find their screen rides dizzying, especially in the Florida heat. The Simpsons ride is especially nauseating. This is a shame, I was looking forward to giving it a go on my November trip but I think I will skip it, and the lines, and do spaceship earth instead :)

  12. I rode on May 10th and was extremely nauseous. The last two whirlpool spins nearly did me in. At that point I wasn’t enjoying the ride any longer. Just hoping for the end so I didn’t throw up on anyone.
    I don’t ride Teacups, but haven’t had a problem with any other ride at Disney.
    I’ll try this ride one more time with some motion pills.

  13. I rode Guardians on Monday of last week and experienced motion sickness and dizziness. I am glad I went on the ride but I will not be riding it again. I have similar feelings when riding Space Mountain but I feel the motion sickness much worse on Guardians.

  14. I had a pass holder preview ride. Took two Dramamine as a precaution since I didn’t know what to expect. The You Tube videos can’t come close to showing how intense this ride is. I would’ve been as sick as a dog had I not taken anything. Even felt dizzy and a little queasy afterwards. It messes with your head because you’re turning, twisting, taking dips, as all these videos are playing all around you. It’s definitely not a ride for everyone.

  15. I suffer from motion sickness as I get older.

    I rode twice. The orbit around the moon is the point that makes me nauseous.

    I try to focus on the track itself in the direction we are moving. I also use the relief band ginger chews and bonine to help with it. I

    Great ride and I’ll most likely stand in line for it when we have family and friends that don’t frequent as often as I do.

    The soundtrack is fantastic and definitely adds to the atmosphere of the ride. Also just having a lap bar for the freedom to sing and dance is a bonus

  16. Rode it, no problem with motion sickness. Coaster is very smooth and a really fun ride.

  17. Yes I did. I rode it during our cast previews in April and started feeling ill during the ride. When I got off I was very sweaty and was sick to my stomach. They ended up taking me to the ER. I usually never have motion sickness or get physically sick from riding any of the rides at Disney.

    1. I rode it last week and it was an extremely smooth ride. I never had any motion sickness. My kid who normally dislikes rollercoasters also enjoyed the ride.

  18. My wife and I rode it today. We never made any connection to motion sickness, but she had stomach pain for the whole day and eventually threw up just as we were leaving the park..

    1. My family of 5 went on it for passholder preview. Great ride but we were all sick after it. We drove 20 mins home and my son got out and threw up 3 times in the driveway. I love roller coasters and never get sick but this had me. Will not do this ride again. Sooo glad we hadn’t planned on staying there.

  19. Was pretty rough on both my parents. They had to sit down on exit steps for a bit after the ride. They typically ride BTM, Mine Train with no problem – but don’t ride Everest, Space Mountain, or RR.

  20. I rode it in a preview and it was fine and fun. Best way to describe it is Space Mountain crossed with Escape from Gringotts at Universal. You whip around, sure, but it’s smooth. It’s no worse than any other rollercoaster out there lol

  21. Yes, it was very unpleasant. The most motion sickness I’ve experienced so far on a Disney ride. Doubt I’ll be riding it again.

  22. I’ll be there the 30th and can’t wait to ride. The only rides that make me nauseated at Disney are Mission Space (which I’ll never ride again) and Flight of Passage at Animal Kingdom. What are my chances?

  23. The ride was a little unsettling. I think it’s the spinning that gets you. Plus being 70yrs old didn’t help matters!! I was surprised to see very small children on it also. Very intense ride!!!

  24. I LOVED Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind! I can’t wait to ride it again! I had no issues with dizziness, etc., but I could see how some people might. Now Remy’s Ratatouille Adventure, on the other hand, made me sick as a dog.🤮

  25. I wonder if it could be “turned down” a bit to waylay some of the effects of motion sickness? Mission Space hit people pretty hard when it was first introduced. Of course, Cosmic Rewind is a more complex ride system but it should have some control options. Here’s hoping.

  26. We rode it today. My 5 year old and husband liked it. The best way i could get get through it was dramamine, closing my eyes and a lot of screaming.. I’m definitely prone to motion sickness and I was shaking like a leaf for an hour or so afterward

  27. I can ride most rides but as I’ve gotten older I am becoming more sensitive. I noticed anything going backwards gives me slight nausea. So I always feel a tinge on Expedition Everest. This one has a *reverse launch* that not only sends you backwards but then the seats rotate from that launch. I felt a sting of nausea right then. But then I oriented myself by watching the walls and it went away and I was fine the rest of the ride. And loved all of it!
    Also, on the Disney Annual Passholder Facebook group many have shared stories of nausea. So this is verifiable reporting!

  28. We rode it and we did experience dizziness and headaches. It took us a while to navigate the stairs and noticed people sitting down in the hall way and outside. There was some sitting inside the a/c. It took a while to get over it. No way we could ride it twice in one day.

  29. Rode it twice yesterday on a passholder preview. I don’t get motion sickness on anything so I was fine. My husband does occasionally, but he tried to ward it off by taking a Dramamine before. He had no problem at all the first time (we were in the back car of the ride—row 9 I think).

    We had the opportunity to go again and jumped at it. This time seated in row 1. It was most definitely more intense, and I think the back to back rides coupled with being in that row did it’s number to affect him.

    We stopped for a while and ate and rested and he was eventually fine (He skipped soarin which we did next and closed his eyes instead).

    So my advice: if you ever get lightheaded or dizzy on rides but not always, take a Dramamine and sit in the back half (rows 6-10) of the ride. And only ride it once.

    The ride was absolutely incredible and one of the best at Disney!!!

  30. Got pretty dizzy on this ride, though I have no problem with other rides, such as Everest/FoP, or Forbidden Journey/Gringott’s at Universal. I was one of those sitting with my head down afterwards, but didn’t get nauseated. It is an amazing ride tho’, and I’ll probably try it again, but will take Dramamine.

  31. I rode it twice last week on back to back days. On the AP preview, I felt sick but not AWFUL. Very glad it was over. The next day during a VIP tour, I tried it AGAIN…UGH huge mistake.Felt dizzy and sick. I am fine on coasters it was the spinning I believe that did

  32. I typically do not suffer from motion sickness on rides. Rode Guardians twice and both times experienced noticeable nausea and dizziness. Closing my eyes was extremely helpful to calm the sensation.

  33. Yup…. I was fine just after the ride. Thought that I’d be OK because I at lunch 2-1/2 hours before the ride. Also kept my head straight ahead in the direction that the vehicle was moving. I was OK until I got into the elevator. Doors closed, then upchucked. My wife got a cast member to cleaned it up.
    Still I liked the ride, but the ride is a bit bad orienting.

  34. I haven’t been on the ride… yet. My friends and I are going to Epcot in the middle of June. I nearly (30 seconds more and I would’ve) hurled on space mountain last year. I have to close my eyes for the backwards turns on Everest. Anyone know what my chances are of hurling on this ride? I’d love to ride it but don’t want to ruin my day at Epcot.

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