BREAKING: Brightline High-Speed Rail Station at Disney Springs Confirmed to be Canceled

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A Disney representative confirmed today that the Brightline high-speed rail station set to open at Disney Springs has been canceled.


The station, set to connect Walt Disney World to Orlando International Airport and Tampa by high-speed rail, was confirmed cancelled by the Orlando Business Journal.

Originally, the route was set to bypass Orlando to the south and travel straight to Walt Disney World before following I-4 to Tampa. But lobbies in the city including business associations along International Drive and Universal Orlando Resort pushed for a station along the tourist corridor at the Orange County Convention Center, across from the upcoming Epic Universe park, before continuing on to Walt Disney World.

As a result of this change, it is believed, Disney has cancelled their plans and the train will proceed directly from International Drive to Tampa.

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Walt Disney World spokesperson Avery Mather stated “As many people who are involved in this project are aware, the new route configuration does not support a Disney Springs station and as a result, we don’t anticipate being part of this project.” Brightline representatives were not available for comment.

Brightline is currently working on plans to connect Tampa and Orlando by high-speed rail, with a stop planned at the Orange County Convention Center, across from Universal Orlando Resort’s upcoming Epic Universe park. Running along the I-4 corridor, the train was set to connect to Disney Springs and allow access to Walt Disney World.

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  1. Disney thinks they’re making it more difficult for guests to visit Universal by doing this. Instead they are making it more difficult for guests to visit WDW.

  2. Oh my I am HIGHLY DISSAPOINTED. Well Disney please do the right thing and bring back the magical express. It’s the right thing to do for your guests. Especially since they are billing themselves as a “resort” and honestly Disney World is still the best place to vacation we choose it over many many spots but we are highly disappointed with this news.

  3. Disney is missing OUT! They are just upset that Universal will get a train station near their new adventure park. Disney needs a NEW CEO!!!

  4. This is a mistake, plain and simple. It’s either a case of Disney having a bruised ego for no longer being the only park with a stop or a convenient excuse to cut budget.

  5. Yes very disappointed. Have been angry at those forcing the I-drive stop including the threats to make Brightline makeup lost toll revenue if the direct to Disney route was used. I guess the new Disneyworld store on I drive makes more sense now.

  6. I doubt it was a rail line issue and more the fact that Disney were not the only stop outside of the airport

  7. Well, that is disappointing. I would stay and enjoy the Universal Parks and hotels, and then head to the Disney Parks but still stay at Universal hotels.

  8. Big mistake. International drive is not the major draw, and neither is Universal Studios. Major opportunity missed all because of business interests. Station will sit empty and will eventually be bypassed.

  9. Good maybe Disney will now rethink their business ideas because they are no longer dictating what gets done in the state. More people will be able to get to Universal and the convention center bringing funds into other local businesses instead of the pockets of the Disney corporation.

  10. I am extremely disappointed, but not for the expected reason. It sounds like Brightline will be built along the Williamsburg, which no consideration for those of us living up against the highway. We previously had to put up with construction noise when the Lexus Lane was added to the SR 528, the construction of an ugly noise dampening wall (it works somewhat) and now the building and running of a train.

    I also fear sending the train through surface roads, are going to worsen traffic in this area.

  11. I would have cared but I am finished with Disney now because of there politics. I just booked a new trip somewhere new and have 3 other families decided to no longer go to Disney. I have been to Disney over twenty times and also to Alani in Hawaii. So the news of a train stopping at disney doesn’t matter anymore. I also no multiple families not going anymore because of there new app that cost more to get on rides. People need to take a stance and maybe they will make about children and families again.

  12. I believe that Disney will suffer by nixing the Brightline station. Many people who travel by train were anticipating the ability to travel to DisneyWorld by train. I love to travel by train as it is so relaxing and I don’t have to drive. As a retired train operator I finally get to kickback as someone else is at the controls. I hope Disney will reconsider their decision.

  13. That’s too bad because then you could pretend like you got off the plane and took the monorail straight to Disney.

    All trains so why not make it as silly as possible.

