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Source: bioreconstruct

Aerial Look at Construction of Super Nintendo World, Classic Monsters Land, New Wizarding World, and More at Universal’s Epic Universe

Bioreconstruct on Twitter has shared an intensive look at the construction of Universal’s Epic Universe, a new park at Universal Orlando Resort.

The reported lands include Super Nintendo World, a Classic Monsters land, a “How to Train Your Dragon” land, and a third Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

aerial epic universe 14 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

There are several cranes visible at the giant construction site.

aerial epic universe
Source: Tommy Hawkins

Twitter user Tommy Hawkins has used one of bioreconstruct’s photos to create a visual layout of Epic Universe, including the attached hotel.

aerial epic universe 13 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

The bottom arrow in the photo above is the entrance to the park. The top arrow points at the approximate center. The large circle near the center will be a fountain, with the hotel between it and the lake at the back. The section of orange dirt next to the fountain site is a carousel in concept art.

Let’s take a closer look at each land.

Super Nintendo World

Super Nintendo World is set to open early next year at Universal Studios Hollywood, before it comes to Orlando in the years after.

aerial epic universe snw 12 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

In the aerial photo above, the following attractions are numbered:

  1. Yoshi’s Adventure
  2. Donkey Kong
  3. Mario Kart

The Donkey Kong expansion has not yet been added to Super Nintendo World in Universal Studios Japan.

aerial epic universe snw 11 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

The arrows in these photos point to the beginnings of the Donkey Kong coaster track.

aerial epic universe snw 9 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

The foundation of the coaster creates an L shape.

aerial epic universe snw 10 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct
aerial epic universe snw 6 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

The building at the bottom of the photo above is for Yoshi’s Adventure.

aerial epic universe snw 5 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

It has a couple of steel towers and several arched doorways.

aerial epic universe snw 4
Source: bioreconstruct
aerial epic universe snw scaled
Source: bioreconstruct
aerial epic universe snw 3 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

Next door will be the Mario Kart ride. It’s known as Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge in Japan and Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge in Hollywood. The Orlando version will probably use the latter name.

aerial epic universe snw 2 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

Short walls create a rectangle around the Mario Kart site, which doesn’t seem as busy as the Donkey Kong coaster.

Check out our full tour of Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan.

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Classic Monsters

aerial epic universe 2 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

The Classic Monsters land will be between Super Nintendo World and Universal’s Grand Helios Hotel. It’s pictured to the right in the photo above.

aerial epic universe 7 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

A square steel structure rises from the center of the land.

aerial epic universe 4 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

There are a few short concrete walls and several trenches. The yellow arrows point to some small concrete structures. Two of them are circular, while the other two have a triangular shape.

aerial epic universe 3 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct
aerial epic universe 6 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

Other small concrete structures are visible throughout the land.

aerial epic universe 5 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

Several small squares dot the ground.

How To Train Your Dragon
aerial epic universe 12 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

In addition to the “How to Train Your Dragon” land to the left, this photo shows the following:

  1. Day guest parking
  2. Road to access parking
  3. Park entrance
  4. Center of park
aerial epic universe 8 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

Crews have excavated a lot of this area.

aerial epic universe 15 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

There’s an amphitheater shape near the center of the park, at the edge of the land.

aerial epic universe 11 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

The amphitheater already has a concrete foundation and crews were working on a grid of rebar.

aerial epic universe 10 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

More structures are in this ditch, including a tall wall and concrete foundation.

aerial epic universe 9 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

Several excavators were moving dirt elsewhere in the land.

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

aerial epic universe wwohp1
Source: bioreconstruct

The steel structure in the foreground of this photo is the beginning of the Ministry of Magic ride. The buildings in the background are backstage.

aerial epic universe wwohp2
Source: bioreconstruct

A dirt road creates a rectangle around a large section of flat land.

aerial epic universe 16 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

The steel structure for the Ministry of Magic sits at the center of the rectangle.

aerial epic universe 1 scaled
Source: bioreconstruct

What are you most excited to see at Universal’s Epic Universe? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Super Nintendo world is what I m looking forward to the most being an original Nintendo kid

  2. Most excited about Classic Monsters land and hoping there will be a Creature from the Black Lagoon boat ride. Least excited for How to train your Dragon.

  3. Exciting, but Universal would be well-served to ensure its present parks are operating properly. I was greeted in a recent visit to Universal Studios by closures of Revenge of the Mummy and the Hogwarts Express, along with frequent delays and closures of Escape from Gringotts and Men in Black. Not super impressive.

  4. I’m looking forward to the “How to Train Your Dragon” section. I’ve been saying, for years, how good of a theme the whole Berk atmosphere would lend itself to a theme park and how many cool rides could be made to simulate riding dragons!

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