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Guest Asked to Buy New Shirt to Comply With Walt Disney World Dress Code in Viral Video

A popular new video on TikTok shows a Walt Disney World guest claiming her top violated the resort’s dress code and was asked to buy a new shirt to comply, according to Fox News.

User Nicole DeLosReyes uploaded the video. It shows her near Disney’s BoardWalk, saying, “Guys, it happened. I got dress coded at Disney, and I was told to leave or get a shirt, so we’re getting a shirt.” In the video, DeLosReyes wears a white low-cut (but not transparent) crop top tied in the middle. She later clarified, adding, “At entry I got stopped and was told they don’t allow tie front tops…wack. So I had to either leave and change or buy merch.”

The video, which has had over 1.3 million views as of the writing of this article, has garnered both support and criticism. One commenter pointed out that while she was asked to change her top, Ariel “wears a seashell bra” while meeting guests. Some noted that the resort’s dress code is readily available on their website, claiming she should have been aware of it. The dress code states that Disney reserves “the right to deny admission to or remove any person wearing attire that we consider inappropriate or attire that could detract from the experience of other Guests.”

Other users referenced another viral video from last year. In it, a guest claimed she found a “hack” to get a free shirt by wearing one that violated the dress code. DeLosReyes responded by saying “I didn’t do it on purpose. I don’t care for a free damn shirt, I just wasted a cute fit.” She mentioned that she was asked to purchase a new top, suggesting that the policy has changed since that video was released.

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  1. Sad to see WDWNT is getting more like the horrible Inside The Magic click-bait web site by posting these articles. And dress-code violations at Disney parks has happened 1,000s of times over the decades (just now it is purposely set up for social media posts!)

    Please….you all are better than this! Seriously, stick to real news and relevant stories. It is why I stopped a long time ago going to the iTM web site and have stayed with WDWNT (and more often now viewing the posts and videos by AllEars)

    Thank you
    (and no, I did not click on the video)

    1. Hi,

      I appreciate your feedback, but the story also indicates a change in policy as Disney combats the trend of guests trying to get free clothes. It is absolutely newsworthy in my view, I’m sorry you don’t feel that way. I take great offense to being compared to Inside the Magic and AllEars/Disney Food Blog (all one company) as their titles are misleading and vague, what one would actually define clickbait as. Beyond that, Disney Food Blog openly lies to readers to keep their Disney media credentials, so I lament being told we are somehow “lesser” then a dishonest company.

      1. I enjoyed the WDWNT bit where you did various DFB and ITM clickbait headlines. I need to figure out what episode that was, so I can rewatch.

  2. Former Park greeter, Yes this is actually a rule. I was told during training that it’s because in the past people have had their shirts come untied or taken off as a prank. That said this rule was incorrectly applied here as the shirt was manufactured to look like it’s tied but it’s actually sewn that way. I wouldn’t have asked for my coordinator for a second opinion on this as is the rule. I did however have many occasions when guests were wearing shirts with F bombs on them (typically with something political) which I stopped and yet those got waved through so It’s really a policy that’s quite inconstant. The only park that seems to take the policy seriously is DAK but that leadership team has always been high strung for some reason.

  3. Ariel wears a seashell bra only when she is a mermaid. As a human, she is fully clothed. What species is this woman?

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