  14. Oh, poor Disney. Not getting their way so they just throw a tantrum. Get ready to see more of this as Disney continues to lose favor along governments and consumers.

  15. I’m not disappointed by this because I live in Tampa and it would would be a pain to take a train to Disney world when I can just drive my car there right from my house and the drive isn’t even that long

    1. This is a big mistake by Disney World, because it makes them look as if they canceled the station because it is now stopping at Universal and because people looked at the cancelation of the Disney Express because of the upcoming high speed rail station and now what do they have to look forward to, what is the easy connection to Disney World from the airport? I agree, that with everything that Universal has done in the past about rail service that there’s no way that the county and state should have caved in to them, but the cowards did and now because of the way Disney has elected to handle this, it’s the people that are, or were planning on flying in to Orlando and Disney World have no easy way to get to Disney. If Disney wants to show that they care about their visitor more than the mighty buck, then they’ll restart the Disney express or be the bigger person and continue with the rail stop.

  16. Not disappointed at all. Actually I don’t care to go to Disney ever again caused by their new agenda.

  17. That’s crap. Seems like other “businesses” muscled the stop right out. Given the current political conflict this doesn’t surprise me but I say it’s unfair to consumers.

  18. Yeah. I had hoped the train would be a cheaper way for people to get to WDW than Mears, which is expensive for larger families, and get around outrageous parking fees. Guess I’m not surprised Disney would quash the project when they find out it would benefit people over profit.

  19. Pretty children. Idiots. Bring back free magical express and this isn’t a problem. But you won’t do that.

    Thirty years from now, you’ll regret losing the infrastructure connection, just as Georgetown does losing a metro station in DC.

    Shortsighted fools.

  20. Seems like a rather short sighted decision on the part of Disney – handing a sustainable transport option to its competitors at Universal and continuing to rely upon less eco friendly means of transport to get guests to its parks. Have they read the emissions statements relating to means of transport at the last climate summit?

  21. Can Chapek make a single decision that Disney fans would like? He’s 0-for his tenure. He’s bageling success. I mean the guy seems so anti-disney that it’s hard to understand how he even got the job.

  22. As a resident of South Florida, I have been looking forward to this option for our family to get to Disney without having to drive. What a disappointment…and honestly seems like a petty disagreement where Disney refuses to play nice with others.

    1. Agree. This is the kind of pettiness and lack of foresight that is hindering the development of high speed rails throughout the country. Japan and Europe are criss-crossed with ultra fast trains. In China the government would tell the rail bosses to build it and within months, not years, it is built!

    1. I was going to take Amtrak from NYC and then go to visit Disney. Maybe SIX Flags in NJ makes more sense now.

    2. Disney Execs are busy pushing lib gay agendas rather than making a more convenient trip for customers which they are losing anyway. They need to wake up and smell the Dole whip……

  23. Ok, I feel like I need a map. Haha Visually, it’d be easier to see where the original stops were vs the changes.

    I love the idea of a train going straight to Disney from the airport. I think it’d be so much easier for many people, especially those who have been on a plane all day with kids and those with certain ailments.
    However, I do understand the other businesses feeling threatened by it.

    Could there be a compromise where there’s a stop on IDrive and at Disney?
    I know they’re relatively close, but it gives people without cars while traveling the option to go each place.

    Also, I’m curious about a stop going to Tampa. So the route would be the airport, Idrive, then to Tampa?

    Can we make one to Pensacola and to Atlanta next?

    1. Typical Disney decision with recent events. Was this truly a Disney decision or a state backed pass by with way things have panned out recently? Either way BAD mistake on both parts.

    2. Why would you blame Disney? They would want more access to their parks… Florida petty punishing politics is probably to blame. Impeach Desantis!

    3. “I love the idea of a train going straight to Disney from the airport. I think it’d be so much easier for many people….”

      If Disney gave a damn about what’s easier for their customers, the Magical Express buses would still be running, there’d be no Genie service, and you wouldn’t have to wake up before 7AM every day you want to go to the parks to make your first FastPass reservation (yes, I’m intentionally using the old term).

