Disney Issues Statement Apologizing for Cast Member Grabbing Ring During a Proposal at Disneyland Paris

Earlier this week, we reported on a video where a Cast Member at Disneyland Paris was seen interrupting a proposal by taking the ring out of the guest’s hand. The guests were in a restricted area on the castle stage, though they reported having permission to do so.

“We regret how this was handled,” the Disney spokesperson told Newsweek. “We have apologized to the couple involved and offered to make it right.”

It’s unclear what Disney has done for the guests or if the issue has been addressed with the Cast Member.

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  1. the cast member is the best and does everything to ensure everyone has a safe and wonderful time

  2. What infuriates me about this is this is genuine lack of training to staff and I don’t mean the poor cast member that took the ring, I’m referring to the person that gave permission to the couple. If permission was given for guests to go in an off limits area then the cast members in the area should be made aware of what’s happening especially crowd control staff members. Its amazing to me that Disney these days only seem to actually do anything to help guests if it’s been caught on film and posted to social media. We had a horrible experience in March with a nasty cast member who called security on us for asking to speak to his supervisor. Over a month since our first initial response from DLP now and there has been no more contact and when we contact them we keep getting told the involved departments are looking into it and will get back to us soon and to trust them. This was our engagment trip and my partners first ever annual pass party night and a cast member that didn’t like that we were looking to speak to his boss about how rude he was nearly had us removed by 4 large security guards. If it hadn’t of been for one lovely cast member named Luke who was there for the entire thing explaining the situation to security we would of been removed unfairly. They have cast members that aren’t trained and others that clearly don’t represent the disney image as they engage in bullying tactics, are aggressive and as admitted by other cast members are full of hatred for foreigners, are agist and are completely ablist and as previously stated unless you post it to social media and have video evidence they will ignore it for as long as possible. If we truly want DLP truly representing that disney magic they need to sort out their staffing issues and make customer complaints a higher priority and not wait months to fix problems.

  3. If it’s true that a cast member gave permission for this, then it is THAT cast member who should be fired. The one that stopped the ceremony was correctly enforcing park rules. You can’t use a Disney performance stage for your own personal gratification. Think how many parents would want their little princesses to go on stage and “perform” for a video or picture! People are so egotistical and self-entitled that they think Disney OWES them the right to do anything they want. Keep your personal displays of ceremony out of the park! We don’t care and don’t want it ruining our own “happy days”!

  4. I wonder if the cast member still has his job. Maybe it was not his fault if the cast members were not informed of permission to do this . Either way tacky end to a Disney vacation . Way to go Disney.

  5. And THIS is why we have only ever been to DLP once and Disney World 20+ times despite being in the U.K.! We found the cast members at DLP rude, arrogant and selfish compared to other Disney Parks! His actions were unreasonable, churlish and self cantered! I hope he is teminated from his employment.

  6. Hi Dave
    I’m on side with you at the ring thing.
    In construction there are many safety rules
    Steps handrails kick plates are required and if you see that stage had none and if a guest fell off it’s on disney.
    So get them off asap!
    Enjoy your site thanks.

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