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Brightline Confirms New Station Near (But Not At) Walt Disney World After Disney Springs Station Cancellation

After yesterday’s announcement that the Disney Springs Brightline station would not be moving forward, the transport company has confirmed that they will be building a station nearby Walt Disney World, according to the Orlando Business Journal.

brightline train

Reportedly, Disney decided not to host the station at Disney Springs after Brightline altered their plans to include stops on International Drive to service Universal Orlando Resort and other attractions.

The new station, according to Brightline’s senior vice president of corporate affairs Ben Porritt, will be “near the original Disney Springs site, albeit not on land owned by Disney.”

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Will you still use Brightline to travel from the airport to Disney even if the station isn’t on Disney property? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. I was already somewhat doubtful about the utility of riding the train with a drop-off at Disney Springs as arriving and departing carting and juggling several bags and dragging them to bus stops which would take us to hotels. An off-property location for the stop tips the evaluation of cost (and time wasted) back to just calling a Lyft.

  2. I wonder if the accident rate of 1 death for every 38,000 miles traveled, more than 3 times any other rail has something to do with WDW decision? Sending an 80 mph train into Disney Springs, what could possibly go wrong?

  3. This was never going to be as good as Magical Express, if it would even be doable; using the train to get from the airport (then eventually somehow) your Disney Resort.

    And we don’t even know if these trains will be sustainable? Must they be profitable to keep in service or will be allowed to lose money and stay in service?

  4. What a boondoggle! The airport authority spends huge amounts of money for a rail station when they don’t even know where the trains will be going and don’t have agreements where the stations s will be located. They are ending up not servicing the largest tourist destination in the area. The public will end up picking up the tab for another train project that only a few will use and never cover its operating costs

  5. Honestly, why go to Disney Springs? I rather just rent a car and go straight to my resort. And there are buses that can do that too.

  6. Exactly how much luggage do you need to cart around on a trip to Disney World. It’s not like going on a 10 day cruise that requires lots of evening wear. Could it be you’re just a raging, worry wart. Do you want some cheese with that whine?

  7. It will be 100% about ease of use for me. I have traveled and used the heathrow express to get from the airport to downtown London. I find it a convenience and time savings. I love it and recommend it to all.
    For Disney the question will be transportation from the station to my disney resort (assuming I am staying at one). If I am forced to ‘figure it out on my own’ and pay for that, it will make me thing long and hard (I am a family of 6, so no normal taxi works). Maybe renting a car is best, maybe taking a regular taxi (larger) or car service it best (notice I did not say cheaper).
    I think I want the least about of stress on the start and end of my trip. I mean I already have to deal with the airlines who are a mess at this aspect.

  8. It’s not about just getting TO Disney. A train station ALLOWS people to get away from Disney as well. When the only options were MCO or TPA, Disney didn’t care. Now that the options have expanded to SeaWorld and Universal and International Drive, they’re psychotic. Because they know they aren’t offering enough to keep everyone within their borders. It’s sadly short-sighted because the International Drive station includes the Convention Center. Conventioneers will still not have easy access to WDW and will continue focusing their stays on the I-Drive area. Courting these potential visitors would require more than Fastpass4Pay and special event upcharges, and Disney would rather make money from their current guests willing to pay for those things than in spending money trying to recruit new ones.

  9. That is a slap in the face to customers. Are they afraid people might compare notes about the other attractions in Florida and some would choose to experience other venues on their next vacation to Florida. Way to go WDW another takeaway for the public to endure .

  10. Now the post I have gotten reads: I have already said what I was going to post already. How could I have when I just read about the train plans that said WDW declined on the service from airport to Disney Springs. Just read this today June 29, 2022 . This is another blow to customers vacation if they are flying.

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