      Sadly, Disney doesn’t care about their paying customers anymore (beyond the amount of money Disney can squeeze out of them, of course). I’ll still go because I’m a fool (and have young children in the target demographic), but I understand completely why people are outraged by being constantly nickel-and-dime’d by Disney and deciding to spend their money elsewhere.

      I do agree with your point though. This is another in a long string of incredibly shortsighted decisions by some genius in WDW upper management. “Build it and they will come.”

    4. Disney has been a bad since the beginning. Over 20 years ago there was a plan for rail from the airport to Disney, BUT, there was a stop at I Drive and Disney said no to funding.. Disney trying to rip off
      government The same as they do to private families!

    5. I think part of the problem is past history. If you look at what Universal has done to rail service in the past and screwed over the people that live in the area, it just didn’t make sense for the state and county to use tax payers money to reroute Brightline for Universal, when a light rail would have worked better and been cheaper. I think people should look into if DeSantis had anything to do with this as another way to get back at Disney for speaking against him and his new bill, as if what DeSantis has done already won’t cost local tax payers enough already.

  24. Typical Disney decision with recent events. Was this truly a Disney decision or a state backed pass by with way things have panned out recently? Either way BAD mistake on both parts.

  25. I think Disney did the right move. I love Disney but most of us forget that without Disney’s financial support, Brightline will fail. So Disney’s pressure move is the right one for Disney. It’s my way or the highway attitude is the correct attitude to have especially when you are the one with the money. Everyone else is small-talk. A perfect example is Sunrail. I live in Orlando and have been here for over 55 years. So personally, I 100% agree with Disney.

  26. Britannia, That was the proposal by business leaders around I-drive to makes stops a the convention center and then on to Disney. It is Disney saying NO. Apparently they think it’s their train to direct!

    1. No, but it’s not Universals either and the original route wasn’t going to cost taxpayers anything, now by Brightline’s estimates, it will cost taxpayers around 500 million, when studies show that there were multiple, cheaper options.

  27. So does this mean that Magical Express could come back? It seemed like this station was part of the argument from Disney for discontinuing the service. So now what?

  28. We obviously don’t know/have all the details. But this is a blow for families traveling. With Disney out of the financing, wonder who will make up the costs.

  29. Looks like Disney have spat there dummy out because they think everything should revolve around them

  30. Cheapskate Bob Chapek struck again. Universal recognizes the potential, why not Disney. I think it is probably partly a decision to save money and cater exclusively to the rich at the expense of everyone else. Eventually, they will suffer from these decisions.

  31. Someone finally wised up. DME canceled because Brightline would take guests to the Mouse. However unlike DME Brightline not going to leave OIA for Disney every 15-20minutez like DME did. And once at Disney Springs they still have to supply transport for passengers and luggage to the Disney hotels. Ooooopppsss!

  32. Having lived a couple of places where you can take a train directly from the airport to certain destinations, this might be for the best. The train has a negative impact on the area surrounding the destination.
    Go visit the Mall of America, which has a train connecting the airport and then on to downtown Minneapolis. Go over to where that train stop is – trust me you won’t need a map it will be obvious when you’ve e found it. Then imagine this at Disney Springs.

  33. Very disappointed! I hope they are able to come to an agreement and have a stop added for Disney World access. I was really looking forward to this.

    1. I think this is a bluff by Disney to try to get the i-drive station cancelled or to get some sort favorable treatment as part of the deal. I think they’ll come on board at some point and it’s not like anyone is going to tell them no.

  34. If Disney was amenable to another station stop on the route they could have potentially saved $$ by asking Universal or the city of Orlando to kick in for it for the rail line costs.

    Or they could have just kept Magical Express…

  35. More short-term thinking which leads to bad long-term strategies on Disney’s part. It’s not surprising given the current management of the company. This was going to be quite the attractive option for travelers and a big win for the environment as well. But as with most things Disney these days, if it’s not a now now now payoff they won’t bother. A proper long term thinking CEO would never pull out of this potentially excellent service offering.

    1. I was going to take Amtrak from NYC and then go to visit Disney. Maybe SIX Flags in NJ makes more sense now.

    2. As someone who comes for conferences a lot to Orlando, this makes no sense. Disney would only benefit from this train. The question is what’s the real reason it’s not being built?

