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New ‘Turning Red’ Night Light, Fluffy Journal, Water Bottle, and More Scurry into Disneyland Resort

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Red pandas galore at Disneyland Resort! Guests can find a whole bunch of “Turning Red” merchandise from the Emporium, Big Top Toys, and World of Disney.

“Turning Red” Figure Nightlight – $27.99

turning red 16

The “Turning Red” nightlight is a yawning red panda.

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turning red 18

The bottom has a switch so guests can turn the nightlight on and off.

turning red 19

“Turning Red” Stationery Set – $22.99

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The fluffy red panda journal has the iconic ears and tail to match.

turning red 5
turning red 6

The interior is a spiral ringed notebook with a pen and zipper file.

turning red 7
turning red 9
turning red 10

Each tab features a different character pose.

“Turning Red” Utensil Set – $19.99

turning red 11
turning red 14

The utensil case comes with chopsticks, a straw and straw cleaner, a fork, and a knife. All kept together in a pale pink pouch.

turning red 15
turning red 13 1

There is an additional key chain with beads and a plastic pendant of a red panda.

turning red 12 1

“Turning Red” Hair Accessory Set – $16.99

turning red 3

This accessory set comes with a scrunchie, hair clips and cute red panda ears.

“Turning Red” Friendship Bracelets- $29.99

turning red 1
turning red 2

These matching bracelets come with give different charms set on a pink chain. The charms include: a bunny, roller skates, a picture of Mei, boba tea and a 4-Town CD.

“Turning Red” Pencil Pouch – $14.99

turning red 20

The pencil case is a clear, light blue with plenty of glitter and sketches from Mei’s notebook.

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turning red 22

The zipper has a small red panda pendant and pom-pom tail.

“Turning Red” Water Bottle + Sleeve – $27.99

turning red 27

This water bottle comes in a red panda sleeve complete with tiny paws and a poofy tail.

turning red 28
turning red 29

The sleeve is held in place by a buckle but can easily be removed.

turning red 30
turning red 31

The bottle itself is covered in red pandas and Mei’s drawings.

turning red 32

“Turning Red” Lunch Box – $25.99

turning red 23

Just like the water bottle, the lid of this lunch box is covered in cute designs of things like boba tea and bao buns.

turning red 24

The box itself is a clear plastic covered in sparkles.

turning red 25

The lunch box has two layers, meaning the top can come off to reveal more storage for snacks.

turning red 26

“Turning Red” Friendship Bracelet Set – $24.99

turning red 33

Kids can make their own friendship bracelets with “Turning Red” charms in this set. It comes with eleven colors of plastic cord and seven kinds of beads.

turning red 34

What do you think of this “Turning Red” merchandise drop? See anything you like? Let us know in the comments below!

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