Disney Wish

Canceled Disney Wish Sailing Turned Into A Free Media Cruise

When the Disney Wish maiden voyage was delayed to July 14, several sailings were canceled. Guests had the option to rebook with a discount or get a full refund. We now know that one of the canceled cruises is actually still sailing, but for sponsored media instead.

Presumably, a media sailing was planned for prior to the original June 9 maiden voyage, so it was rescheduled to take over one of the canceled cruises when the ship’s construction was delayed.

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  1. This is the silliest article. Yes there was an earlier scheduled media cruise when the Wish was originally scheduled to launch. This is just that cruise that ALSO got pushed back on the same timeline that the guest facing voyages got pushed back. Disney didn’t cancel/reschedule the guest facing maiden voyage just to add a media cruise… Good grief.

    1. With the pushback in the schedule, there is absolutely a cruise that wasn’t “pushed back”. Yes, some of us had our cruise moved, others were cancelled. If there was a delay that required cancellations, shouldn’t you just not have the media cruise? Or bring media on the boat to look around between cruises or something of the sort? Is a media cruise a necessity when you have paying customers you already took money from? That’s what these guests are saying and feeling, I don’t think we should invalidate that point because media cruises are an expectation of people who don’t pay. People will probably still cruise if they don’t see people dancing in a TikTok on the stern of the ship.

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