  36. Not surprised, really not a well thought out plan, and seriously charging for every thing else now, why not have just charged for the magical express? The rate Chapek is driving this free water will be $5 by August.

  37. As a frequent visitor to DisneyWorld from Ohio, I am not at all disappointed by the cancellation of the rail line station at Disney Springs. It IS my hope that Disney administration will restart “Mickey’s Magical Express”!!! That was a Great Attraction for DisneyWorld!!! Many,Many Visitors were and still are disappointed by its discontinuation!!!

  38. This was going to make a huge dent in the bus traffic and gas consumption getting folks from the airport to the parks. They just got a grant June 1st for This very project. Makes me think Disney no longer wants to play ball for something beneficial for the state if the state is going to make cruddy laws.

  39. Surprised and disappointed. The fleet of busses (Mears, Magical Express, whatever) serving WDW, are about as environmentally unfriendly as can be. A train would have been an efficient and far more environmentally responsible solution.

  40. I think this is because of the Reedy Creek thing taking away from Disney. Besides a train service would take you much longer to get where you need to go. Rounding up the kids, luggage getting a train to Disney Springs. Then rounding up the kids, dragging the luggage from the train to a bus or whatever shuttle they will have to get to your resort. Another thing to consider is that with all the flights coming in from all over the country. Most likely there won’t be a train there waiting for you. I doubt if they will have that many trains to take everyone when they get there. You could wait a long time before the next train comes through. At least with Magical Express you could land get luggage and hop on the bus and be there in less then 30 minutes. I just see that if they had the train service you could be there much later then you thought.

  41. Either Disney is very short-sighted in this decision (which is quite possible, as we all know!) or they have plans to bring back the much acclaimed Magical Express. Only time will tell. If it’s the later, they will certainly pull a Genie on that and bring it back with a new name and added cost to the Guest.

    1. What do you expect when the governor attacks the largest employer of their state? The incremental reduction of investment by Disney in Florida is just beginning…..great job Ron!

  42. Disney in the last two years has been so disappointing that this is not a surprise. I first visited DisneyWorld in 1973 on my honeymoon.I planned to go on my 50th anniversary next year but it has gone so far downhill I don’t believe I will. I last visited in 2018 and 2019 and it was amazing I am afraid of spending big money and ruining my memories of this place.

  43. Aaaaaaaaand this project is dead. Well done everyone. Excited to see abandoned rails in 10 years.

    1. Such sad news. I’ve been following this since it was announced. I always stay at Disney springs hotels, would be great to not need to get an Uber or a car. Just take the train and walk the 15min to the hotel (or take a free bus when I’m feeling lazy lol). I was looking forward to this for sure. Sad news!

  44. The train seems like an ideal method for visitors to travel from the airport to Disney. Would cut down on traffic and would be great since Disney cut out their bus service from the the airport. I m sure Disney figures they will somehow miss out on extra dollars from having a convenience like this. Also may miss out on a few cars paying $25.00 at the parks for parking and whatever they now charge at the resorts

  45. Disney is greedy and are jealous of universal. They are upset that all the travelers are not all here for Disney. They are also upset that they are no longer above the laws of Florida thanks to desantis. Disney’s customer service is terrible. They over charge for everything no smoking in the parks etc. I won’t be going back to disney the New World Order Kingdom. Where they flash sexual scenes to children in their cartoons. I hope disney gets bought out or closes down. Walt was a free mason devil worshipper like the rest of the NWO elite.

    1. You need to wrap your tinfoil a little tighter around your head. I’m sure Disney won’t miss you in the least.

  46. So does that mean Disney will bring back the busses? This was one of the reasons why they got rid of them >.>

    1. No. Absolutely not. Disney cancelled DME with Mears. Disney isn’t funding your transportation. Take a cab or pay Mears Transportation full price.

  47. I’m going with the cancellation is the Disney Company’s response to the threats to Reedy Creek. Disney don’t play.

  48. Very disappointed as we had hopes to connect to such from.Fort Myers South as Amtrak only goes to East Coast, stops at Sebring, comes no further towards Gulf coast. We need this!!!

  49. So Disney doesn’t want to be a part of it if it will go by the Convention Center and close by to Universal. They want something that bypasses those stops and goes to Disney Springs.

    My opinion – Excellent. Another example of Disney shooting themselves in the foot. Can’t wait to see the expanded area of Universal.

  50. Sorry they can’t, been a passholder for years (still am), was there for opening, many anniversaries, child’s wedding, etc., etc. Can’t side with them on this one. They seem to be forgetting their mission and what makes them a desirable destination….

    1. Seems to me like Disney simply doesn’t want to provide an easy way for its guests to visit Universal during their stay. Disappointing, but understandable from a business prospective. Hopefully they’ll bring back the bus service which is technically better when you figure in baggage handling and the fact that they’ll take you right to your hotel.

  51. How do they not have this stuff worked out ahead of time?

    Om the plus side, hopefully it will get the company to re-evaluate Magical Express.

  52. LOL. And here is the 2nd strike from the mouse to desantis. First was delaying Nona until 2026, when desantis will have reached his term limit, that’s if he even wins re-election in 2022. Now this strike, don’t mess with the Mouse. Desantis thought he had Disney over a barrel. Just ask the Disney employees who would win this war – the Mouse always wins. I feel bad for those who were excited, or needed to use this rail system. And I feel really bad for the business, hotels, etc. that built in Lake Nona already, expecting the 2k Disney employees to move in and work there. Desantis took it too far with Reedy Creek, all to get himself in the national headlines for his 2024 presidential run. The collateral damage between these 2 parties is piling up.

  53. Disney has been against any rail or bus or mass transit situation for the last 30 years . This is the reason there is no rail or even public bus service to Disney from the airport to this day. Even Lynx cannot provide bus service to Disney because they will not run a route without stopping at Convention Center.

  54. This would have been far too efficient and convenient for people. Better off just extending the Skyliner routes. 🤣

  55. This is Very Disappointing!
    There Needs to Be a Stop Near Walt Disney World and the Convention Center and the Airport!!
    This Would Add A Lot Of People More Travel Options to the Center of The Tourist Area!

  56. Very disappointed! Lately with DW everything has been disappointing 😕 From rate increases to getting involved in politics, this isn’t surprising

  57. I’m actually kind of fine with this, because one I don’t think I am going to Disnsy anytime soon or every again, two, not everyone wants to go to Disney and it doesn’t make sense that they have their own stop, unless if people after they get off take the bus or walk. I like the way Unuversal and DeSantis pushed for the other location, because it isn’t like it is right in front of Unuversal but it is close, it is also close to Sea World I belive, so here it would be close to two theme parks, and other things.

  58. Disney will be fine. This hurts Florida more than Disney. Disney can hurt Florida more than DeSantis can hurt Disney (which he can’t, since Reedy Creek will not dissolve. His “law” doesn’t break the contract).

  59. Bob Chapek needs to go. He is destroying Disney. My shares are way down from I bought them years ago. Getting involved in politics, canceling the Magical Express, and now this.

  60. A stop in Disney Springs might benefit locals. And that would be a good thing. But it is not beneficial to those staying at Walt Disney World resorts. Dragging luggage onto the train and then from Disney Springs to a resort would be a hassle. I can see why Disney has decided not to participate.

  61. After the recent treatment Disney received from the State of Florida, honestly, why would they care to invest in Florida’s infrastructure that has no direct benefit to their park and it’s visitors? I wouldn’t.

  62. I am from California and another trip this coming October 2022 for 10 days. 7th trip last 15 years. Last trip Nov 2019. I would have never used the train, Magical Express gone for now and Mears has busses. Taking the train to Disney Springs transfer to a bus, uber etc plus luggage to transfer to go to your resort. Not worth it. Mears to your resort, pay a little and get there easier. Budget this is your trip plans.

  63. Very disappointed! I had hopes we could just sent our visiting relatives by train now we have to drive them. Doesn’t make sense at all

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